Friday, February 04, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm in Luton

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I just received a phone call from one of the EDL people who will be participating in tomorrow’s big demonstration in Luton. He tells me that the town is fairly humming already, and a lot of the people who plan to attend arrived earlier this evening and are staying in hotels.

There is already a massive police presence — police cars and patrols all over the town keeping an eye on things. My contact says that there are also carloads of culture enrichers driving around looking for anybody who resembles an EDL supporter, and then shouting abuse at them out the windows. He was with a member of the Dutch delegation who was singled out for particular harassment.

Representatives from Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Austria have arrived. The speakers’ roster has been established for tomorrow, and will include at least one foreign speaker, although most speeches will be given by EDL leaders, especial local representatives from Luton.

The main event begins tomorrow at 1pm GMT, which is 8am my time (EST). I’ll be live-blogging events as the information comes in.

Stay tuned — it looks like Luton is going to a big one.


Steen said...

What a coincidence for saturday:

Cameron: My war on multiculturalism – No funding for Muslim groups that fail to back women’s rights Multiculturalism has failed in Britain.

Shirl in Oz said...

""The main event begins tomorrow at 1pm GMT, which is 8am my time (EST""
..........and midnight Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time

I've been looking at some muslim videos about the event and they are out to start trouble. Tired posting comments, but they only take those in their favour !!

EscapeVelocity said...

Good Luck out there, EDLers.

May the Lord watch out for you, and bless your endeavors.