Sunday, February 13, 2011

Suhail Khan Exposed… Again

Suhail KhanWe’ve reported several times in the past on Suhail Khan, the California Muslim who is a Board Member of the American Conservative Union (ACU).

The conservative movement in the United States has been in extreme denial for a number of years about Mr. Khan’s connections with the Muslim Brotherhood and its front groups in the United States. Mr. Khan has been in close association with various members of the Muslim Brotherhood, including those who raised money for Hamas. The convicted Al Qaeda terrorist conspirator Abdul Rahman al-Amoudi was Suhail Khan’s mentor. Mr. Khan’s late father Mahboob hosted Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri at his mosque as part of a fundraising tour of the United States.

Suhail Khan denies the significance of these facts, and insists that there is no problem with any of his associates. The ACU and the Republican Party have been all too eager to accept his denials at face value and allow Mr. Khan to retain his influential position within their ranks.

Mr. Khan even went so far as to deny that the Muslim Brotherhood exists in the United States. Pajamas Media has this report:

Suhail Khan is a member of the American Conservative Union’s board of directors. ACU hosts and operates the Conservative Political Action Committee’s annual conference, and during this week’s CPAC conference in Washington, Khan has come under fire for alleged links to the Muslim Brotherhood. During a panel on conservative inclusion at CPAC on Saturday, Khan flatly declared that there is no Muslim Brotherhood in the United States.

See the PJM story for a video of Suhail Khan delivering this whopper.

And now there is a website dedicated to presenting complete information about Suhail Khan. Suhail Khan Exposed has collected all the pertinent material about this pillar of the conservative community. For example:

Suhail Khan has publicly adopted the “we love death more than you love life” formulation which has been employed by jihadists, terrorists and would-be terrorists around the world.

Suhail Khan made the following statement in his speech to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention in 1999:

This is our determination. This is the fierce determination we must resolve to bear in every facet of our lives. This is the mark of the Muslim. The earliest defenders of Islam would defend their more numerous and better equipped oppressors, because the early Muslims loved death, dying for the sake of almighty Allah more than the oppressors of Muslims loved life. This must be the case where we — when we are fighting life’s other battles….

Follow the link to find more videos of Mr. Khan stating that his father founded MSA and ISNA in the U.S.A., and also one that shows him accepting awards from al-Amoudi and Sami Al-Arian, the Florida Muslim who is languishing in prison for giving material support to Hamas.

For an excellent summary of the case against Suhail Khan, watch this speech, which was given by David Horowitz yesterday at CPAC. In it Mr. Horowitz spells out the problem of the Muslim Brotherhood’s penetration of the ACU. He emphasizes an important principle: all those who have ever been associated with the Muslim Brotherhood should publicly repudiate the organization. If they fail to do that, their loyalty to their country remains open to question.

David Horowitz at CPAC:

No one associated with the ACU can say he doesn’t know about Suhail Khan, now that the truth has been publicly presented at CPAC, the ACU’s own event. None of the incriminating information is hidden or classified; it is all on the public record.

Suhail Khan has never repudiated the Muslim Brotherhood, nor even acknowledged his involvement with it. The reader may draw his own conclusions.


Unknown said...

You love death but do you love pain?

1389 said...

Suhail Khan and Grover Norquist are, for all intents and purposes, enemy moles in the conservative movement.

They simply have no place in what the conservative movement is all about, and that's that.

ReMarkable said...

"all those who have ever been associated with the Muslim Brotherhood should publicly repudiate the organization."
Excellent idea. Solves the entire problem immediately.

trencherbone said...

General Muslim sabotage, subversion and sedition.

Muslim subversion and sedition in the educational system.

Muslim infiltration and subversion and the 'nutcracker effect'.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about him now but I grew up with Suhail Khan and his family. I can tell you with certainty that the Khans are great people and work to serve their community. I knew his father personally and he was all about serving the community. I think Suhail and his family are a great example of how immigrants can assimilate and do great things for our Country.