Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today’s Danish Dose

Cultural Enrichment News

TB has translated two articles for today’s cultural enrichment news from Denmark. The first is from Ekstra Bladet:

Seven innocent people targeted in recent Odense shootings

The police describe the development as “insane”. Ordinary citizens are searched by immigrant gangs.

In just 14 days seven innocent citizens in Odense have been targeted in the ongoing gang war and the police describe the situation as ‘being beyond any kind of sanity’.

“Well, it is completely insane what is going on right now,” Torben Schultz Pedersen from Fyens Police says to Fyens Stiftstidende.

None of the citizens who have been targeted by the two groups — Hells Angels/AK81 on the one side and immigrant gangs on the other — have any connection whatsoever with the two groups.

21-year-old arrested

Sunday two male drivers were shot at when they were sitting in their car in Esbygade only because they looked like ‘biker-types’.

Luckily both men were unharmed.

A 21-year-old immigrant was arrested Sunday for having fired the shots.

Ordinary citizens are strip-searched.

And, as was the case in Nørrebro in Copenhagen, ordinary citizens are now strip-searched in the streets.

According to Fyens Stiftstidende it is immigrants who perform these searches of completely innocent citizens in Odense.

For an English-language report on similar incidents, see The Copenhagen Post.

TB’s second translation is from Politiken:
- - - - - - - - -
HA verbally attack Arabs and Muslims.

Hells Angels have written a manifesto which they call a shield against racism but which contains verbal attacks on “jackals” who are often Arabs and Muslims

On their homepage Hells Angels deliver serious verbal attacks against Muslims and people of “Arab descent” in a so-called “Jackal Manifesto”.

On their website Hells Angels write that several times the spokesman for the club has been “encouraged to explain or elaborate on which kind of mentality is in question, and what a jackal is. This is why we have now chosen to publicize the so-called Jackal Manifesto 2008.”

A shield against racism

According to the homepage the manifesto is “a useful tool to help understand who these people are that keep innocent Danes, kids, adults and elderly of all races and of both sexes in an iron fist of fear by the use of terror, intimidation and violence. And last but not least the label should be used as a shield against the disaster of the concept of racism”.

According to the text the “Jackals” hate “Danes: the mentality, way of life, Christianity and its symbols”

“Pretends to believe in God”

Although Hells Angels renounce racism they state in the manifesto that it they primarily target people from Arab countries and Muslims.

“The jackals are mainly found among people with an Arab background. To say anything else would be a lie. Other nationalities are represented, even stupid boys with a pure Danish background. Members of the immigrant gangs are not necessarily jackals.”


“Most of the jackals by far are Muslims, that is, as long as they are home with dad or talking to their imam. They pretend to believe in God and that they follow the words of the Quran — especially when they are in jail or alone and afraid”

Note: I have in hand a full translation of the “Jackal Manifesto”, and will post it in due course.


Afonso Henriques said...

Post the Jackal Manifesto, then.

And Denmark seems to be a lot of fun... I truly did not excpect so much action from such a peacfull country. Especially action reccorded by the media.

filthykafir said...

OMG, are we not in a royal pickle when one of the few organizations in a Western country standing tall for the values of civilization and one of the extremely few groups that, in a public statement, "gets it" with respect to Islam and muslims turns out to be... the Hell's Angels. S**t!

Ah well, I guess it's time to dust off my leathers and studs and mount my Harley in solidarity with my brothers, and sisters.

[Don't, please, even ask for a definition of *royal pickle;* I don't think I can do that.]

www.bohemianrhapsody.dk said...

Hells Angels is all propaganda, but the actions show that they are actually siding with the immigrant-gangs in the conflict between Law & Order and Immigrant Criminal Activities.

They cooperated with immigrants gangs for years. They still refuse to cooperate with the police, who could easily throw a whole bunch of the foreign criminals out of the country if Hells Angels gave testimony about them.

Hells Angels has protected the immigrant-gangs in the past, they are protecting them in the present and they will keep on protecting them in the future.

Why does Gates of Vienna seem to have a 'hard on' for those that protect the violent criminals of Muslim descent?

Come on, take a deep breath and get this blog back on track.