Thursday, February 10, 2011

Send in the Midwives!

Nicolai Sennels’ latest essay concerns the status of women among Muslim immigrants, and the necessity for targeting their oppression in an attempt to undermine the current separatism of Islamic communities in the West.

Muslim parallel societies: Send in the midwives!
by Nicolai Sennels

MidwivesDenmark is now sending midwives on home visits in Muslim ghettos. The aim is educate and advise on contraception and family planning. Sexual education is generally taboo in sexually repressive Muslim culture, and according to the Danish midwives this allows a lot of superstition and misinformation to flourish (e.g. that women cannot become pregnant when in the period of breastfeeding).

In most Muslim societies having many children confers a high social status. Moreover, it is common within collectivistic cultures for parents to have many children in order to secure themselves economically in old age. In the West it is expensive to have kids, and kids are free to keep the money they earn when they grow up. In addition we have our welfare state and pension system to take care of us when we get too old to work.

In Western cultures we see it as important not to have more children than we have the energy to raise properly and to whom we can afford to give material security and an education. So far we have done too little in order to inform our non-Western immigrants about these important points.

Coming from a completely different culture, it is hard enough already for Muslims to integrate into our democratic high-tech knowledge societies. If the immigrants (especially the women) also have a lot of kids to take care of, it will certainly not make it easier to find the time and energy to go to language school, obtain an education, work, and generally participate in our society. Family planning is thus a necessary element for successful integration.

The view and status of women in Muslim cultures also makes it necessary to inform them about their human rights, possibilities for divorce, women’s shelters, and repatriation programmes (in Denmark our repatriation programme offers immigrants 15,000 Euros or 20,000 USD if they choose to give up their residence and move back to their family’s home country).

Many Muslim women are without certain freedoms and do not know their rights. In most cases this lack of knowledge is because male family members do not allow the women to participate in society or get an education. Muslim women are often also not free to decide for themselves how many children they want, since the family expects a woman to support the family’s status and economy (and in some cases: in order to increase the Muslim population in our countries) by having a lot of children.

Physical abuse and forced marriages in Muslim families are also a public known problem. Our humanistic societies are obliged to make sure that these women are safe, free, and know their rights. We do not want a culture of suppressing women to take root in our 21st century culture. We need to send females (men would never be able to get close to those women or get an honest answer from them) into their homes and inform them about their rights and possibilities.

If the Muslim men or the women’s families refuse, for whatever reason, they must move to another country (preferably their own), possibly with the help from our repatriation programmes.

Nicolai Sennels is a psychologist and the author of “Among Criminal Muslims: A Psychologist’s experiences with the Copenhagen Municipality”.

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Anonymous said...

The link to the Danish midwives article is broken. In theory, this is a great idea, but it's like belling the cat. The Danish midwives are putting themselves in harm's way, and it's only a matter of time before some of them are raped and/or murdered. It's not fair to put them at risk, even if Muslim immigrant women would benefit.

Obviously, the men in those ghettos understand that this program is a threat to their position in the family, and once their women know their rights, and how they could live in Denmark without Muslim oppression, someone will have to put a fatwa on the whole thing.

This illustrates the conundrum of Muslim integration in the West. The people who want to learn how to fit in are most likely to be killed, so who would actually participate? Only people who are already relatively privileged, and somewhat detached from Muslim culture to begin with. Not the ghetto people.

Anonymous said...

Just to be clear:

1. The PC MC West imports third world Muslims BECAUSE Muslims have a high birthrate meant to support the Ponzi scheme of social welfare that is imploding in the West - without regard to the fact that Muslims cost more in tax money than they generate over a lifetime.

2. Once third world Muslims are safely ensconced in the West, the PC MC West is going to "educate" Muslim women who are severely oppressed and abused by Islam - with their imams, fathers, brothers, and husbands as Muslim enforcers fully theologically justified and morally willing to participate in forced veiling, forced girlhood clitorectomies, forced child marriages, forced temporary marriages, forced cousin marriages, official and unofficial polygamy, and honor beatings and killings to remind women to stay submissive and remain Muslim in perpetuity. In addition, Muslim enforcers are unwilling to hear anyone mention that Muslim men perpetrate an endemic amount of familial violence - to include rape and child molestation in addition to physical beatings.

A couple of relevant points:

3. Muslim police officers in England hunt down abused Muslim women who are hiding from their families. Also, I read before (at Tundra Tabloids?) that some evil Muslim women enter abuse shelters claiming to be abused women so that the evil Muslim women can locate the truly abused Muslim women for their family and then tell the Muslim men from their family the location of the abuse shelter so that the Muslim men can hunt down the abused women.

4. I also read about an English female Muslim doctor who said that Muslim patients visit her because she is Muslim. The Muslim doctor revealed that, when she would report injuries due to Muslim familial violence, the Muslim doctor would face credible death threats and violence. So, in order to save herself, the Muslim doctor now omits to report Muslim violence against women and children patients.

My conclusions:

5. What "rights" do Muslim women have under Sharia Law as legally practiced in the West anyway? To truly protect Muslim women and children, the PC MC West MUST immediately close and ban ALL Islamic Sharia Courts in the West - in EVERY possible manifestation - especially family cases handling divorce and child custody.

5. "Educating" third world Muslim women is a laudable goal, BUT identifying, prosecuting, and deporting violent Muslim imams and criminals is much more important to ALL of society - and much more effective to stop Muslim violence in the home and on the streets.

Sagunto said...

The only part that i.m.o. made any sense in this article, is at the very end where it says:

"they must move to another country.."

All the rest, and I mean all of it, bears witness to a profound progressivist, welfare state mentality. I could not disagree more strongly with the author about all of his ill conceived policy recommendations, but it's good to see them posted here on GoV, because they show the 180 wrong turn the CJ initiative could take, if "managed" by progressivists through the welfare state.

It also quite obligingly complements the end of the dicsussion I had with EscapeV and Zenster on the topic of Experimenting with the Children of Amsterdam

From the article, some chilling quotes:

"In addition we have our welfare state [..] to take care of us [..]
In Western cultures we see it as important not to have more children [..] we have done too little in order to inform our non-Western immigrants"

"We" have done to little.. (read: we, the welfare state, have done to little).

I mean, seriously..

To Nicolai Sennels I'd like to say with regard to his proposed welfare state policies, that in the days of the USSR, the whole of the Soviet system came down with all of its bureaucratic weight on the Muslim women inside its borders, with exactly the same ideas that you promote in your article. Years of state controlled social engineering and forced "emancipation" amounted to one big colossal failure.
In the end, the Soviets concluded that Islam (that was the ultimate target to weaken) can't be "reformed" via Muslim women.

They are the bedrock of Islam, and as such the first ones that should be removed from any society that cherishes freedom (even if that society is still enslaved by welfare state progressivism). At least, that's how I see it.

As I indicated to @Zenster in the other discussion thread mentioned, I have a very interesting and detailed monograph on the subject of the failed history of the Soviet "emancipation" of Muslim women, lying around somewhere. I'll try and find it, as soon as time permits.

Be back for deconstruction.

Kind regs from Amsterdam,

Armance said...

I'm sorry, but I don't see anything worthy of praise in sending Danish women in the dangerous Muslim neighborhoods for the sake of a better life for the Muslimahs.
On the contrary, I think it's another crazy, deranged liberal idea so typical of the Western suicidal mindset.

Mind this: these Danish midwives are exposed to harassment, rape and violence in those no-go areas where even policemen are afraid to go because some Muslim women "don't know their rights". Because we are supposed to preach the neo-Christian secular Gospel of the human rights and we are so fanatical about it, that we are ready to risk our safety and life like those dumb volunteers who go to Africa and end up being raped and killed by the natives they want to help.

Anonymous said...

"In Denmark our repatriation programme offers immigrants 15,000 Euros or 20,000 USD if they choose to give up their residence and move back to their family’s home country."

Excuse me ? Do we need another proof that all this PC talk about "enrichment" by immigrants is hogwash ?

We are supposed to be vastly enriched by the hordes of immigrants we import, however we bribe them with huge amounts of money just in case they would be kind enough to go away ?

How moronic is that ?

gsw said...

1. Offering immigrants - or any one else - thousands of euros to leave the country will only work if one is sure that they cannot return a year later under a different name.
(Since so many are voting under multiple names, this is not as difficult as one thinks.)

2. Educating muslims must take place in schools - no religion _ so no head scarves, no beards, no privileges.
Catch them young and educate them in the law. Teach them that breaking the law - hitting people - will be severely punished with prison if necessary - that respect must be earned and mutual, etc. Mutilating children and you loose them!

3. Educating grown women, whose livelihood is the production of children, how to stop getting money from the state is a waste of time.
Family allowances & child benefits only for the first 2 children, then the offer of free contraceptives (3 year implant for example).
Child benefits kept low and paid to the people looking after them. School lunches nourishing and for free - vegetarian for those unable to eat non-halal meat. (No more torture of animals!) You cannot beat a soya burger for nourishment.
With less paid out to keep women breeding - more could be spent on education and a lot of the incentive for 10 children would disappear.

sulber nick said...
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sulber nick said...

Sagunto has it just about right. The only solution is to have the Muslims leave the West - preferably by fair means, but if they won't go...

Sagunto - my wife and I visited your fair city Amsterdam 17 years ago - almost to the date. I have a photo of us standing on a bridge spanning a canal, taken by a kindly Dutch woman - at the time my wife was pregnant with our first born. I say 'fair' city, but even then the writing was on the wall - an impression confirmed during a conversation I had with a stallholder at a flower market who complained about increasing crime running in parallel with increasing immigration. We have a momento of our trip, a jug we bought at a flea market which has the words 'oost west thuis best' and 'goede wijn behoeft geen krans' written on the side. Pity about Amsterdam - London's even worse, so I hear, though I haven't been there for over 25 years.

goethechosemercy said...

Muslim police officers in England hunt down abused Muslim women who are hiding from their families.
end quote.

These so-called policemen have no business wearing the uniform if they are upholding religious customs.

Hesperado said...

"The only solution is to have the Muslims leave the West - preferably by fair means..."

Given all that we know about Muslims, they won't leave voluntarily.

Nor is Lawrence Auster's formula -- if the West merely becomes less Islam-friendly (in non-violent ways, it is assumed), Muslims will say "Hey, I don't like the atmosphere here, I'm leaving peacefully", coupled with paying the remaining Muslims to leave -- likely to work either

sulber nick said...

Hesperado - it would be preferable if they left voluntarily, that's the ideal surely. But then we know that's not what they will do - compulsion will come into it.

goethechosemercy said...

Require the study of Latin, Greek, Aristotle, Xenophon and Thucydides in the schools.
Ban public funds to Muslim-specific schools.
Ban the enforcement of Sharia decrees, give them no standing in law.
The Muslims will leave.