Friday, February 25, 2011

Hell or Jail or Canada

Margo says that Rudy Felsh is a nasty vulgar kid.
Someday he’ll go to Hell or jail or Canada.

         — Shel Silverstein

As I reported earlier today, the Canadian government barred Dr. Srdja Trifkovic from entering Canada yesterday to speak at the University of British Columbia after being invited by the Serbian Students Association.

Dr. Trifkovic has posted an account of what happened at the Chronicles website:

Banned From Canadistan
by Srdja Trifkovic

Srdja TrifkovicOn Thursday, February 24, I was denied entry to Canada. After six hours’ detention and sporadic interrogation at Vancouver airport I was escorted to the next flight to Seattle. It turns out I am “inadmissible on grounds of violating human or international rights for being a proscribed senior official in the service of a government that, in the opinion of the minister, engages or has engaged in terrorism, systematic or gross human rights violations, or genocide, a war crime or a crime against humanity within the meaning of subsections 6 (3) to (5) of the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act.”

It appears that my contacts with the Bosnian Serb leaders in the early nineties make me “inadmissible” today. As it happens I was never one of their officials, “senior” or otherwise, but the story has been told often enough (most recently in one of my witness testimonies at The Hague War Crimes Tribunal). The immigration officer at Vancouver decided that what was good for The Hague was not good enough for Canada; but her decision evidently had been written somewhere else by someone else well before my arrival. (She was so out of her depth that she asked me if President Vojislav Koštunica had been indicted for war crimes.)

I’ve visited Canada some two dozen times since the Bosnian war ended; ironically, one of those visits, in February 2000, was to provide expert testimony before the Canadian House of Commons in Ottawa. Why should the Canadian authorities suddenly decide to keep me out of the country now, and for transparently spurious reasons? Well, because the Muslims told them so. The campaign started when a Bosnian-Muslim propaganda front, calling itself The Institute for Research of Genocide of Canada, demanded to have me “banned” from speaking at the University of British Columbia on February 24. The ensuing campaign soon escalated into demands to keep me out of Canada altogether. The authorities have now obliged.

Dr. Trifkovic goes on to remind us of what Ambassador James Bissett said last week:
During the war in Bosnia, the Muslim leadership in Sarajevo became furious when General Mackenzie—who was representing the UN—was not deceived (as many journalists were) by the blatant propaganda generated by the Muslim side and by his insistence at remaining impartial. In an attempt to have him replaced, the Muslims concocted false charges of rape and misconduct against him. These charges were so obviously fabricated they were summarily dismissed by responsible authorities. As the general was able to prove, he was not even in Bosnia when many of the alleged offences took place. Despite the facts, the “Genocide Institute” continues to slander the good name of General Mackenzie. Its web site contains a long list of so-called rape victims who relate in lurid detail how they were raped … by the Canadian officer. They even claim that during some of these rapes the general was “protected ‘— not by UN troops but by heavily armed “Chetniks.” The stories are so obviously fabricated that to those who know the General personally—as I do—can only wonder at the seriously psychotic nature of individuals who would repeat these lunatic charges.

There’s more at Chronicles.

Writing about this atrocious incident at Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer summarizes what is at stake:

I strongly believe that we have to reply energetically to all such charges; the “hate speech” weapon is increasingly used by the thuggish Leftist/Islamic supremacist axis to silence its opponents, and if we ignore the false charges made, they will be assumed true by those who are naive and unaware of what game is being played.

The Harper government has shown admirable backbone from time to time, as demonstrated by its recent insistence on screening Iranium at the National Archives in Ottawa. Yesterday’s events in Vancouver, however, are a reminder that prime ministers may come and go, but the leftist state bureaucracy is forever.


Cyrus said...

This incident ranks up there among the country's more embarrassing moments. I am ashamed by this incident...

Cudoine said...
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Baron Bodissey said...

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Cudoine said...

I live in BC, and I'm embarrassed ...[forget] that I'm [deeply angry]. Till I can think of something better I will bitch to my local MP, he owes me.

Elan-tima said...

This is a clear indication that the direction that Canuckistan has and is heading is not haphazard but clearly defined and overt. Their is no hijacking of "Canada" by lefties or the misguided but this is instead a transparent view of what "Canada" is and where its supposed to go. Its direction was chosen post WWII and only the deluded sentimentalist can come to another conclusion.
The Serb is surprised that he was allowed in before, but he was clearly used to propagate the narrative of Humanist self agrandising pluralism. When he wants to break with that narrative and speak the truth about what the noble savages of muslim Bosnia were really like than he is cast out like a used condom.
To try and save a debased confederacy will do the fight against islam more harm than good. Better to kick the door of "reasonable accomidation" down so that the whole rotting outhouse will expidiciously fall in.

Secondly, the Harper gov did not stand for any grand notions of freedom of speech regardless of what the truth speak from the media may convey. It was nothing more than their trite elitist arrogance. NO ONE tells the titans of Ottawa what is or is not. What should or should not be. They are above the commoner, noble savage or not. And if you dare question that they have a strong interior "Rapid Reaction Force" to enforce their will.

Homophobic Horse said...

Borders and immigration control is such a powerful tool.

Blazingcatfur said...

The "Alleged" Institute for the Research of Genocide Canada published this tripe about Lewis Mackenzie as well as this letter in defense of Imam Delic of the anti-semitic Canadian Islamic Congress.

goethechosemercy said...

This scholar is respectable. He is not "out there", there is nothing he has proposed that is unscholarly.
His authority is acknowledged.
This is a huge embarrassment for Canada. Huge.

goethechosemercy said...

I would suggest that the Serbian students have a "read-in" of Dr. Trifkovic's works.
The Canadian public must know that the man cannot be silenced because he has been expelled.

Sol Ta Triane said...

First the university, while claiming freedom of speech, simultaneously threatens about the need to avoid speech that is unacceptable. Second, special interest groups crescendo in a whine. Finally, border agents stop Dr. Trifkovic, treating him with great disrespect.

The left in Canada seems to be quite a well-oiled machine to be able to do something like this so smoothly. There should be an investigation and some jail time coming.