Thursday, February 17, 2011

Instructions for the Dutch Voter: Stick it to the PVV!

The Netherlands will hold provincial elections on March 2, and Geert Wilders’ party (the PVV) is poised once again to do well. The entrenched forces of reaction are determined to stop the PVV, and are running a no-holds-barred campaign against it.

Our Dutch correspondent Timo alerted us to a particularly disgusting political TV spot put out by the left-wing opponents of Geert Wilders. He explains the title of the commercial and its context:

“Guide on what to vote against* — Freedom” [i.e. the Party for Freedom]

In this commercial the leftist people in Holland have hit bottom by using kids in their campaign against the PVV. There will be provincial elections in Holland on 2 March 2011. Instead of focusing on their own parties, the leftists are using kids to repeat Geert Wilders’ “worst” (i.e. most offensive when seen out of context) statements about Islam. The upshot is that if you vote for the PVV, the CDA, or the VVD, your kids will be fed with hate the moment they are born.

* Explanation of the title:

“Stemwijzer” is normally a Dutch website with a list of questions which helps people choose the right party if they haven’t made up their mind yet. The word “tegen” in front of the word gives it a meaning of against — “counter-vote advisor”, tegenstemwijzer.

Timo also points out the illustrious company these lefties are keeping in their exploitation of children: the Nazis, who frequently used children for their propaganda, and Hamas, who send them out as suicide bombers. To that I might add the infamous “Daisy” commercial — a countdown to nuclear war featuring a little girl — that was put out by President Lyndon Baines Johnson during his 1964 election campaign against Barry Goldwater.

Many thanks to Timo for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. The video plus a full transcript are below the jump:


0:00 We have a huge problem with Muslims.
0:02 Scum! That’s what I would call them.
0:04 We’re selling our country to a devil called Mohammed.
0:08 And no one seems to resist.
0:10 Native people are reproducing themselves more slowly
0:12 than foreigners.
0:13 We have to stop Muslim immigration.
0:16 In about 20 years you’ll be able to find them everywhere.
0:18 Let’s take back our streets!
0:20 Islam is a backward culture.
0:24 Why shouldn’t we begin by taxing the hijab? Headscarf taxes!
0:28 The time has come for the big cleanup of our streets.
0:32 I’d say: Let the polluter pay for it!
0:34 Scum! That’s what I would call them.
0:36 Scum! That’s what I would call them.
0:38 Scum! That’s what I would call them.
0:40 I say what I think!
0:41 You still have the chance to vote for a future without the PVV.
0:44 Therefore vote against the coalition!
0:46 And this time don’t vote for the CDA or the VVD.
0:48 At our website — — you’ll find your alternative!


Zenster said...

The upshot is that if you vote for the PVV, the CDA, or the VVD, your kids will be fed with hate the moment they are born.

Totally unlike Muslim children.

Anonymous said...

This illustrates the problem with one man, one vote: intelligent people will immediately detach from the message, because the ad is so manipulative, while less intelligent people won't see the trick, and will respond to the message. So the more crass and manipulative an ad is, the more successful. Solution: a more intelligent electorate.

In the short run, the PVV could run some ads with former Muslims discussing why they left Islam. They're the only people who can make certain points and get away with it.

I was rather shocked last night when I took part in an online discussion re the woman reporter who was assaulted by the Egyptian mob. I got called the usual names, but another commenter first identified herself as being non-white and able to blend in in Egypt, where she worked as a contractor. She said the exact same things I said, and everyone heard her out respectfully, then the thread went dead. This is, unfortunately, how to win...get ethnic people to front for you.

Feli said...

The world’s most dangerous broadcaster

I have only just caught up with the BBC1 documentary on the Dutch politician Geert Wilders that was transmitted on Tuesday evening. Did I say documentary? ‘Europe’s Most Dangerous Man’ was a vicious hatchet job that was a disgrace to journalism. More than that, it could be argued that by presenting Wilders as a latter-day Nazi who was likely to foment war in Europe between Muslims and non-Muslims, it was in effect inciting violence or the murder of a politician who is already under armed guard 24/7…

Feli said...

Did you see this video?

1389 said...

Michael Totten bashes Geert Wilders and his own commenters (see comment by Michael Totten in the comment stream):

From San Francisco to Sarajevo

Totten is just another useful idiot/dhimmi who provides cover for Islamists masquerading as "moderates" and for Islamic expansionism in general.

Anonymous said...

1389, I don't think Stephen Schwartz (sp?) is an Islamist, he's just a typical Bay Area flake, a hot tub Muslim. His description of his spiritual journey made that clear.

If all Muslims were like Schwartz, there would be no problem. The problem is that naive people will think he's representative of Islam, when his type is probably a thousandth of a percent.

syntec said...

I'm afraid your perception of Schwartz and his conversion to Sufism, is somewhat clouded.

Sufism, is at one with the teachings of Mohammed although its core beliefs probably stem from those peaceful verses before they were abrogated by violent ones. Nonetheless, the creation of Sufism was not for the purpose of reforming Islam and Sharia along with all the attendant horrors associated with both at all.

An insight into the real reason for the creation of Sufism is below.

"I think the reason behind Sufism was the materialism which the Muslim society faced at the time, as the Muslim society had become more and more widespread and wealthy. Materialism infected the hearts of many Muslims, and then those [Sufi] scholars came forward with the call to “go back to your God, purify yourself, go back to the reality of Islam.” They told the people not to be influenced by materialism, that they had to be closer to Allah, that they had to practice their religion, and remember the approaching hereafter. This is the reason why Sufism was establsihed at the time - because of the civilization which took place in the Western society at that time."

Mystical offshoot movements have been evolving from original and long-time established belief systems for as long as spiritualism has been practiced.

By way of contrast, Transcendental Meditation was derived from a Hindu technique of meditation founded by Maharishi Maheshas as a Spiritual Regeneration Movement in the 1970s.

The TM technique sprung from Indian Hindu philosophy and its offshoot teachings of Krishna, the Buddha and Shankara as well as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - called Brahman in Hinduism, Dharmakaya in Buddhism, and Tao in Taoism.

The real intent behind Sufism, therefore, can mislead the uninitiated if he/she neglects to study its origins.

In conclusion, the Muslims of the Balkans whether Kosovan or Albanian, are far from benign and humanistic at heart. They are every bit as willing to engage in acts of naked barbarity as their Middle Eastern and South Asian brothers in Allah are.

Watchful said...


There are New Age Sufi groups which believe that Sufism exists separately from Islam and existed before Islam.

Other Sufi groups think that Sufis must be Muslims.

syntec said...

"Sufi thought that sees Sufism as predating Islam and being in fact universal and, therefore, independent of the Qur'an and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad. This view of Sufism has understandably been popular in the West and has been always opposed by Traditional Sufis who practice it in the framework of Islam."

The brand of Sufism alluded to with the mention of Stephen Schwartz, is the one associated with Islam which is the one Schwartz converted to, not one of other variations.