Monday, February 28, 2011

The Jew-Haters of the IRGC

Update: Srdja Trifkovic has expanded on this email in an article at the Lord Byron Foundation for Balkan Studies: “Emir Ramic, a Jew-Hating Fundamentalist?”

We posted several times recently about Srdja Trifkovic’s attempt to give a speech at the University of British Columbia last week, and his subsequent banishment from Canada.

The attention of the Canadian authorities was drawn to Dr. Trifkovic by an organization called “The Institute for Research of Genocide of Canada”. As pointed out last week, the IRGC is a front for radical Bosnian Muslims, rather than a disinterested “researcher” into genocide.

Dr. Trifkovic just sent us an email with some details about the IRGC and its agenda, as gleaned from its own publications:

Emir Ramic, IRGC Director, is on the editorial board of the (Bosnian-Muslim) war veterans’ magazine Korak (Step), published in Sarajevo, to which he also contributes articles.

This magazine’s Issue No. 13 [pdf] has an interesting article: “Basic Principles of the Law of War in Islam” (pp. 13-17). The article asserts, inter alia, that “Jihad is a just and legitimate fight against aggression and a struggle in protection of human rights and freedoms.” (p. 15)

The Board of Ramic’s “Institute” includes… none other than “Asaf Dzanic, chief editor of the magazine Korak, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina”!

On p. 93 of the same issue there is a breathtaking piece of anti-Israeli bile. It’s in “Bosnian” but even a non-native speaker will understand the title: “Izraelski Rezim Je Teroristicki”, by Fikret Muslimovic. It could have been published in Gaza. It is a tad too hard-core for Ramallah, though…

On p. 99 we have another piece of Jew-hating venom: “Who is responsible for the blockade and massacre of the inhabitants of Gaza?” by Reza Burdzi

Other issues of Ramic’s magazine are no less worthy of scrutiny [all are in pdf format]:

  • No. 14: Norman Finkelstein: “The Bloodshed in Gaza”
  • No. 16 (2009): “Palestine and Al-Quds as the Symbol of All Muslims of the World” by Džemal Najetović
  • No.15: “Failure of the Anti-Iranian Scenario” by Fariba Farshidi
  • No. 12: “Sixty Years Since the Palestinian Catastrophe” by Dr. Džemal Najetović

The list goes on, from one issue to another, from one author to another, from one lie to another, from one anti-Semitic outburst to another.

The magazine site is hosted by the association of Bosnian-Muslim Army veterans, and it also includes a host of articles with interesting and self-explanatory titles, such as “Crimes Against Civilians in the Gaza Strip” [pdf].

This is the real face of the “Institute”!

The “Institute’s” director is on the editorial board of the magazine publishing this hate-filled drivel, and the editor-in-chief of said magazine is on the board of the Institute. Mr. Wiesel & Co. are in some interesting company, indeed!


Homophobic Horse said...

I wish we (and by "we" I generally just mean, "our side") wouldn't stoop to sentimentalising the argument with nebulous accusations of "hate", unless of course, it's being used for the purposes of mockery. But there is no suggestion of a mocking tone in the e-mail, so there you go.

But yeah, it's only an e-mail.

Michael Servetus said...

These people are the ultimate dhimmis and dupes, how foolish they seem. They are a conquered people who were forcibly converted, whose wives were no doubt taken, that is their ancient grandmothers-- young men killed and enslaved and taught to serve their Arab Islamic masters until they saw their interests as one. Now they , a truly European people look so foolish taking up the cause of Palestinians as if it were some great cause and offense to them, who unless conquered, pillaged, humbled, subdued, mastered, dhimmified have absolutley no reasonsble interest in these issues, but now they are "great Muslim warriors". They are a shame and embarassment, total sellouts with no dignity who have fully embraced their masters and tool status. They think not back to their ancestors who died resisting the Muslim invaders. It is sad because many great warriors and generals came from this stock of people.

Van Grungy said...

muslims constantly position themselves for the inevitable backlash based on the grand plan of appearing more victimized than Jews.. This is based on muslim ideas of Jewish control of the world and the nazi extermination of the Jews as a sympathy ploy that worked in the Jews favor..

Bosnian muslims had help from Clinton to form their 'victim' narrative..

and so it goes..

CubuCoko said...

On the Muslim claims of victimization, take a look at this 2007 article by Julia Gorin:
Desperately seeking a Holocaust.

Michael Servetus said...

Origin of the Myth of a Tolerant Pluralistic Islamic Society
Specifically related to Bosnian Muslims.

sulber nick said...

"Several commenters pointed out that the attitude of German citizens concerning Turkish immigration is very different from that displayed by their leaders." Isn't this the case viz immigration throughout the Western World - how very odd. Even odder is that those very same citizens continue to vote for the leaders that are slowly and surely selling them down the river. Where's the sense??

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

@sulber nick

"Even odder is that those very same citizens continue to vote for the leaders that are slowly and surely selling them down the river. Where's the sense??"

In the U.K. the voters accepted the political elites falsehoods that their individual prosperity was linked to immigration just as they are now being conditioned to accept that by destroying subsistence welfare for the indigenous working class will end immigration and at the same time turn millions of the indigenous working class into entrepreneurs, they will be nothing more than helots - helotdom is not the road to prosperity.

There will be no victory in the U.K. while the divisions and politics of pseudo-individualism are predominant. The chains of subsistence slavery will easily be recast in the mold of islam.

The neoliberal political elite have all but destroyed indigenous association in the U.K. they are now set to economically destroy the indigenous working class which has been undermined and made feeble by pseudo-individualism.