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Cultural Enrichment in Sweden

Cultural Enrichment News

Fria Nyheter is a Swedish blog which is dedicated to bringing to light news stories about immigrant crime and other topics which are virtually taboo in Sweden’s MSM. The following article is about the rape of a mildly retarded teenage girl, and would have garnered a lot of media attention if cultural enrichment had not been involved.

Many thanks to Zonka for the translation:

The media darkness softly covers the land

A fifteen-year-old girl with a slight retardation was forced to an apartment in Gävle, where she was raped by two young men. Both men had non-consensual vaginal intercourse with the young girl. Such an incident ought to have generated a big black headlines in the press. This is what the state’s “free and unfettered” news reporting looks like. SR [Swedish State’s Radio and Television — translator] didn’t even manage to pick the right month in their report. The rape happened in March.

Sveriges Radio Gävleborg — 2009-06-23

[Translation of image: Prison for rape of 15-year-old

Two boys 17 and 19 years old were convicted today of the rape of a 15-year-old girl in an apartment in Gävle at the beginning of May. The 19-year-old was sentenced to two years in prison and the 17-year-old to juvenile detention for eight months. In addition they must also pay 82,500 Swedish Kronor for damages to the girl.]

Immediately after 7pm on March 8 a girl calls SOS [911 equivalent] and says that she has been raped by two men. A police patrol picks up the girl and transports her to the hospital. A medical exam is conducted with a so-called “rape kit”. The girl is able to identify the apartment where the rape took place, and the police conduct a house search; the apartment is owned by the two convicted rapists.

Gävle municipal court B 621-09 and conviction is announced on June 23, 2009.

  • Ali Rasoul Mohamed, born 1991 and citizen of Iraq is convicted by the court on the following counts.

1. Abuse
2. Illegal Threats
3. Rape

The consequence is confinement to juvenile detention for 8 months and expulsion from the country with an order not to return for 10 years. To the raped girl he shall pay 85,000 kronor in damages.
- - - - - - - - -
  • Twana Salmon Mustafa, born 1990 and citizen of Iraq is convicted to two years of prison. He shall be expelled from the country with an order not to return within 10 years. Furthermore he shall pay 85,000 Kronor in damages to the raped girl.

Costs for a public defense and legal counsel for the girl is paid by the state, and the total amount is 149,142 kronor.

Ali Rasoul Mohamed is also convicted for abuse and illegal threats; this incident takes place in “Sesam”, which is a home for so-called “unaccompanied refugee kids”. It is some brawl in the kitchen with a bread-knife against another refugee kid that he is convicted of.

The rapes: — The girl doesn’t really want to follow the two men, but since they are pushing her [literally] and one of the men holds her arm, she reluctantly follows them to the apartment on Urbergsterassen in Gävle. Inside the apartment one of the men goes into the kitchen and closes the door. The girl is alone with Twana Salmon Mustafa, who starts kissing her, even though she dodges this and says that she wants to go home. Twana Salmon Mustafa pushes her towards two beds, pulls her over and starts undressing her. When the girl is naked Twana Salmon Mustafa takes off his own clothes, hurts her legs and consummates intercourse with her. When he is “finished” he calls Ali Rasoul Mohamed, who is in the kitchen. He enters the room basically naked, dressed only in a shirt, and consummates vaginal intercourse with the girl.

The girl’s mother and [maternal] grandmother testify in court that the girl alternates between crying and despair, and that chaos has entered the family since the rape. The plaintiff dares not go outside alone after the rape. The mother says that the girl’s logical reasoning is on par for her age but her maturity is five years behind her real age.

Rasoul Mohamed tells the court that the girl wanted to have sex with him after Twana Salmon Mustafa had had intercourse with her. Twana Salmon Mustafa says that he has never had sex with a girl who is 15-16 years old and that he has never forced any girl to have sex with him.

The city court finds the girl’s story credible coupled with the technical evidence such as DNA from the perpetrator. The policeman who picked up the girl after the rapes is also in the court and supports the girl’s story.

Both men lack attachment to Sweden and shall be convicted to expulsion from the kingdom. If the verdict is to be appealed, the last date for this is July 14, 2009.

Fria Nyheter [Free News] found only these media links:

Contact the author of the article: redaktion.vast@frianyheter.nu

Conservative Swede — who sent us the tip for this news story — contributes the following commentary on the incident:

It’s another story just like all the others: Muslims gang-raping an underage Swedish girl.

In this case two young Muslim men of 17 and 19 gang-raping a 15-year-old Swedish girl with a light mental retardation. Nothing special or unusual about that. But the interesting thing here is how the novel PC concept “ensamkommande flyktingbarn” translates into reality — where “flyktingbarn” means refugee children and “ensamkommande” tells how they came here all alone.

This concept of poor refugee-children-coming-here-alone conveys the idea of little innocent children who are not only suffering from war and oppression in their countries but are abandoned orphans (interestingly enough, though, it doesn’t take long after having been granted asylum that their whole family arrives, is granted family reunion residency, and then their families…).

This novel PC concept of refugee-children-coming-here-alone is something that makes the liberals weep from sentimentalism and fall down on their knees in complete surrender (the liberal idea of “absolute moral authority” applies here in a full-fledged manner).

It was the same some five years ago with Apathetic Refugee Children, a curious phenomenon that existed only in Sweden for some reason, and even here never before the year 2000. But then there was suddenly a virtual epidemic of such cases in Sweden (exactly zero cases outside of Sweden): children (in this case coming with their parents) who, according to the liberal narrative, suffered so severely from the prolonged process of vetting of asylum seekers (since 95+% of them throw away all documents, the investigations become very long, just to figure out what language they speak, etc.) that they turned apathetic. And therefore the whole family had to immediately be granted asylum, according to the liberal doctrines of heartbreaking sentimentalism and “absolute moral authority”.

Curiously enough, though, in every case when someone paid such a family a visit, the mother had a huge bottle of some drug (so-called “medicine”) which she fed the bed-bound child with several times a day.

Anyway, Ali Rasoul Mohamed, the 17-year-old gang rapist (turning 18 later this year), was a refugee-child-coming-here-alone. We know this because he was staying at a home for such children where he assaulted another “child” with a knife.

This gives an idea of the degree of disconnect from reality that the liberal narrative conveys. According to the liberal narrative anyone under 18 years old is a child, and anyone of 17 is just as much a child as someone of 5 — since equality is the holiest doctrine of the liberal dogma!

So (in the real world) most refugee-children-coming-here-alone are just under 18 years old. And while the liberals are bursting from their heartbroken sentimentalism over these poor, poor innocent children, these young men (no I never heard of a case of a girl) engage in the sort of activities that liberal society effectively encourages them to do, i.e. criminal activity, such as gang-raping innocent underage Swedish girls.

But no one is weeping over these girls. They are Swedes, and all Swedes carry the original sin for all the brown people we enslaved and all the people we oppressed in our colonies, and all that, y’know.

So let’s not talk about the suffering of the girl, let’s all hold hands instead and weep — WEEEEEP! — over all these poor refugee “children”. Think of how much these unfortunate orphans suffered under war and oppression.

Don’t be a racist: ignore the girl!


Anonymous said...

Keep An Open Mind Or Else

Anonymous said...

Two years imprisonment for forcible rape? What the heck is wrong with Sweden's justice system?

Jedilson Bonfim said...

Ali Rasoul Mohamed

That's something like "Ali Prophet/Messenger Mahound." Sure that mahoundian rapist is following the example of the scumbag WHICH is said to have started islam.

Afonso Henriques said...

"The girl’s mother and [maternal] grandmother testify in court that the girl alternates between crying and despair, and that chaos has entered the family since the rape. The plaintiff dares not go outside alone after the rape."

My first question is, where was the mother then?

My other question is, is the girl really retarded?

It's nice that they are still Iraqi citizens so that they can be expelled.

Also very interesting is Conservative Swede's comment.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

This is how it is, MSM covering up all crimes against swedes by immigrant perps. As to make things even worse, back in december, this crazy woman by the name of Anita Dorazio has made into her own personal crusade to hide illegal aliens and alone-coming "children". In december she was awarded the "prize" Swede of the year-award. That is how surreal the situation is. Nobody gives aa damn if swedes are murdered or raped, it's all about those poor missunderstood immigrants.

X said...

Afonso, too cynical. I grant there's not much information but from the description (logically contemporary with her peers but emotionally several years younger) I'd guess the girl had a mild autism spectrum disorder.

For such an allegedly progressive country Sweden is well behind when it comes to mental health issues and the proper diagnosis of mental conditions. It doesn't help that journalists routinely lump all mental disorders into the single column of "retard" and run with that, giving the impression of the happy but dumb little girl who can't think faster than a five year-old.

As for the mother, again, too cynical. my wife used to spend most of her time wandering around without company. Perhaps you southerners don't grasp it in the same way since you live in such a hot place (am I joking? We'll never know!) but it's fairly common for children to wander alone for hours without supervision - and healthy for them to do so, in an ideal world. The problem here isn't the mother, or the child, but the fact that the justice system has failed to protect them by allowing large numbers of violent criminals to enter the country.