Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/20/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/20/2011The big story of the day comes once again from North Africa, this time from Libya. The uprising against the Ghadafi regime has escalated very quickly, and the government retaliated ruthlessly, reportedly using machine guns and RPGs against the demonstrators. Benghazi is the center of the uprising, and is said to be all but in the hands of the insurgency. Col. Qaddafi and his sons vow to fight on to the last man (and last woman) standing. Some army units and at least one major tribe have joined the revolt. Two Libyan ambassadors in Asia have resigned in protest of the government’s brutal response to the protests. Hundreds of people have been killed.

On a related note, Chinese dissidents attempted to mount a “Jasmine Revolution” modeled on the Egyptian and Tunisian uprisings through social media. Their efforts have so far been suppressed by the government.

In other news, according to reports from South Korea, the North is preparing to test another nuclear device.

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EscapeVelocity said...

Great news on Libya.

Vortac said...

Ghadafi was soooo concerned about Muslim's human rights in Switzerland, but he uses machine guns without hesitation on Muslims in Libya.

EscapeVelocity said...

Thought you might be interested in spreading this around...

Via Harry's Place

BBC Wilders Documentary Promotes Extremists and Members of Extremist Groups

banned said...

From your link re Belgians protesting about government stasis; isn't the idea of 5,000 Belgian youths demonstrating in favour of More Government somewhat counterintuative?

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

David Cameron arrives for Egypt visit

Mr Cameron said:

"I am particularly keen... to get to Egypt and to be one of the first people there."

"What is so refreshing about what's been happening is that this is not an Islamist revolt. This is not extremists on the streets. This is people who want to have the sort of basic freedoms that we take for granted in the UK."

Mr 4Symbols said:

This man is grandstanding for islam.

Feli said...

Afghani convert to Christ about to be executed by Muslim government

Said Musa is a former Muslim who converted to Christ about eight years ago. He has been sentenced to die by the Afghan government for the Islamic crime of apostasy.

A spokesman for the so-called Ministry of Justice said, “The sentence for a convert is death and there is no exception.”


Send an email to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Speaker of the House John Boehner and urge them to pressure the Afghani government to grant Said Musa asylum in the U.S.

Dymphna said...

A commenter named "An EDL buck" wants folks to watch this video:


Tommy Robinson and the EDL give me hope. I keep looking at this photo of him, and sending it to people:

Tommy Robinson

I haven't been able yet to come up with the precise word to describe his expression...

Dymphna said...

In case an EDL buck reads here instead of at his original comment, I'm leaving a copy of my explantion to him.

I neglected to preview the YouTube link he sent and it appears to be unavailable at the moment.

Here's a copy of my explanation:

Again, EDL buck--

After much fooling around with that URL (finally figured out it was misssing the .com ) the You Tube page says the video doesn't exist and to try again later.

If you can get the right one, I'll post it for you. However, if you look at the template above the comment box when you respond, you'll see how to make a live link yourself.

See where it says "To add a link in a comment, use this format"?

Here's what to do:

Look at the quote marks and then the HTML code which includes "my website". First, put your own URL aside for the moment (maybe in the blank comment box). Then go up and clip that whole thing out, beginning with the symbol in front of the first a and ending with the slash a and that same symbol.

After you've pasted that piece of code in your comment window on a separate line from your URL, start at the quote marks in the template which precede http and notice there's another set of quote marks further down the line after .com

LEAVE BOTH SETS of quote marks intact, including the ones after that .com

But delete the phrase in between them.

You're going to then retrieve that URL you left aside and insert it between the two sets of " "

Then, where is says MY TITLE, make up one of your own. In this case, I'd give either the title of the video or I'd put something like E-E-EDL!

After you're done, hit "Preview" instead of "Publish Your Comment".

Your preview will appear with a yellow background. This is where you RIGHT CLICK on your link and choose the option which says "open in another window".

In that new window you'll see your page. Or in this case, you wouldn't have seen it since YouTube thinks it doesn't exist.

However, let's assume that you opened the new window successfully and it looks fine. Go back and hit publish and you're done.

It takes longer to tell you all this than it does for you to actually do it. When you've put in a few links, it will become automatic for you.

And I urge you to take the time to learn. People aren't nearly as likely to cut and paste a URL in a new window as they are to click on a live link. It's just human nature, inertia actually. We like to take the easy way.

I hope you can find the video.