Saturday, June 27, 2009

Today’s Cultural Enrichment News

Cultural Enrichment News

Both these stories are from today’s Danish MSM, and were translated by our Danish correspondent TB.

Denmark is notable among Western countries in that it still publishes descriptions of criminal suspects that identify their ethnic appearance. In stories like these, almost anywhere else in Europe the word “Arab” would have been left out. In Sweden the perpetrators’ height, weight, hair color, and apparent age would be included, but readers would be left to guess from subtle contextual hints that the criminals were immigrants practicing their cultural enrichment.

The first article is from Jyllands-Posten:

Mentally ill man shot in the face by group of youngsters

Soft gunA 65-year-old mentally ill man was surrounded by a group of 7 or 8 youngsters while he was on his way from his residency on a nursing home to the Q8 gas station in Hundige Main Street.

One of the youngsters pointed a soft gun directly against the head of the aging man and shot him at least 12 times in the face with hard plastic bullets.

“He has been taken to the hospital for treatment for the gun wounds and we are now using every resource we have to find the group of youngsters, who are of an ethnic origin other than Danish — possibly Arab,” spokesman Jan Lauritzen from the police states.

Pure evil

The badly upset and mentally ill man was not robbed during the assault.

“It is not a robbery and I will not describe it as just boyish prank. It looks more like pure evil,” Jan Lauritzen states.

The assault happened yesterday around 9 pm, and the police would like to hear from citizens who might have information about the group of youngsters who are all described as being around 15 years old.

A witness who saw the boy who fired the gun describes the perpetrator as being around 15 years old, of Arab origin and wearing a cap. He is strongly built and “walked around like he was carrying two loaves of bread under his arms”.

And from Ekstra Bladet:
- - - - - - - - -
Jabbed a screwdriver into the thigh of victim

29-year-old dragged into staircase and robbed

A 29-year-old man was assaulted yesterday and exposed to a very brutal robbery, the police report.

The man was walking down Rantzausgade in Copenhagen when he passed a group of youngsters who are described as being of foreign origin.

Suddenly several of the youngsters grabbed the 29 year old and dragged him up the stairs in a stairwell. Here he was beaten in the face until his lip split while they demanded his money.

The victim had no money, however, and it ended with the group cutting the shoulder straps of his rucksack and jabbing a screwdriver twice into the back of his thigh, policeman Henrik Vedel says to

Bleeding, the victim staggered down the stairs and got help from bystanders, who called an ambulance.

Now the police are searching for witnesses. The 29-year-old was attacked near Rantzausgade 30, but they have not yet found the actual staircase into which the victim was dragged. The assault happened around 01:40.

Please contact the Copenhagen police if you have any information.


Anonymous said...

Too bad this happends...
I have been living in that area for ten years ago, but we moved to Sweden in the countryside because the risk for my two young daughters was to big in the end, I had to escort my daughters when they had somthing to in the evening.
At least we tried to se if the multikulturel projekt did work, the result for our part, it dosent work att all...
Regards PP

One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

For as long as I can remember, (I'm 53 now) I, along with all American gun owners, have been lectured to in the most condescending fashion by arrogant Socialist Euro-snobs that America was inferior to "civilized" Europe because we had such high crime rates and that the solution to our problem was for the almighty government to confiscate all of our guns. Our home-grown arrogant Socialist Euro-snobs here in the States would jump up and down and insist that the United States must become more like Europe.
Well, isn't it interesting that now that Europe has spent a couple of decades importing "Diversity is Strength" they are now experiencing high crime rates too.
Of course, American politicians are also busy importing "Diversity is Strength"..... so it's a good thing I still have my guns.....

Henrik R Clausen said...

Diversity is Strength

Hmmm. I thought the slogan was Ignorance is Strength.

Nevermind. I'm confident our politicians and civil servants are working on that, too.

Cyrus said...

I can understand people being averse to owning guns if they are not used to them, but I must wonder at how difficult it is for those interested to buy guns (legally or not) in Europe.

Jedilson Bonfim said...

In the West, the sadistic pleasure that those mahoundian scumbags took in inflicting that kind of pain on the poor old man is viewed with disgust, a sign of sickness incompatible with the minimum required of those who are to be deemed fit to live in a civilized societies.

In the countries that those mahoundians, or their parents, are from, what we Westerners regard as repulsive is a virtue. And here's a link where Wafa Sultan briefly describes how the thinking universe inhabited by mahoundians abounds with such sick and twisted notions of things.

Afonso Henriques said...

Cyrus, I'd say that buying weapons ilegally in Europe is as easy as in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The price is just much higher.
You just need a few conections.

Zonka said...

I don't know about the rest of Europe, you don't have to have many connections just between $800-1000 to spend and not care what the gun you're getting has been used for previously. I suspect that you can get a gun cheaper other places in Europe though...

filthykafir said...

Would it not be relatively easy to drive to one of the recently admitted EU contries, Eastern Europe, for example, buy the gun cheap, and drive back. I have not been to Europe for nearly 40 years, but I have the impression that crossing borders there today involves little more than showing some sort of ID; significant searches are rare. (That may not be the case; please correct, if I'm wrong.)

Take fake ID with you, cork your face, and if you get caught pretend to be an asylum seeker. Then, you keep the gun and get free housing for your entire family into the bargain.

Unknown said...

Toughs from a large underclass assaulting passers-by in a city's streets is nothing new, one supposes, but surely even the most immigrant-sensitive Danish observer can detect an unsettling degree of bloodthirstiness in the assaults now occurring in the urban areas hosting the largest number of Muslims?

Okay, maybe not.

And that’s the most shocking thing, isn’t it? That the non-Muslim Danes, the stated human targets of these marauders, are so frustratingly blinded by cultural relativism that even when staring directly at the slavering Islamic beast in their midst they are incapable of connecting the bloody dots between the criminals and their creed; even when the papers still describe the ethnicity of the criminals.

And, can anyone tell me, if caught, just how gently will the perpetrators be treated by the Danish justice system, seeing that it is manned for the most part by the same blind, immigrant-sensitive human targets?

Anonymous said...

Re : gun legislation in France.

I'm not sure about the details, but basically citizens are not allowed to bear arms in order to protect themselves.

You may own a hunting rifle. The permit is not exceedingly difficult to obtain, and many people own such guns in rural areas.

You may own a handgun (even several), but only if you practice shooting as a sport, not for self-defense. You have to prove you are a member of a shooting club, declare your guns to the police, get a permit, etc.

As far as I know, this type of permit is much more difficult to get (it seems to be easier in Switzerland, where many people practice shooting as a sport).

Of course you may not carry assembled and loaded firearms in the streets, regardless of what permit you may have.

If you legally own a gun, you cannot even use it to protect yourself against violent thieves breaking into your house. I'm pretty sure your gun has to be kept in a locked safe, unloaded, etc.

Even supposing you could get hold of a loaded gun in order to disable thieves in your own home, the laws governing self-defense are such, and applied in such a way, that the judges actually protect the criminal rather than the victim.

By the way, the same laws about self-defense apply to policemen. This helps to explain why the police never shoots back, while immigrant youths deliberately try to kill them.

Our perception in France is that if our "youths" attempted one-tenth of what they do here against US policemen, they would be shot dead in a split second.

By the way, citizens cannot even defend themselves with lesser, non-lethal weapons : brass knuckles, telecopic batons, tear gas cartridges and ladies' Tasers are prohibited. Some honest citizens carry them for protection, but if a policeman finds one in your pocket or handbag, it's a crime.

For all practical purposes, the thugs do as they please.

The minister in charge of police has forbidden car chases. Immigrant youths routinely steal fast cars, drive dangerously and try to run over policemen. There have been numerous cases when, during a police chase, such thugs crashed their car and were killed in the accident.

The aftermath is always the same : riots in the estates to the cries of "justice for Mohammed" or "Youssouf", because the police is deemed responsible.

So now it's official policy : Arab and Black juveniles without a driving licence may steal cars and endanger other people's lives without the police doing anything.

Of course, if an aboriginal French exceeds the speed limit by 1 km/h, he should expect to be heavily fined, lose his licence, and he even might get his vehicle confiscated.

White, aboriginal, law-abiding Frenchmen are second-rate citizens by now.

Henrik R Clausen said...

If you legally own a gun, you cannot even use it to protect yourself against violent thieves breaking into your house.

The Danish situation is somewhat better. You have the right to defense if the burglars pose a threat to the physical safety of you and/or your family. That is something I'd dearly like to see extented to property as well.

Wollhead, a clock maker in Copenhagen, shot three robbers in self-defense a few years ago. He was taken to trial for that, and was aquitted, for the robbers were armed and threatened to shoot his pregnant cousin, as in pointing a gun to her head. The weapons he had were illegal, though, and he was convicted for having those.

The right to self-defense, also of your property, deserves a significant strengthening. That is made no less acute by our police force being under-staffed, timid and let down by their leadership.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot. In France, 127 000 criminals sentenced to a prison term are free as birds... because prisons are overflowing (from an official report leaked in Le Point magazine, June 25, 2009).

68 % of prison sentences under 6 months are not enforced at all.

That's when criminals get caught. And convicted to a prison sentence. And the sentence is not suspended.

Let's also remember that between 60 and 70 % of convicts in French prisons are Muslim (this estimate from a Washington Post correspondent). So you can guess where those 127 000 gentle folks outside come from.

That's before your consider that an important and growing part of crime, including violent crime, is commited by juveniles, and that juveniles get a treatment so lenient as to amount to impunity.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'd like to clarify my previous comment.

The confidential, official French report leaked by Le Point says that 127 000 people who should legally be locked up are actually free.

Among them, 68 % have received a prison sentence of less than six months.

This does not mean, as my previous comment might suggest, that 68 % of people sentenced to less than 6 months never go to jail as a result ; only that at the time of the study, they were free.

So it's slightly less outrageous, except that from the rest of the magazine's story, one realises that the French state probably does not know how many of those sentences never get applied at all.

It might well be that 50 % of these criminals will never go to jail, instead of 68 %. Or 40 %. Or 30 %. Which would still be a hell of a lot.

What would you do if you were sentenced to six months, then set free ? Phone the police every other day to insist for an appointment ? Or disappear into thin air ?

Actually, the report recommends to adopt the practice which, we learn, is policy in Germany : prison sentences of less than 6 months are only executed in exceptional cases.

Notice that percentages do not tell the whole story. Among those criminals now walking free among us, 1 712 have been sentenced to 5 years or more, and 536 to 10 years or more.

Even after taking out the part of this statistic which includes a sub-set of trials in absentia, one realises that 496 criminals who were sentenced to more than 5 years are free, and 132 who were sentenced to more than 10 years.

We are talking about 496 people who have been physically brought before a judge, then handed a sentence in excess of 5 years, then set free.

In other words, hundreds of rapists and murderers are free to live among us with the full knowledge and consent of the law.