Sunday, May 18, 2008

Interview with Gregorius Nekschot

This is an interview from last February that was shown on Danish TV. The Dutch people in it (including Mr. Nekschot) speak in English.

Q: When do you think you will stop making this kind of cartoon?

A: When I’m dead.

Like Lars Vilks, Gregorius Nekschot is willing to die for the right to make jokes.

Hat tips: Steen and others (I forget who).

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Brendan said...

The fact that a Dane need even consider the sensitivities of a 'Muslim' community in his own, once securely Occidental homeland, is something which should be consdered in itself.

What shortsighted gathering of beaurocratic idiots designed such an ill-conceived policy of promoting the colinisation of Denmark, or any other European Nation, by hundreds of thousands, nay tens of millions of culturally incompatible, militantly ethno-centric Muslim fanatic colonisers?

Firstly, I am vehemently of the opinion no significant Asian or African immigration should even be allowed anywhere in Europe despite the Eurocratic/ Dhimmi propgandist mantra that hordes of alien migrants are needed to service the European economy and infrastructure.

Asians and Africans have their own continents where to seek life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

If sacrificing our National identities, control over our own homelands, our freedom, and our children's futures is a prerequisite for maintaining the present economic system; I say let us return to our ancient agrarian subsistence level economy. I'd rather live as an impoverished free European, than an indentured servant of the Islamic Ummah, who may or may not be permitted to continue working in the private sector in order that I may be able to afford the saleries of Turkish women to clean my loo and babysit my kids.

Wherever the Muslim migrant establishes an ethnic enclave in Europe, these colonies seem to regard themselves as sovereign Islamic territory outside the governance of their host country, and a 'forbidden city' to the non-Muslim host people.
How is this tolerated by any responsible government or Nation?

That rather blond, obviously indigenous young woman in the video presentation who expressed such sympathies for the Muslim immigrant communities religious sensitivities, should have been asked how she feels about the murder of Dutch journalist Theo van Gogh by Islamic fanatics. Would Mr. Van Goghs brutal murder at the hands of IMuslim supremacists have elicited any comparable degree of compassion?

The degree to which the Western European has been conditioned into regurgitating the prescribed PC response to any and all matters pertaining to unchecked third world immigration into Europe or the Islamic menace - indicates a somewhat fatal weakness in European character. The willingness to conform no matter what the price to personal dignity, or the long term consequences to European civilisation. God help us all.

Brendan S.
-Web editor
Britnat forums

John Sobieski said...

That girl and guy who said it is not good to make fun of Islam - are they aware they are rushing headlong into cultural suicide. Maybe they do not know any kufar younger than themselves and have n concern for the future after they are gone. Sad indeed. WOuld they believe the same for Christians, for atheists? No one can make fun of atheists? There is a serious lack of thinking in their little brains.

Brave man.

Brian H said...

As the interviewed commenter said, this is not about humour or freedom of speech (or drawing). It's about who will hold power in Europe over the next century.

Joanne said...

Normally people do not bother ridiculing a person's religion - it is disrespectful, but Islam is a religion that disrespects all mankind's right to choose to believe what they want - it is their way or death. Where is the respect in that? How can Muslims expect others to respect their beliefs when they do not respect the beliefs of others?