Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tearing Down the PVV

I reported a couple of days ago on Tegenstemwijzer (“Counter-vote advisor”), a recently-established Dutch organization whose website gives advice to the Dutch electorate on which parties they should vote against. With provincial elections coming up on March 2, it’s no surprise that Tegenstemwijzer’s primary focus is on stopping Geert Wilders and his party (the PVV) plus the members of the governing coalition, who are supported by the PVV.

Tegenstemwijzer has published another political commercial entitled Reconstructie, or “Reconstruction”. Our Dutch correspondent Timo explains the context of this political smear job:

After the last national elections in the Netherlands, the leftists dug out the past of every PVV party member to see if they could find something with which to smear the PVV.

They came up with several incidents, such as:

  • Mr. Sharp, who once hit another guy with a running shoe,
  • Mr. Lucassen, who was involved in sexual affairs in the army,
  • Mr. Hernandez, who once gave another person a head punch, and
  • Mr. Brinkman, who was once a drunk driver.

These items were hot news, but fortunately didn’t have any impact on the success of the PVV.

Now, with the provincial elections coming up on 2 March, the lefties show up again with images. This time they made a compilation of the images in their campaign against the PVV.

The commercial and a translated transcript are below the jump. Many thanks to Timo for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:32 Are these your partners in the cabinet?
0:36 Or would you rather vote against a cabinet with the PVV?
0:38 This time do not vote for the CDA or the VVD!
0:41 Have a look at
0:44 For an alternative that suits you.


urah2222 said...

Baron & Dymphna -

Would rather have any of those fellows in my "kabinet" than people willing to sell out their nation to the followers of the Paedophile Warlord Muhammed.

Dr. Shalit

Anonymous said...

They claim that guy beat someone in the face with a running shoe with spikes. It supposedly happened 20 years ago, and conveniently enough nobody reported it, nor did it leave any scars whatsoever. I don't buy that story for one second.
I'm probably voting VVD myself. Did a stemwijzer or kieskompas, I forgot which, and it matched me up with that.