Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Organ-Trafficking Capital of the Balkans

Three years ago today the state of Kosovo was forcibly carved out of Serbia and given its independence by the United States and the European Union. The Western powers were determined to show how friendly and non-discriminatory they were towards Islam, so they created an Islamic gangster state in the heart of the Balkans.

Mind you, they didn’t have any problem discriminating against Flanders, which deserves its own state far more than do the Kosovars. But, hey — you can’t make a multicultural omelet without breaking eggs, you know.

Hashim Thaçi has the official title of prime minister of Kosovo. Before he won that gig he ran the gangster guerilla army known as the KLA. After the United States intervened in Serbia in 1999, Mr. Thaçi and the Kosovars were able to operate with impunity, trafficking heroin and underage girls all across Europe.

Late last year Dick Marty, a special rapporteur for the Council of Europe, released a report that confirmed what had long been a rumor: during its war for independence the KLA had systematically killed both their Kosovar opponents and Serbian prisoners to harvest their organs and sell them on the black market. Hashim Thaçi, now a respected political leader was specifically implicated in the report.

To make matters worse, a recent WikiLeaks release has revealed that the UN and NATO knew all about Mr. Thaçi and his vile commercial affairs, but chose to ignore the fact and elevated him to the office of prime minister anyway.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this news report about Kosovo from Canadian TV:


CubuCoko said...

Thank you for the mention, Baron. Of course, now you can expect a legion of "Kosovians" to chime in, claiming that defending the evil Serbs ruins your anti-Jihad cred... Because exterminating Serbs due to their religion and destroying their churches systematically isn't jihad, right?

Anyway, just one tiny correction. There is no such thing as "Kosovar"; the people in question identify themselves as Albanians, and by and large consider the "independence" of Kosovo an interim stage before the establishment of "natural Albania," the way it allegedly was back in "multicultural and tolerant" Ottoman times.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid it goes much further than this. A document recently obtained by France24 proves that it was not just Serbs or dissident Albanians who were the victims, but people from all over Eastern Europe, including girls. And it was not just Albanians who were responsible. There were links to Turkey and the Middle East. An "Arab" doctor extracted organs, which were then flown to Turkey. This was an international Muslim crime network, preying upon non-Muslims.

I wrote about it on my blog, which contains a link to the UN document which I urge everyone to read.

Baron Bodissey said...

Gray Falcon --

Yes, I know. But "Kosovar" is in common media usage, and I use it the same way I use "Palestinian". Maybe I should always put it in scare quotes.

Cheradenine Zakalwe --

Thank you for the additional information, and the link. I'll make it into a hotlink: International Muslim Crime Network Captures European Christians, Harvests Their Organs and Slaughters Them.

As I've often said, Muslims are prone to projection -- hence the "blood libel".

1389 said...

Meanwhile, investigator Dick Marty complains of roadblocks being placed in the way of his efforts to get to the bottom of this case:

EU and US accused of cover-up on organ trafficking

Kevin Stroup said...

We Americans should have backed the Serbs. As corrupt and brutal as the Serbs are, at least they are not vermin jihadist. We backed the wrong horse in this race.

navy said...

47 page secret NATO report Kosovo: Xhavit Halili, Hashim Thaci, Haradinaj

Polymath said...

Since the allegations of organ-trafficking have remained unrebutted, I believe them, but I find them shocking not because I'm surprised the Kosovo leaders were gangsters, but because I didn't think organ-trafficking was even technically possible. In the USA and other first-world countries, donors are tissue-typed and there is a database and even though there may be corruption related to queue-jumping, the provenance of every transplanted organ is known and no doctor would perform a transplant without such assurance. What is the nature of the black market in organs? What is the role of physicians in making sure that the organs are properly typed and matched with recipients in the limited amount of time available after the donor has been kidnapped and killed? I guess this could work if you depend more strongly on anti-rejection drugs and don't care so much about getting a good match, but that's so obviously inferior to a legal transplant that only people who have no hope of getting a legal transplant would be in the market for an illegal organ. Who are these people?

Kevin, I agree about the Serbs. Milosevic screwed them by allowing atrocities like Srebrenica, which made it politically impossible for countries like the USA to actively take the Serbian side, but we should have at least stayed out because it was obvious at the time to anyone with eyes and ears who cared about facts that the Kosovo leaders were gangsters and the religious violence was worse against Orthodox Christians than it was against Muslims.

America’s war against Serbia was the worst American war I can think of, in terms of lack of justification. Seeing Republicans support Clinton in that war was when I stopped thinking of myself as a Republican. Only 21 Senators opposed the bombing of Serbia (vote 5/26/99). Only TWO Democrats opposed Clinton’s war. The 19 Republicans who opposed it were mostly from the “conservative wing” of the party.

I remember very well that both Democrats and Republicans proclaimed that Kosovo would remain part of Serbia at the time of the war and stated they were only intervening for to prevent the ethnic Albanians in Kosovo from repression. NOBODY in the media pointed out that in 2008 the U.S’s recognition represented a diplomatic about-face and a violation of the UN Resolution 1244 which formally ended the war. in 1999. No politicians complained about the betrayal. Did they all think we couldn’t remember back 10 years?

This was the last gasp of American bullying in Europe though. I don't think the Europeans have any reason to be afraid of us at this point, and that we would, for example, willingly remove our troops from Germany if they asked us to go, because the American people would never allow us to go to war over this. I can understand why Europeans have a hard time believing this, since we allowed Clinton to bomb Serbia, but that was because we were completely ignorant about Yugoslavia and both parties and the media colluded to keep us that way. That can't happen any more, the D's and R's hate each other too much and the alternative media is too big to suppress now.

Polymath said...

I was appalled but unsurprised by Bush’s final betrayal of the Serbs in February 2008 when he recognized Kosovo’s declaration of independence. Interestingly, Kosovo still doesn’t appear on most maps of Europe and in most lists of countries. Only 72 of 192 UN members have recognized it.

Non-recognizers include China, India, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mexico, Nigeria, Bangladesh, 9 of the 11 countries with populations over 100,000,000 — only the U.S. and Japan among these 11 have recognized Kosovo. (Germany and Turkey are the only other countries in the top 20 to have recognized Kosovo, so 80% of the 20 most populous countries don’t recognize it, and those 16 countries already include 61.6% of the world’s population.)

Polymath said...

Grammatical glitch in my earlier post: "I don't think the Europeans have any reason to be afraid of us at this point, and that we would, for example, willingly remove our troops from Germany if they asked us to go" should instead read "I think the Europeans don't have any reason to be afraid of us at this point, and that we would, for example, willingly remove our troops from Germany if they asked us to go".

Anonymous said...

It's funny. I remember being a passionate supporter of the war against the Serbs. Now I think I supported the wrong side.

I participated in intense online discussion about it at the time. Some of those I debated with made points about the disproportionate Albanian involvement in organised crime, but I assumed it was just propaganda. I wasn't alive to the Islam issue at the time, and no one, including the Serb supporters I debated with, really brought it out as being of any great significance.

I can see much of western Europe going the way of Yugoslavia within a few decades. Essentially, what happened there is that the Muslims outbred the non-Muslims in their historic territory, Kosovo, and the non-Muslims were eventually moved to resist. The same processes are underway in Europe now.

When it comes to it, I hope America won't make the same mistake again. It would be a shame if we had to fight the Americans as well as the Muslims.

Vortac said...

Young Kosovars bringing cultural enrichment to London:

Three teenagers knifed during mass brawl in Trafalgar Square between 'Kosovan' youths

Mel said...

There's actually more on the story today. It turns out that back in 2003, some of the KLA rebels themselves came forward and told the UN about the organ trafficking and about delivering Serbs to a house in Albania from which they never returned. And the UN ignored it! Kosovo rebels told UN of organ harvests

EscapeVelocity said...

Im one that has changed his mind about the mess in the Balkans, after having gained more information about it.

As an aside, the US didnt support the separatist movement of the Southern States, and recognize them as an independent nation state.

Homophobic Horse said...

"I can see much of western Europe going the way of Yugoslavia within a few decades."

Geopolitical, military, and diplomatic pressure enforcing an unhappy unity à la Bosnia?

Anonymous said...

Polymath: The nature of the black market in organs is a supply and demand issue.

Put simply, there is much more demand for organs than supply - AND super-rich people from a myriad of countries have absolutely NO intention of waiting years for an organ transplant for either them or their loved ones.

When a super-rich person is willing and able to pay A LOT of money for an instant organ, the financial incentive for both queue jumping and organ stealing is high.

Norse Wargamer said...

I have a guess to where most of the organs went to

Anonymous said...

Here's a tasty tidbit from the link provided by danishcatholic:

"There is a worldwide shortage of organ donors from deceased persons. The only other source of donors is living people," said a document included in the indictment."

"All countries, with the exception of Iran, prohibit the sale of organs or human tissue."