Saturday, January 08, 2011

Lowering the Black Flag of Jihad

The Black Flag of Jihad

As most readers will remember, last year on November 11th — Remembrance Day — Muslim zealots gathered in London to burn poppies and insult British troops. The English Defence League mounted a counter-demonstration, and Tommy Robinson was arrested after he leapt a barrier and grabbed a black jihad flag from one of the demonstrators.

The Black Flag of Jihad is more than just a declaration of Muslim faith. It is Mohammed’s battle flag.

Throughout the history of Islam it has been displayed or flown whenever the mujahideen sally forth to behead the infidels. Suicide bombers record their last videos with the black flag in the background. Terrorists behead their captives for the camera while standing in front of the black flag.

The Black Flag of Jihad is a declaration of war. Those thugs who carried it that day in London were committing sedition and treason against the British state.

Tommy Robinson should have been given an official award for his heroic behavior, and the thugs burning the poppies should have been arrested.

But that’s not the way things work in Modern Multicultural Britain.

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For the last few weeks, various members of the Counterjihad Collective have been discussing Mr. Robinson’s legal defense and what might be done to assist it. A number of people searched for jihad photos and videos featuring the Black Flag of Jihad, and then Vlad Tepes gathered them together in a single project.

The resulting video, a Vlad/Baron/G-Man joint venture, is below.

Update: The G-Man was also closely involved in the initial concept and the researche which led to the production of this video. Many thanks to the G-Man:

I’ll be writing more about the Black Flag of Jihad in a later post.


Anonymous said...

Our Canadian associate, FlippenTheRaya, has been writing about the black flags of Islam for months.
Having further light shined on the subject via your website is validation of the importance the symbol plays in radical islam, and is most welome.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

A replica of the black shahadah should be commissioned and paraded at the next major EDL demo commemorating possibly the first battle standard of jihad captured (in anger) on British soil.

BayouCoyote said...

Symbolism is the apex of islamic terrorism & I'm amazed that so many people are unaware of the Black Flag. The koranimals who march with it know the effect it has on their fellow members of the herd.

Glad to see you're on it!

Anonymous said...

You've given me an idea. We have to tread real carefully about using Muslim iconography in art now without falling into "hate law" traps. I dare say pictures that express hostility to this flag of Jihad would also draw such a response, but would it not have a tough time reaching a charge let alone standing up in court. You cannot really say a rhetorical stab at violent jihadists is an attack on other Muslims. Its quite specific and potentially very useful. rather the difference between the German flag and a swastika.

The odd thing is I woke up today mulling over what Arabic text I could add to a particular picture, and this was my answer! The picture is now called "Kiss This" and I'll let you see it if I can.

Meanwhile, your legal commentary on the case against Mr Singh provoked another thought. If the British law is so specific in stating that any crime committed in conjunction with "religious" statements must be categorised as a religiously motivated "hate" crime, is it not possible for a clever lawyer to use this to compel the British authorities to categorise terrorist actions acompanied by religious statements (Alluha Akbar for one) as religious hate-crimes? Thereby forcing an end to this madness of claiming that they are all individual crackpots having nothing to do with religion.

Just a thought but Id like to know what a canny lawyer could do with it.

Anonymous said...

...heres the picture:

Gregory said...

G_D bless Tommy Robinson real good. He has more brains and balls than all of those green shirts guarding the muslims. More power to ya Tommy.
Also, it just occurred to me; why not burn black shahada flags at events (or gatherings) like the asians burn the American or British flags?

Unknown said...

At the next EDL march someone should make a banner with the Jerusalem Cross and the words Deus Vult. The battle cry of the first crusade. This is not a political debate it is a war we are facing.

Unknown said...

We here at Flippin have been very open about abusing that flag for months. I really like the nazi/German flag analogy mentioned by ThunderPuss. The flag's ONLY use is to designate an area considered "dar- al-harb" house of war, and muslims on the "jihad for khalifah".
If we can't "editorialize" the very battle flag of people who openly want us dead, well then sharia impositions against criticism of islam must already rule.

goethechosemercy said...

Why burn the Koran when you can burn the Black Flag?
Burnings of this flag should be commonplace in the West.

Anonymous said...

Ive made a second piece using the flag now, "Honour This!" in which a lovely black girl is trampling it in her British Army issue boots.

I'll post the link when its up.

Theres loads of scope to play with this :-)

Anonymous said...

Trampling the Rayya. Honour This!