Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Next Up: The Netherlands

First Angela Merkel. Then David Cameron, and then Nicolas Sarkozy shortly afterwards. All three national leaders suddenly discovered and proclaimed the failure of Multiculturalism

And now the Netherlands. It’s not the prime minister this time, but Maxime Verhagen (Christian Democrats, CDA) is the current Minister of Economic Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister in the Rutte cabinet, so he’s no small potatoes.

Mr. Verhagen, like so many other powerful politicians in Europe, has suddenly discovered that Multiculturalism just doesn’t work.

Who knew?

From Dutch News:

Multiculturalism Has Failed: Verhagen

Christian Democrat leader Maxime Verhagen on Monday said the multicultural society has failed. He was speaking during the recording of tv show Nova College Tour, reports the Algemeen Dagblad.

Verhagen told the programme the Dutch no longer feel at home in their own country and immigrants are not entirely happy here either. [emphasis added]

Do I hear echoes of Geert Wilders in these words? Or am I imagining things?

The article continues:
The minister wants the Dutch to be prouder of their country like people in the US where they first say they are American and then where they originally come from, says the paper.

He follows his European colleagues in declaring multiculturalism a failure. German chancellor Angela Merkel, British prime minister David Cameron and French president Nicolas Sarkozy have all said the same, the paper states.

That’s an unusual sentiment for a European — to wish that his countrymen were more like Americans in their patriotism. How gauche!

Hat tip: C. Cantoni.


banned said...

Do these people expect a medal for admitting what we have known for some decades?

Nick said...

Who'd have thunk it?

Foxmuldar Blog said...

So what are they going to do about it? Actions speak louder then words. Time to ban all Muslim immigration into europe. Australia just called for a 10 year ban on Muslim immigration. The US should follow but with Muslim Obama in office, no chance of that. Instead the ahole wants to bring another 80,000 of those losers here to suck our welfare system dry. LOL

Nick said...

Yes, you're quite right. If they're standing there and saying that multiculturalism is a failure, the correct response is NOT more of the same. The correct response is to take firm, deliberate and overt steps to rectify the situation. The likes of David Cameron can't just stand there and say oh dearie me what a mess everything's in. He's getting paid to sort it out. He wanted the job, now he's got it. Time to get to work, Dave!

sheik yer'mami said...

They are not prepared to do anything about it. There will be talk, and nobody wants to be seen talking too much because he or she might become a fartwa target for the lurking Muselmanic assassins.

A hard rain gonna fall!

Italy faces “biblical exodus” from Africa


Sagunto said...

Baron -

"Mr. Verhagen, like so many other powerful politicians in Europe, has suddenly discovered that Multiculturalism just doesn’t work.

Who knew?"

He did (at the very least in 2005, probably before).

Verhagen was the one - in his capacity as Min. of Foreign Affairs, to initiate opposition against the anti-Israel hatefests organized by the UN on the behest of the OIC (Durban conferences).

He has also been the one to outflank the protestant "Balkenende"-wing in his party and pressed on against massive opposition from former Min.-Pres. Lubbers and even the Queen Majesty herself, to get his party (CDA, christian democrats) into the current government that is supported by Geert Wilders.

A few of his (2005) quotes:

"A party that strives to implement sharia law must be prohibited."

"I want to be able to nullify mandatory veiling"

"There are enough signs that radical Muslims are trying to conquer inner city neighbourhoods and city districts through democratic means. I want to be able to stop that."

Merkel, Cameron and Sarkozy would never ever have supported Geert Wilders in a "Danish model" government. Verhagen did, practically on his own.

Kind regs from Amsterdam,

Anonymous said...

Yet Piet Heijn Donner said that if the people democratically choose sharia, that should be accommodated. And he's from the same party. I don't trust the CDA as far as I can spit on them.

Sagunto said...

In Holland the political nomenclatura are way ahead of Merkel & Co.

Already in September 1990, mainstream politician and leader of the (classical liberal) VVD-party (former party of Geert Wilders), Frits Bolkestein, stated that the multicultural society was a failure. At a bus stop in Alma Ata, he tried to convince all other party leaders of the Netherlands of his views on the disaster of the Muslim invasion.

He stated that:

"Islamic culture is not of equal value, it is inferior to ours"

At the 1998 national elections, he lead his party on this agenda to the biggest victory in history.
(As a matter of fact, during the nineties, Geert Wilders worked as the speech-writer of Frist Bolkestein). So we are about 20 years ahead of MCS (Merkel, Cameron, Sarkozy).

And then when he was at the "nadir" of political power he did something few people understood. In a move that is still unexplained 'till today, he left Dutch politics and went to the EU in Brussels. The VVD drifted to more of a leftist liberalism that dominated Dutch politics until Pim Fortuyn rose to power.

More about the background of Verhagen's political actions:

Who got Wilders his last massive victory in the national elections in Holland? The Roman-Catholics of the southern provinces (Brabant, 64% catholic population; Limburg, 78% catholic population). Now the CDA (Christian democrats) are a fusion party between Catholics (former KVP, Catholic peoples party) and protestants (ARP, Anti-Revolutionary Party; CHU, Christian Reformed Union). The last decade or so, the CDA was dominated by the protestant wing, the Balkenende crew so to say (@sumdum: Piet Heijn Donner is one of the survivors of this bunch, he's bad), all with roots in predominantly the former ARP. Now, at the last elections, the CDA lost so dramatically in the south to Wilders (both a catholic by birth himself, and from the south) that - with the demise of Balkenende, it paved the way for the other wing, that of Maxime Verhagen, rooted in the KVP.

Kind regs from Amsterdam,