Sunday, February 27, 2011

Attrition in the Ranks of Useful Idiots

Groningen: Muslims and Nazis

The photograph above shows a handful of Leftists and Nazis grooving together at a anti-Israel demonstration in the Netherlands on Thursday. The protesters were expressing their outrage at the presence of Israelis in Groningen during the third in a series of concerts given by the Tzahal band. The event was sponsored by a Christian group, but that was not enough to mitigate the Zionist taint in the eyes of the protesters.

Our Dutch correspondent Timo (who is also the leader of the Dutch Defence League) attended the first night’s concert in Barneveld. Many thanks to Shirai of the DDL for translating Timo’s report:

Anja Meulenbelt is so pathetic

Anja — Every once in a while you feel ashamed to be Dutch. The pro-Palestinian blogging digital-troll Anja Meulenbelt[1] can cause such moments. This blond mental twin-sister of Greta Duisenberg[2] has lost all sense of reality — so much became clear when she posted her anti-Semitic cry for help while disturbing the concert of the Israeli army band Tzahal organized by Christenen voor Israël (Christians for Israel). Banging tin pots, pans and other objects sold in any random third world store would cause this disturbance.

IDF — According to Anja the army band of Israel doesn’t deserve to make music; instead it should be brought to justice for war crimes at the international court in the Hague. Because Israel and everything which has anything to do with Israel is by definition wrong. According to Anja, Israel has no right to defend itself against the continuous threat of terror, inhumane crimes in the form of rocket launches, suicide bombers and the ever-growing anti-Semitic climate worldwide. That Anja lacks respect and decency, and has a rather limited knowledge of history, is made clear by the fact that she fails to recognize that because of the current situation in Israel both sons and daughters throughout the country have no choice but to serve the Israeli army (IDF). An obligation that has caused many parents eternal grief. Anja cannot see that. Anja would rather side with those who make makeshift metal objects and launch them from a justly isolated terrorist-reservoir called the Gaza strip. And in addition to doing that, they exploit underage children for both defensive and offensive purposes in their never-ending attempts to destroy the state of Israel and the Jewish people in general.

Turnout — Therefore it was very amusing to see that Anja’s call had united a whopping five people! Four demented old women, including Anja herself and a pathetic, underfed-looking man who was probably dragged to the demonstration in exchange for food. A big failure if ever there was one. An action by Ben Kok[3], an active Judeo-Christian pastor, had assembled at least three times as many friends and sympathizers, and tried to invite the opponents to join a civil discussion. Ben Kok appeared much more reasonable and left a far better impression. Not to mention that the sold out concert for 1200 people itself was a success, of course.

Concert — In the intermission during concert by the beautiful Israeli singers, which was very decent and amusing, our attention was drawn to more serious problems, such as the fate of Jewish Ethiopians who are being outlawed in their own country, and the Israeli private Gilad Shalit who has been a captive for more than four years now. Judging by the generosity of the Christian audience, one can easily determine that they were sympathetic to Israelis. And so they should be!

Incognito — The Dutch Defence League sent a small delegation to the concert, but maintained a low profile and a passive role. An announcement up front could have easily shifted the focus, and we had no intention of hijacking this event for our purposes, which would probably have happened, given the sensation-hungry media present at that time. Besides, we didn’t know how the organization would respond to our presence. The label of aggressiveness that the media has wrongly placed on the Leagues might have discouraged the Christians who had planned to attend. Our low-profile tactics have proven to be effective: before the show and during the breaks of the event we could tell by the pleasant conversations with other guests that the people feel sympathy for the Leagues and the flyers we distributed were appreciated.

Pain — Leftist activism is slowly dying. This was already the case with the low turnout for an anti-PVV (Geert Wilder’ Party For Freedom) demonstration in the Hague yesterday, where fewer than ten people showed up. It must have hurt the leftists a lot: the successes of organizations they deem “right-wing”, the growing support for Israel and the collapse of their own empire built on their own egotistical ways of thinking. Pain, for which you don’t have to feel any sympathy. Pain, which is in sharp contrast to people who really suffer, suffer from terrorist attacks and religious barbarism. Pain, for which I as a Dutchman can feel sympathy and compassion.


[1] Anja Henriëtte Meulenbelt is a Dutch publicist, writer, feminist, and politician. Since June 2003 she has been a member of the appointed house of lords in the Netherlands for the Socialist Party.
[2] Greta Duisenberg is a well-known Dutch pro-Palestinian activist and widow of Wim Duisenberg.
[3] Ben Kok is a Jewish-Christian priest who actively stands up for minorities in the Middle-East. Ben once waved with an Israeli flag during a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Amsterdam. See this video (at 01:00).

This video (in Dutch) shows the huge turnout — five people — who responded to the call from the lefties to disturb a benefit concert by Christian friends of Israel aiding Ethiopian refugees.


Anonymous said...

It's remarkable that an event like this drew only 5 protesters. The Dutch have figured things out. If the IDF band dared to play anywhere in California, there would be more protesters than audience members.

Henrik Ræder said...

Supposed it turned out that the nation-state is actually a Jewish invention. Would the heads of the National Socialists implode in anger?

john in cheshire said...

Thank God there is still some semblance of common sense in the Netherlands. If there was more, then Maybe Geert Wilders would be lauded as a true patriot rather than persecuted for telling the truth about islam.

Sagunto said...

john in cheshire -

You think the people in Holland dragged Geert Wilders to court? They voted for him, just like they voted for Bolkestein in '98 and for Fortuyn in 2002, in large numbers.


babs said...

What I found interesting about this video was the "news" reporter trying to gin up a story out of relatively nothing...
He spent way more time interviewing the pot bangers than he did the pro-Israelis.

vanhetgoor said...

Those idiots are not even useful, one of the spoons to ram on the pots 'n' pans was broken, how silly can someone get?