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The Art of Strategic Citizenship — Part 2

Below is the second installment of Takuan Seiyo’s latest series of essays. Part 1 may be read here.

Tomoe #2

The Art of Strategic Citizenship
Part 2 of 4 — The firewood under the cauldron

by Takuan Seiyo

The 19th of China’s 36 Stratagems counsels, Fu di chou xin — Steal the firewood from under the cauldron. That’s strategy appropriate for a situation when your opponent is preponderant. And the opposition to Americans who believe that they are being robbed and sold out by their own ruling elite, the Constitution is just fine and enough, and the re-engineering of society in the last 50 years is a disaster, is vast and preponderant.

With the cauldron being impregnable iron, it’s proper to examine everything pertaining to the firewood. First, why was it allowed to be gathered and lit in the first place. Largely, it’s the Pogo quandary: We have met the enemy, and he is us.

In a recent article, Victor Davis Hanson describes a putrefying California, more like a Mexican backwater hamlet than… than what? A white people’s country, that’s what. Unfortunately, the people that took over a town called El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Angeles del Río de Porciúncula and failed to anglicize its name at the outset, set itself up for a fall at the outset. When it has further invited and encouraged colonization by Mexicans, and built industries around Mexican labor, and allowed that ethnocentric Mexican office holders be elected or appointed, and voted in “conservative” WASP Presidents and Senators who act as the Mexicans’ spearhead, and failed to defend its land against the invasion, it has forfeited that land.

Whites are still a majority in 52 of the biggest 100 cities, but even unlikely places like Utah are coasting toward a 30-40% minority ratio in the urban zones, and “conservative” publications like Wall Street Journal report with total equanimity that the United States nears a “Racial Milestone.” What they do not report is that the milestone is cultural and economic; that it’s a geopolitical earthquake that will reverberate for 1,000 years; that demography is destiny.

It’s no coincidence that of the 14 American cities that face imminent bankruptcy (plus two small ones), four are in that minimum security asylum zone with Bolivian place names: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco. The others are also blessed in the strength of diversity, either through a minority majority (New York, Detroit, Washington D.C, Honolulu, Newark, Camden, Paterson) or a minority 40%+ plurality (Chicago, Cincinnati, Reading).

All this is increasingly obvious, particularly to those not brain-altered in institutions of higher learning or on the oligarchy’s payroll. On all occasions when the public has a chance to express itself on related issues such as immigration, bilingual education, gayization or dhimmization, the people overwhelmingly reject the diversity project. The ruling elite continues implementing it nonetheless by a series of increasingly totalitarian measures, including judicial nullification of inconvenient plebiscites, new laws explicitly at odds with the will of the people, persecution of “crimes of intolerance,” and executive rulings that circumvent the apparatus of democracy.

This phenomenon of a ruling oligarchy on autopilot dead-set on sabotage of its subject population is repeated in the financial sphere. No matter how many Tea Party marches or public opinion polls express vehement opposition, the White-House-Congress-Fed-Wall Street Axis continues the blitz of bailout, ballooning debt, bottoming dollar and bloated billion-dollar bankster bonuses. No matter how critical the assessments of still-sane economic pundits and traders — e.g. James Grant, Nouriel Roubini, Jim Rogers, Martin Weiss, Tyler Durden, Karl Denninger — the Ponzi pyramid builders at the peaks of power take the country farther over the precipice in the greatest Inside Con Job in history.

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo — all bankrupt temples of naked reptilian impulses — found a way to transfer 60% of America’s Gross National Product to themselves versus less then 20% they had 15 years ago[1]. It’s a simple trick: you pocket the gains but offload the losses on current and future taxpayers. All it takes is two wholly owned subsidiaries in Washington: the one legislating and regulating (but not bankster biz), and the other printing money at will.

Pulling the NWO oligarchs’ carosse in tandem with the demographic Trojan horse and the monetary ruin steed is a third runaway equine. It’s the out-of-control diarrhea of laws, statutes and regulations binding and bending the citizen ever more tightly and despotically: so many that they are beyond counting and so vile that the crookeder the parliamentary crook, the more he boasts of the quantity of laws he has inflicted on his lessers. The laws, the Harry Reids, the judges, the Wise Latinas, the nullifiers of the Constitution uphold their part in the bargain. With a 72,000-page tax code, one unread monster omnibus 2000-page trillion dollar bill after another, unending pillage of every dollar they can grab from the bankrupt Treasury selling bogus IOUs to a mad Fed slathering snake oil for illiquidity on a disease of insolvency, laws piled upon laws prohibiting the sunrise on penalty of assets forfeiture under Part IX, Chapter 411, Section 37 and declaring the sunset invalid per 9th Circuit Court of Appeals v. Reality, this is the most wretched crew to pilot America, ever.

What is to be done? What can be done? For want of space and readers’ endurance, we can treat only one issue in this forum, suggested by the two comments of the reader “jeppo” in Part 1. To return to the Chinese analogy, this chapter will deal with the theme of who is tending to the fire, and the next one will speculate consequentially how to not really “steal” the firewood but unleash a mighty rain on it.

The most common readers’ comment to Part 1 of this essay was, “It’s depressing.” Reality, however, does not care how you feel about it.

Colonel Charles Boyd is sufficiently important that you should read at least his capsule bio somewhere. The OODA Loop tactical concept he developed for aerial combat stands for Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. If you fail to observe correctly and to orient yourself toward the accurate reading of Reality, your Decision and Action cannot possibly result but in useless flailing or in your own defeat. “Correctly” means free of emotive screens or prejudicial biases.

The previous chapter invoked the concept of muto — sword of no sword. If you should remember one word from the current one, it’s mushin — mind of no mind. This is the “empty” mind of the Zen adept or a samurai in combat.

Life is combat. Having your privates, your social capital and your dollar-denominated net worth in the iron grip of a ruling oligarchy of creepy morons is combat. Having your country colonized by invaders from the 7th century with the active collusion of said oligarchy is combat. Being swept away into the trashcan of history is combat. If combat depresses you, take a Quaalude and go back to Dancing with the Stars. If you want to stay and be fit for the fight, throw away every device that induces you to apprehend Reality through your emotive responses to it:

  • Learn by what means MSM and MSE (that’s Mainstream Entertainment) manipulate one’s perception of Reality. Kill your TV.
  • Cancel your subscription to all mainstream opinion magazines and daily newspapers. Do not allow news branded AP, Reuters, AFP, BBC, CNN to enter your home, for that is Orwell’s newspeak, not news.
  • Boycott all products advertised on TV, radio and in glossy magazines. Learn by what means ads manipulate your value system and your behavior. Demand from advertisers information, not mind fornication.
  • Identify the meaning of the terms neocon, theocon, establicon, paleocon, and “laissez faire” con. Identify the publications, websites and frontmen associated with those strains. Avoid them, as each has a huge blind spot. Or else, read them all, so that the blind spots cancel out mutually.
  • Think about the emotional impact of words, learn to disassociate the emotions from the words. Remember that the Patriot Act enslaves the patriots, War on Extremism is a war on your liberty and pocketbook with no hope of victory against the actual terrorists, Diversity stands for forced uniformity, American Idol is American Ninny, “celebrity” is a fool with good orthodontics and a great ass, and “star” is a fool with the same assets plus a talent for faking emotions.
  • Learn to spot jivin’ and sellin’. Don’t buy what they sell.
  • Desist from fandom of all commercialized team sports. Avoid particularly the mega-opiate machines of FIFA World Cup, Olympics, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL.
  • Resist the beckoning voice of the siren: the emotive (and Obama-voting) creature from Venus. Insist that she respect your voice, the voice from Mars. The feminine yin is as valuable as the masculine yang, but not here and now. We suffer from the greatest surfeit of yin in history. Our clock is being cleaned by all the patriarchal yang countries, starting with China. Even our alligators are now born with shrunken penises.
  • If you are a member of a feelgood church with a Walmart-sized parking lot and a rock band, drop out. Church with services in Spanish, homo clerics, lesbian bishops, social justice deacons, ditto. They all are purveyors of foamy estrogen in an era of rampant yin. If nothing else remains, go to find Jesus in the forest, where your ancestors found their gods, too. The forest has a way of weeding out the yin-afflicted.
  • Teach your children all of the above. More then anything, it’s the K-12 vertical indoctrination and lateral peer pressure that produce either Group A of shallow zombies shimmying to the globocorporate multiculti consumer samba with Xbox sadism at 8 and digitally transmitted hookups at 12, or crazed “social justice” dhimmis who compensate for having been rejected by Group A.

To reiterate jeppo’s argument that’s shared by other racially-aware Whites, it’s too late to do much about the diluted and de-whitened American demography. Even with Muslims and Jews counted as Whites, nonwhite births now exceed white ones. White, nominally Christian babies, i.e. America’s founding stock, now comprise 40% of the national total. There are various other dysfunctional devices, e.g. birthright citizenship and open borders by which this demographic displacement process is accelerated.

Among the actions that white Americans can take to minimize their plight, jeppo suggests, are “deportation of illegal aliens, shutting down legal immigration, ending birthright citizenship, deporting convicted felon immigrants, paying off immigrant citizens to renounce their US citizenship and leave the country, building an effective border fence, ending NAFTA, casting Puerto Rico off, declaring English as sole official language, and ending Affirmative Action and Disparate Impact laws.”

Another suggested solution is that Whites concentrate demographically in some states, just as “Hispanics” have in others. There are 34 states (jeppo excludes AL AZ CA DE FL GA HI LA MD MS NM NC NV SC TX VA plus DC) where this is still possible. If Whites can maintain their majorities in those states, they could retain control of the Senate and prevent non-white political hegemony even after they become a minority in the country. Or, the 34 states could secede from the union and create a White-majority republic. The last option (as per jeppo et al.) is emigration to Europe, Canada and Australia, thereby preserving White majorities in those countries.

The concerns and solutions voiced by jeppo have been offered before by various White Supremacists. The concerns are valid. Unfortunately, the self-proclaimed defenders of White America have dipped all that in a bath of such monomaniacal Jew-hatred, pitiful supremacism, gross falsification of history and idolatry of certified madmen and monsters that they have poisoned the well from which their kinsmen and their country might otherwise be able to draw some vital sustenance.

White Supremacist dementia and its mutation as White Nationalism may spread by social osmosis to well-meaning Americans who have saved their brains from contamination by the regime’s duckspeak and are alert to the demographic reality and racial fault lines in their country. However, having landed on a beachhead first claimed by White fascists, they may fall prey to a Goldsteinization of the relevant issues[2].

First, while it’s correct to identify the founding stock of America as “White Christian,” it’s a falsification to omit Blacks and Jews who were present in a contributive way long before the founding, if involuntarily for the former. It is further wrong to exclude (Ashkenazi and Sephardi but not Mizrahi) Jews from the definition of “White.” Are Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Issur Danielovitch (aka Kirk Douglas) or Betty Persky (aka Lauren Bacall) white enough? If they are not, certainly the Hungarians, who massacred their way into Europe 800 years after the Jews were brought in as Roman slaves, are not “White” either.

I once argued with a bent “Aryan” who maintained that yes, the Jews have made some contributions, but they were in the area of commerce and banking, for Jews are all about money. I then went to the letter A, from which I picked one country, Austria, and in 20 minutes produced a list of 187 Austrian Jews who have made cultural contributions of such magnitude that they enriched not only the Germanic culture but Western civilization itself. As I was ticking off names: from Max Reinhardt to Billy Wilder; from Fritz Kreisler to Johann Strauss to Gustav Mahler to Max Steiner to Rudolf Serkin; from Hugo von Hofmannsthal to Franz Werfel to Stefan Zweig to Ludwig von Mises; from Freddy Austerlitz (aka Fred Astaire) to Paul Muni, he responded, “None of them was Mozart, so it doesn’t count.” Well, I said, there hasn’t been a Mozart elsewhere, either. Besides, without Mozart’s Jewish librettist, Lorenzo da Ponte, the Austrian genius’s most glorious operas may not have existed.

However, antisemitism is to success-challenged Whites what phylloxera is to vines and pogroms of the Chinese were to Malays. It’s the socialism of fools, the bitters in the firewater of the failed, the thorn in the rose of those who know no roses. It’s the second oldest social disease known in Western history. There is no known cure, no possible argument. Not even a high IQ and a PhD confer an immunity, as evinced by a score of currently ambulating “White-Nat” activists and not a few of the departed, e.g. William Luther Price and Revilo Oliver.

Following my article in Gates of Vienna that analyzed the bias of White Nationalism’s foremost Jew-baiting theoretician, Kevin MacDonald, Dr. MacDonald published a reply whose second paragraph contained the allegation that just like other Jews[3], I was attempting “to draw boundaries of acceptable political discourse in a way that is acceptable to Jewish interests.” Although I did not continue reading further, the idée fixe that because one is a Jew or has some ounces of Jewish blood, one is a stealth agent for the Joos is a staple for what passes for the flower of White Power. It’s relevant that I had not attributed MacDonald’s antisemitism to his origin as a son of a Catholic Scots-American cop from Oshkosh, who could have sucked Jew-hatred with his mother’s milk just as many (but not all) working class Catholic Gaels — e.g. Fr. Charles Coughlin, Taylor Caldwell, Mel Gibson — may have.

Ethny and class usually determine culture and values, but not always and not exclusively so. Confusing the possible with the probable, the probable with the certain and the common with the omnipresent is usually the mark of the abject simpleton. When such blurring is evinced in an educated, erudite man, it’s indicative of an underlying toxic chipset.

That chipset is becoming more common, at least in America[4]. Apart from American Nazi wannabes doing their thing, proliferating White-ethnocentric websites have become platforms for a vision of a Judenrein “White” America and often a Judenfrei Middle East too[5]. They include perhaps all things Occidental on the masthead not related to a college or an oil company, a website of a proposed alternative to America’s insipid Right that fetes a major psychopath, Revilo Oliver, as the “Forgotten Conservative,” and a dozen other venues, all featuring cultured prose by ostensibly intelligent authors plus a baying pack of readers in the comments section[6]. Novels advocating a Final Solution redux, such as The Turner Diaries and Harold Covington’s ein volk skeins receive laudatory reviews by writers with but one degree of separation from the paleocon mainstream.

Negative racial stereotypes are not ipso facto evil, wrong and unacceptable. Without brutally honest categorization and grouping of social phenomena it’s impossible to apprehend human Reality. However, fine discernment and great care with truth must go into such endeavors. When one engages in probabilistic typology, i.e. classification by manifest attributes of a group’s majority, and presents it as an all-inclusive taxonomy, i.e. classification by imputed motivations of the alleged whole, that is biased propaganda masquerading as truth.

The prerequisite condition before one ventures into the minefield of racial group profiling and related interpretive history is strict self-introspection for biases and prejudices, glossed-over ignorance, and neuroses that transfer blame for one’s own failures and disappointments to other individuals or groups. We will not dwell on moral or Christian reasons why that is so. The rationale that concerns me here is Oriental combat praxis that calls for mushin, no mind, in order to prevail in an ultimate test. The struggle against the coalition of Commie Commandos, Body Snatchers, Crooks, Looters, jihadis and other imported population replacers is such a test.

Suzuki Shosan (1579—1655) was a samurai warrior who fought under Shogun Tokugawa leyasu, including, probably, in one of the bloodiest battles of all time, the Battle of Sekigahara. At the age of 41, he quit to became a Zen monk and teacher. He left several treatises addressing the issue of the mind’s grasp of Reality.

“Those who have mastered the Way,” wrote Shosan, “use reason and justice as a forge to temper the mind daily, getting rid of impurities to turn it into a pure, clear, unopposed mind-sword which cuts through the thought-root of selfish greed and conquers all thoughts [snip]. But ordinary people take deceptions for realities, creating attitudes biased by fixation, anger and misunderstanding. Having produced all sorts of psychological afflictions [snip]… they suffer from handicapped mentalities that make them hurt.”[7]

The sword master Yagyu Munenori says in his treatise referenced in Part 1:

“Afflictions [of the mind] means to think obsessively about something. Removing afflictions is for the purpose of perceiving intentions [of the opponent]. If afflictions are not removed, you will be distracted by them and fail to see. Fail to see and you have lost [the duel].”

These afflictions are at the core of our Ruling Elite: people whom our culture invests with great authority because they are PhDs of fictitious fancy (e.g. economics), LLDs of suffocating legal sophistry, arrogant jerk judges in philosopher-king vestments, Affirmative Action Ivy League barons, high crony bureaucrats, four-star generals of Diversity and Dhimmitude, and other megalomaniac poseurs pretending to fulfill with neurotic smarts positions where immovable wisdom is required. Unfortunately, the thin ranks of the true — i.e. not fake “conservative” but reactionary — opposition to the Progressive juggernaut comprise mainly zealots afflicted by their own brands of obsessive tautology: the Christian sectarians who insist that theirs is the one true faith[8], the 9/11 truthers and Illuminati spotters, the “Aryan” Jew chasers, Libertarians and Randians of the Utopian persuasion. There has to be a more balanced way.

Another Suzuki Shosan precept is particularly suited to all these people:

“Be aware of yourself and know yourself. No matter how much you have learned and how much you know, if you don’t know yourself you don’t know anything. Indeed, if you don’t know yourself, you cannot know anything else. People who don’t know themselves criticize others from the point of view of their ignorant selves. They consider whatever agrees with them to be good, and hate whatever doesn’t go their way.”

Of all the mind afflictions among those who chafe at the self-induced immolation of America, the most pernicious is the Jew-hate monomania. While the 78% Jewish vote for Obama speaks for itself, the other 22% amounts to a large group of people too. Besides, one who lives with an unclouded mind will notice that the liberal multiculti claptrap on the website of a random synagogue or in the New York Times is similar to what one hears in a sermon at a random mainstream church or reads in WASP owned-and-edited newspapers such as were (and still are) the Times-Mirror properties under Otis Chandler.

Recently, World News Daily reported about a conference at which Rep. Keith Ellison, Minn. who is Democrat, Black, and Muslim, declared that “God willing,” the U.S. border will become irrelevant. Conference speakers included radicals with deep ties to President Obama, such as Tikkun Magazine’s[9] Jewish moonbat Michael Lerner who compared Tea Party activists to Hitler five times during his speech. Other Obamoids WND mentions included Affirmative Action Ivy League Marxist darling, Farrakhan and Obama pal Cornel West, and Heather Booth, an ex-SDS saboteur and founder of the Midwest Academy that teaches the Gospel According to Saul Alinsky.

When you read such an article and are like me, as you progress down the list of the progressive participants, slowly gut revulsion morphs into a thought: these are enemies. And the second thought is, Jews are overrepresented in that group. Yes, Heather Booth is one too. She grew up “steeped in traditional Jewish stories of struggles for freedom from bondage” and acknowledges, “ My passion is building a better society.”

The issue is what you do with these perceptions. If your passion is to get or — let’s be frank — get rid of the Jews, you will develop a theory draping their fruitcakes, social repairers, wimps, false messiahs, revolutionaries and greedsters in a mantle of wholesale group culpability according to your field of competence. If you are an evolutionary psychologist like Dr. MacDonald, you will build your theory on Darwinian struts of imputed tribal strategy to destroy White Man and feed on his carcass. If you are a Jew-hating PhD with background in the humanities, you will purport to trace through history a conspiracy to Judaize the world. A Catholic zealot like Dr. E. Michael Jones will manage to fold into this his second most hated group: the Protestants aka “Demi-Jews” (e.g. “The Revolutionary Jew and His Impact on World History”). A disparager of Catholics like Dr. Revilo Oliver will dwell on how the Pope is a servant of the Zionist oligarchy, and what must be done to replace the “demoralizing cult of the Jew-god” with a religion fit for Aryans. And those are the educated Jew-baiters; the uneducated ones don’t bother with the quasi-reasoning and just incise the conclusions with tattoo ink on their bare skulls.

On the other hand — to return to the WND article — if your internal anti-virus has kept you free from the brain-disabling It’s-the-Joos! Trojan, before you have set your mind about the significance of the Jewish saboteur troika of Alinsky, Booth and Lerner in bed with West, Ellison, Calypso Louie et al., you will have noticed that an Aaron Klein is the author of the article that illustrates the lunacy of Jews. Klein is also the author of a trenchant Obama exposé, The Manchurian President. World News Daily itself is the enterprise of an ardent Christian Zionist, Joseph Farah. Moreover, you will find no better illumination of the whole Alternative Reality brigade than in the Discover the Networks website — a brainchild of David Horowitz.

There is a small albeit noisy minority of the Jewish minority that fits the wrecker profile that’s grist for the mill for the phalanx of Holocaust deniers[10], Stormfront troopers, Lindbergh saluters and Ustasha apologists that constitute the “New” American Right and HBD “Realist” circles, not to mention the far recesses. But if you look at a major moonbat tool like “Center for American Progress — Progressive Ideas for a Strong, Just, and Free America”, it was founded by an Italian. About a quarter of its 21 senior executives appear to be Jewish: out of proportion for sure, but hardly enough to blame all Jews for all the ills of the world.

Another sample of the destroying firewood tenders is in the magazine Yes!. Looking at its Board of Directors, one finds two Jews including Co-founder David Korten, three blacks, two Asian women, a lesbian, a Hispanic “director of social justice” for the Catholic Church in Seattle essentially in charge of pumping Mexicans into the United States, and three Euro-origin socialist dhimmis including Co-founder and Executive Editor Sarah van Gelder.

When I saw the Spring 2010 issue of Yes!, I could not resist. At $6.50, this drill is meant for the skulls of well to do voluntary white dhimmis[11]. The cover depicts a face the four quadrants of which belong each to a female of a different race. Superimposed on that is the title of the main article: “America: The Remix” asking the rhetorical question: “Can our Diversity be our Strength?” Other listed articles are “What White People Fear,” “Everyday Conversations to Heal Racism,” “The City We All Want to Live In” [it’s the one where Whites have been forced to live among Blacks], and “What Do You Say to a Screaming Bigot.” A comment would be redundant.

Once you are able to perceive the whole theatre of action with an impassive mind instead of fixating on one of the myriad foes rushing at you with pointed arms, your strategy and tactics change and you can fight the actual battle rather then flail at the demons of your own mind affliction. You can then discern that the opposing army includes Jewish, Black, Hispanic and Muslim battalions, but Nordic ones too, plus units of other White provenance. You will be able to notice the substantial, if minority, count of Jews on your side, and some non-white ethnicities too, though in smaller numbers. After all, among the bravest and most perceptive rightwing political commentators in America there are even two Filipinos: Michelle Malkin and Richard Fernandez.

Furthermore, you will notice that arrayed against you are the great majorities of academics, teachers, lawyers, journalists, psychologists, actors and directors, government employees, clergymen and rabbis and active members of their congregations, librarians, politicians, top executives, financiers, urban dwellers, people under-40, unmarried women, sexual deviates, and 1st-generation immigrants. Cross tabulating those with ethnicity will show that your fixation on Jewish DNA has blinded you to all those vast categories that pretty much exhaust the spectrum of the Jewish occupational and residential presence but of which Jews are but minority fractions.

The true picture is far more depressing to those prone to depression, but that is where one must start. Of all the wise things ever said about combat, the most important one came from Sun Tzu:

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Having considered more carefully who tends to the firewood, we are ready to consider what to do about the firewood. Next time.


1. A summary of this process is here. A similar process of the public’s assumption of the debts of banksters has occurred in Europe, most saliently in Ireland and Iceland, so far.
2. The use of Goldstein as other than a proper noun and the terms duckspeak and newspeak are borrowed from George Orwell’s masterpiece 1984, published in 1949 and still fresh and relevant.
3. As I use a Japanese pen name, when writing in previous instances about Jews, antisemites, Nazis etc. I deemed it ethically necessary to reveal that my father was Jewish, I was raised Catholic, identify as an ethnic Pole, and both my parents had been victims of the Third Reich and lost all and everything in the Holocausts (sic). Incidentally, I am not deemed a Jew either by Jewish religious law or Hitler’s secular one, but that won’t do for American-Aryan Übermenschen.
4. The European Right is a different case with a different pattern.
5. was a notable exception, but there were no buyers for its message; it folded.
6. To experience the effluence from the milder type of Jew hater in the milder type of a Jew-fixated forum, one would do well to scan the relatively moderate comments section to Fjordman’s “Thilo Sarrazin vs. The Multiculti Oligarchs” at Alternative Right. The article did not discuss Jewish issues but the readership brought that around.
7. The quotes here are translations discussed in Dr. Thomas Cleary’s The Japanese Art of War, Shambala, 1991. Among other books about Suzuki Shosan, noteworthy is Arthur Braverman’s Warrior of Zen: The Diamond-Hard Wisdom Mind of Suzuki Shosan (Kodansha).
8. The Muslim faith being beyond all bounds of rational discourse, some 75% of Jews being secular, and pagans being too insignificant to consider in this context, it’s not necessary that we dwell on other religions here.
9. The world tikkun itself is a clue for the knowing. It’s “repair” in Hebrew, and comes from the Jewish notion of tikkun olam, i.e. repair of the world. What does not enter in the cost estimate of the “repair” is the unintended consequences (always intended, as per antisemite ideologues).
10. Holocaust denial and “Hitler light” attitude is a particularly vile stain on the people who purport to champion American Whites. They may have begun sensing that it cannot sell. A few months ago, a White Nationalist website featured an article titled “Holocaust Denial as Strategic Buffoonery.” It was in the vein of arguments heard in some psychiatric precincts: You and I know that (fill in the blanks: I am Napoleon; there is a Vril spaceship waiting for us in the land of Thulle; at most 200,000 Jews died in the so-called Holocaust, etc.), but it’s bad for business that they know we know.

What the cryptos are yet to internalize is that there was not only one Hitlerian Holocaust, but three, very much of Whites. Apart from the 5.5 million Jews, there was a Holocaust of over 7 million Slavs. More than 3 million Polish Slav civilians were murdered by the Nazis (who were mostly German but not all Nazi), with an equal number of Russians not including military casualties, plus a half million each in Yugoslavia and in the aggregate of smaller East-European countries like Belarus, Lithuania etc. The third Holocaust was the one perpetrated by the Soviets between 1939 and 1941 in the East-European lands they would not have been able to occupy but per agreement with and support of Germany. A new book by Timothy Snyder, Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, explores this issue little known in the West but 6th grade stuff for East Europeans.
11. Incidentally, Yes! is distinctly a Puget Sound enterprise. That area and the whole Pacific Northwest have such a high ratio of Whites (and under-representation of Jews) that it’s the designated homeland for the Aryans after they have dealt with you-know-who, per the Harold Covington oeuvre.

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Anonymous said...

This is all very well but quite frankly the problem is not Kevin McDonald or even William Pierce. Spending all our time purging the ranks of those who might have incorrect thoughts about the Jews is what they want us to do, and because it is what they want us to do, we do it. We might know we're puppets, but we're still puppets.

We don't have a comprehensive understanding of how the system operates, but your post provides some indication. Create a social consensus of what is not acceptable, and then connect any thought or behavior you don't like to the unacceptable. Due to Hitler the consensus has been created by our cultural leaders that racism and anti-Semitism are unacceptable; and all who wish to remain socially acceptable, that is not be limited to making a living by selling tracts at gun shows, adhere to this. I'll admit that racism of a blanket sort is bad, without surrendering my right to criticize racial minorities and Jews both as individuals and as groups- which itself is unacceptable, hence my anonymity.

The rub is in the linkage- basically any idea liberals don't like is condemned as racist or anti-Semitic, on the grounds that it might possibly affect racial minorities of Jews negatively in some way, e.g. Charles Rangel and tax cuts. This linkage was how the pigs maintained power in "Animal Farm"- any complaint or criticism was answered by "Do you want the man to come back?"

Zenster said...

Pulling the NWO oligarchs’ carosse in tandem with the demographic Trojan horse and the monetary ruin steed is a third runaway equine. It’s the out-of-control diarrhea of laws, statutes and regulations binding and bending the citizen ever more tightly and despotically: so many that they are beyond counting and so vile that the crookeder the parliamentary crook, the more he boasts of the quantity of laws he has inflicted on his lessers. [emphasis added]

I repeat, a huge portion of America's politicians are lawyers. It is a proceedural blunder of the first water that we permit lawyers to write and pass laws. One may as well allow heroin junkies to grow their own opium poppies.

What is to be done? What can be done?

Permit me to suggest, "A Modest Proposal".

Kill your TV.

A fine suggestion. Mine's been off since 2001.

Boycott all products advertised on TV, radio and in glossy magazines.

Another excellent suggestion. Just ask yourself, "How much of that stuff do I really need?"

Learn to spot jivin’ and sellin’. Don’t buy what they sell.

See above answer.

If you are a member of a feelgood church with a Walmart-sized parking lot and a rock band, drop out.

Even as an Agnostic, I am obliged to concur. I have attended several such services with my neighbors or co-workers and the message seems rather contrary to that of Jesus.

Confusing the possible with the probable, the probable with the certain and the common with the omnipresent is usually the mark of the abject simpleton.

As a teenager, I noticed the exact same thing in people who could not − or simply refused to − distinguish between what is typical versus normal or nominal versus natural. This trait persists and has only expanded since then.

Negative racial stereotypes are not ipso facto evil, wrong and unacceptable.

To paraphrase Olivia Manning from her superb "Balkan Trilogy:

The problem with stereotypes is that there is usually a reason for it.

More excellent work, Tak. Keep it coming. Few others are capable of or even bother to illuminate modern issues in the way that you do.

Takuan Seiyo said...

I am not talking and do not care about what’s “acceptable.” I care for winning. The fact is that the opposing forces enjoy the emotional and financial support of the majority of Jews. Jews are also disproportionally represented in the foes’ leadership ranks. This should be addressed, effectively. What I am saying is that lying about Hitler & Holocaust, and distorting past or present history to present only its counter-Jewish side, and ignoring that the far greater part of our dysfunction and dhimmitude comes from sources that are White and Christian or ex-Christian, is not the way even to countervail the Jewish opposition, let alone to ameliorate the whole of the situation. Part 3 will deal more with what to do, rather than with what not to do.

Anonymous said...

You are completely correct about that- much of what we think of as foreign and leftist actually comes from reformist and non-conformist Victorian Christianity. (Richard Dawkins, for all his thundering protestations, is a Victorian Methodist in all but name.) Mencius Moldbug, an ethnic Jew, goes so far as to say communism is *entirely* a creature of the American New England elite. But the greater point is as I have said not who invented it or who runs it but how it works. It works by making what is acceptable more important than what is true.

Anonymous said...

Well said Takuan Seiyo!

I support your idea of building a counter-culture, and think that those steps are necessary. Whites relocating to an area of the United States would be a wise strategy, but I'm not sure if it can truly be pulled off. We may need to learn how to maintain ties as a nation without a physical country, much like how the Jews lived for 2000 years.

As for the 14/88 Cult, I've given up on deal with them. I left Alternative Right a long time ago after being fed up with all the nonsense going on there. I just don't interact with them, and truth be told, I think it's best if we just ignore them and go about doing things our way. I still believe that most whites will reject the ugly message of David Duke, James Edwards, the "Kmac", and would rather accept our more positive message of white American identity.

Takuan Seiyo said...

I have quite an appreciation for Moldbug’s writings, but the attribution of communism’s genesis that you quote is wrong. Communism is a Franco-German invention going back to before the French revolution and including major antisemites like Johann Fichte and piquant figures like the Marquis de Sade. On the other hand, Progressivism is a 19th century Boston Brahmin invention, and it’s Progressivism that’s our bane now more than Communism.

Anonymous said...

As far as the question of is eligible to be a member of the white American nation, I think it's a simple matter. There's no need to get into a heated debate over which ethnicities are members of the white race. Genes are a major role in ethnic identity, but so is perception. Those who belong to an ethnic group will know it. I consider myself a member of the white American people. I identify myself as such. Virtually no blacks or mestizos will see themselves as white Americans. The majority of mixed-race people do not identify as white. As far as Jews go, there will be some that identify as white, others will not. Those that do will come to us.

It's really simple. No genetic or purity tests are required. And for the odd case here and there, like say a black man raised by whites, and steeped in European identity (I don't think there will be many genuine cases of this), there's always room for exceptions. Only a little room though.

Amfortas said...

If only America hadn't stolen all that land from Texas to California from the Mexicans in the first place they would not have all the Pueblos and San names to change. But what does one expect from a nation which originally declared itself by illegally and bloodily Nationalising the assets, blood and treasure of Britain's American Colony. Theft is the bedrock of the American character.

Takuan Seiyo said...

@ Zenster
Re: Lawyers
I once relayed an account by Byron King in which he realized from a conversation with a Chinese geologist circa 2007 that China had 50,000 students of geology that year, while the U.S. had 2,000, most of them foreign and in the PhD division mostly Chinese. On the other hand, we had 50,000 law students that year. Proliferating laws and lawyers are like a fungus on the body of a diseased society whose social capital, traditions and mores have been destroyed leaving only the fungus top layer to regulate the metabolic process. No wonder that lawyers, in addition to teachers, are a main pillar of the Democratic Party. And as a group, with some exceptions, they are sinking us.
Re: Proposal
National Referendum Process – I suspect that even if this passes legislatively, the despoilers’ backstop: the legal establishment would find a way to nullify the results just as it has in limited people’s rule experiments in California and Washington.
As to the other proposals, they all make sense, but I see no more than 25 people out of 565 in US Congress who would actually vote for this agenda. I don’t see more than 40% of the electorate that would back it up, and even if a majority did, and the pols signed, either the pols would find a way to cheat with impunity or the legal establishment would make sure that they have to, anyway. Jeppo’s proposal was good too, but it won’t happen in the current, snatched United States. A whole quantum shift is needed to another dimension before all such things can be implemented. More on that in Part 3.

Takuan Seiyo said...

@The King’s Fool
With due respect, you are spouting nonsense. Yes, a cogent argument can be made that America “stole” its land, was mercilessly oppressive to the original occupants etc. But if you wish to pursue that train of thought, you have to show me a people that DID NOT steal its land from its previous occupants. And I will take you back to Neanderthal Man and what our ancestors did to him, and to the people that previously occupied the land where the Vatican is now, or to the Christians that once occupied all of North Africa and the coastal Middle East, or the Hindus and Buddhists that once populated the lands of Pakistan and Afghanistan, and so on. Wake up.

kloutlichter said...

Its good to read an essay that puts my limited knowledge into perspective.I have always felt uncomfortable with the notion that the jews are responsible for the white man's ills.It has never made sense to me.If the jews survive with a capacity to hold influence in the world beyond their numbers,surely that is to do with an admirable will to survive.This they have achieved by generally enhancing the western world,not destroying it.That jews are guilty of destroying it is the same as saying that their are some native brits who want to destroy our culture.

On point 10 of the essay I would like to point out that there is a denial on the part of a substantial minority of the slavs,that Hitler ever Targeted the slavs for destruction.
While teaching in Slovakia it was common to see neo nazis walking the streets.At the local football match,out of a crowd of 1500 ,I would say 300 were neo-nazis,wearing the swastika or even third reich coins around their necks.I confronted my students,saying that Hitler went for the slavs after the jews and the majority gave the opinion that this was western lies.I wonder whether this is due to a slavic notion of machismo that they do not want to admit that they were victims?

jeppo said...

It's an interesting question: Who exactly is white and who isn't? According to the US Census Bureau, this chick is a minority eligible for affirmative action, while this guy is just another white man. That's right, in the US Spaniards and white Latin Americans are considered "Hispanic" minorities, while Arabs, Turks, Iranians and Central Asians are considered white.

Census Canada, on the other hand, classifies only Europeans (including Spaniards) as white. Most mixed race people, such as white/black or white/Chinese crosses, are considered "visible minorities", meaning non-whites in Cdn. government bureaucratese. However, people that self-identify as half European and half Arab or West Asian or Latin American are considered white. IMO this makes a lot more sense than the ridiculous US classification system.

I stand by my characterization of white Christians as the "real" Americans, the founding stock and core of the nation. In fact I'd further narrow the definition to only include white Protestants, who, according to Peter Brimelow, made up 98% of the white population of colonial America. So now the Catholics get thrown under the bus along with the Jews and Muslims.

This is best summed up in the movie "The Good Shepherd", when Joe Pesci's character says "Let me ask you something, we Italians got our families and we got the church; the Irish, they got the homeland, Jews their tradition; even the n-----s, they got their music. What about you people [WASPs], Mr Wilson, what do you have?" Matt Damon's character replies "The United States of America. The rest of you are just visiting." link

Full disclosure: I'm neither an Anglo Saxon, a Protestant or an American. My ancestors were part of the Asiatic Hungarian horde that massacred its way into Europe 800 years after the Jews were brought in as Roman slaves. I'm just a wog speaking truth to multicultural power. Hopefully, a future America that rediscovers its pride in its WASP roots will implement an immigration policy designed to keep people of my ilk OUT! ;)

Takuan Seiyo said...

The issue of “White” is just as muddled as you describe. Moreover, I agree with your characterization of the WASP backbone of America. It’s because of that backbone, and not the appendages of different provenance, that America was at its founding a great country and continued so for a very long time. And it’s because of the self-inflicted osteoporosis of this backbone (more about that in PG Wodehouse or in the social-intellectual history of Boston WASPs circa 1880- 1910) that it’s sliding into a footnote in history. But that’s another matter. If you will argue that America has to reanimate the values of its WASP Founding Fathers, and that the average New York Jew (but other ethncities too, e.g. Boston Irish), be he fourth generation, has not really acclimatized himself to America as it once was and as it should be, that’s a different matter, and you’ll find me on your side. You may be interested in an essay I wrote about this for The Brussels Journal, “The True Horror in Hitchcock Films.”

Takuan Seiyo said...

There is no rational explanation for the phenomenon you describe, but there are easy socio-psychological ones. My own (Catholic Slav) family was exterminated by the Third Reich in a variety of ways, but I prefer to refer you to one of the many third party accounts (link won’t embed, search Polish Holocaust, Dr. Jan Moor-Jankowski.)

AMDG said...

The fact that you have to recurringly discuss the Jewish problem destroys your argument.

I find in you a disgusting anti Hispanic obfuscation. Look, in principle, this would not prevent me to colaborate with you (and the likes) but I have found myself unceremoniously rejected because of my judeoscepticism. Enough is enough.

They you disregard MacDonald and Jones is intelectually dishonest.

Of course, San Francisco is not a Bolivian name, but Spanish.