Sunday, February 27, 2011

Violence Against Women in Turkey

For readers who appreciate irony, this video is about the growing incidence of violence against women in Turkey — as reported by Iranian State television.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video:


babs said...

Turkey sure is going to hell in a handbasket in a hurry...
I recently met a woman in the internat'l departure lounge of JFK airport that ran a resort in Turkey on the Med coast. She said business was terrible, that westerners didn't want to visit anymore. She told me the price was something absolutely rediculous like $8/day! What I did not say to her is that you would have to pay ME $800/day to go to an Islamist mysoginist country like Turkey. I'd rather take my chances vacationing in Venezuela.

Anonymous said...

Yes. What tourist wants to take the chance to be a victim of the type of Islamic-oriented crime that happened to Lara Logan?! What businessperson wants to risk being tried in an Islamic court like the diplomat/CIA agent who killed two gunmen in self-defense in Pakistan?!

Unfortunately, Islamic immigration will ensure that Westerners soon face the same situations here in the West! No one will have to travel to experience Islam....

Aren't we lucky?!

Ex-Dissident said...

Just surreal - Watching the blond reporter at the end wearing a headscarf of subjugation. Next year, she will be wearing a burka.

Zenster said...

Ex-Dissident: Next year, she will be wearing a burka.

Permit me to predict that this is one point where Western media runs up against a brick wall.

It was certainly no problem to throw Lara Logan under the bus for a good "if it bleeds, it leads" story. Wasn't putting a blonde, uncovered woman reporter in the middle of a rioting male Muslim mob an invitation to disaster? Logan's supervisor and CBS should be made to answer in open court for such imbecility.

That is unless, of course, no one wants to admit how uncovered Western women in Islamic countries are just so much "cat-meat" for Muslim men.

Anyhoo, the brick wall that I mentioned will happen when female Western reporters like Logan are forced into a burqas thus eliminating that most precious of all career-advancement tool, FACE TIME. What good is it going on camera if no one can see your face?

None of these morons will admit this until it is already too late. By then, all Western males wanting to cover Islamic events will have to sport beards.


Hesperado said...

With supreme and unintentional irony, the video opens with a printed statement on screen that once again assumes that the unrest in the Middle East and Muslim Africa is to be framed as "revolutions against totalitarian regimes" (and adding a little coda of support for the "dissent" in Iran as though that "dissent" of Muslims is a good thing).

The video then proceeds to delve into a report on one of the symptoms and consequences of the sociopolitical disease of Islam, honor killings -- not realizing that the vast majority (if not all) of those Revolting Muslims (pun intended) in the Middle East and Muslim Africa positively desires to introduce more Islam into their former dictatorships -- thereby effectively jumping out of the frying pan of their tin-pot dictators into the fire of a far worse totalitarianism, Islam: a sociopolitical disease that, un-suppressed by dictators and "liberated" by these popular revolutions, will only increase the number of honor killings along with 1,001 other horrible crimes against humanity.

oldschooltwentysix said...

Maybe you should also include this video:

Zenster said...

oldschool26, this problem can be solved with a kitchen knife or a simple pair of scissors.

Just ask Lorena Bobbitt.

After a very few well-publicized cases, Muslim men would be walking on eggshells around their women.

Remember, surgical detachment and not reattachment is the norm in Islamic countries.

Sadly, Muslim women have bought into this madness to an almost equal degree.

Remember, it is Muslim women who hold down their young girls immediately before using a freshly broken piece of glass to scrape one more clitoris.

It will be hard to summon up any sympathy so long as Muslim women voluntarily participate in FGM (Female Genital Mutilation).

Zenster said...

oldschool26; Just in case you need another example or two:

Iraqi woman had 80 women raped to recruit suicide bombers

Umm Nidal Farahat wished she had 100 sons to sacrifice.

So long as Muslim women can do this to their own children and to each other, the defeat of Islam will probably require mind bending death tolls.

The longer we delay any serious measures, the bigger those death tolls will be.

oldschooltwentysix said...


The point was that it served as a bookend to the Iranian video about Pakistan.

Yeah, the women participate, but that does not take from the fact that they are coerced by the environment unlike men.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Women perform clitorectomies - but imams are instructed to overrule any parents who resist the practice.

So, clitorectomies are male-driven operations - for the benefit of men who want to control all physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of women in order to implement their perpetual degradation, suffering, and human sacrifice in the name of Allah.

babs said...

Not to get too specific on this topic (since this is a PG-13 site) but, why would you want a female partner that is not able to respond during a sexual encounter?
All you western married folks out there, I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about. I have often wondered if that is why "alternative" types of intercourse are rather common in the Islamic world.

Anonymous said...

babs, Muslim men fear women's sexuality. They see it as a source of evil. In fact, since Muslims think sex is evil, and Muslim men don't want to take responsibility for their own sexuality, they blame it on women;i.e., the attractiveness of women "causes" men to experience sexuality. The last thing this type of man would want is for the woman to enjoy sex. (This doesn't make sense, but it does to them.)