Monday, February 28, 2011

The Poison Face of Humanity

“Please let him in, America — you’ll be doing yourselves and everybody else a big favor if you do.”

Pat Condell on Anjem Choudary and his proposed trip to the United States to demonstrate for sharia in front of the White House:

Hat tip: DF.


Ralph Lynn said...

When I'm running my own Thoroughly British TV channel, Pat Condell will be Head of Current Affairs Programming!

goethechosemercy said...

I'm sure that Allah is much miffed at Mr. Choudhary's candor.
I'm also sure that God appreciates it deeply. It is truly his redeeming feature.

Zenster said...

I certainly hope that those who have taken previous exception to Condell's personal atipathy for organized religion will try and heed his carefully chosen words at video timepoint − 02:23.

Yes, Andy Choudary is undoubtedly a joke but his message is no joke. His message is pure evil. It's anti-human, and if you believe in God, it's anti-God.

He isn't just the poison face of Islam, this guy, he's the poison face of humanity because he is a prime walking example of the damage religion can do to the human mind.

Please note how Condell says that Choudary is a "prime walking example of the damage religion can do to the human mind". Not "will do", but "can do".

I can only hope that this might help ease the concerns of those who continue to take Condell to task over his derision for much of organized religion, especially those that are overly energetic in their proselytizing.

Condell's voice in the wilderness is much like that of Geert Wilders and Elisabeth Sabaditsch Wolff. Either we help the world to take heed or we risk losing these rare few beacons of sanity that are so desperately trying to steer civilization away from a new and unprecedentedly brutal World War.

Professor L said...

Zenster - I'm aware of Condell's attitude, and frankly, I think he just doesn't get religion. But I'm not letting that get in the way - Condell is right regarding Islam, and someone you agree with 80% of the time is not a 20% enemy/traitor.

Peace. ^_^

imnokuffar said...

Don't agree with his attitude towards religion and think he could do with reading "Allah is Dead".

Otherwise, a great guy.

Anonymous said...

If the immigration authorities are smart, they'll keep him out, because they get brownie points for being security conscious, while advancing this administration's agenda of preventing Americans from hearing the real Islamic message.

I don't mind Pat Condell's attitude toward religion. Someone has to remind everyone that religious social conservatives don't have a monopoly on defending the West.