Saturday, June 20, 2009

Geert Wilders’ Popularity Increases Again

The rapid ascent of Geert Wilders’ party (the PVV) hasn’t leveled off since the European elections. The PVV’s popularity has increased again — depending on which poll you read, it’s either #1 or #2 in the Netherlands.

According to NIS:

Wilders Continues to Grow in Polls

THE HAGUE, 20/06/09 — The Party for Freedom (PVV) has reached its highest score ever in the fortnightly Political Barometer. This poll held by TV programme NOVA and research bureau Synovate shows that Geert Wilders’ party would now win 28 Lower House seats.

The PVV has been the largest party in Maurice de Hond’s weekly polls for more than two months. Synovate, the other most influential poll, has previously had the party in third place, but now reports that the PVV, with 28 seats, would be the second party after the Christian Democrats (CDA), who would win 33 seats. Third would be Labour (PvdA) with 24 seats.

This means that the PVV, which currently only has 9 seats in the Lower House, has risen by 5 seats compared with the last Political Barometer (23). CDA (41 seats in the current House) has dropped 2 seats from 35 two weeks ago. The PvdA (now 33) loses 3 of the previously predicted 27 seats.
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Other parties doing well in the barometer are centre-left D66 and the leftwing Greens (GroenLinks). D66, which only has 3 seats at present, jumped from 12 to 15. GroenLinks (7) climbed from 8 to 10. The conservatives (VVD, 22) showed a sharp drop, from 17 to 14 seats.

The Socialist Party (SP), who expanded the most at the last election, to 25 seats, have now fallen from 14 to 13 in the poll. Progressive Christian party ChristenUnie (6) remained unchanged in the poll, at 8 seats. The Party for Animals (PvdD) (2) would now win seats for 3 MPs. Proud of the Netherlands (TON) would win no seats at all. Orthodox Christian party SGP is stable on all counts, keeping its present 2 seats.

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Charlemagne said...

With increasing popularity...will come increasing popularity as more and more people who may have once been intimidated by the Left into opposing Wilders and the PVV will now find it socially acceptable to support them. This may have similar effects outside the Netherlands as people say to themselves "if it's good enough for them, it;s good enough for us."

EscapeVelocity said...


More media coverage.

More message getting out.

More followers tagging along.

This party, the PVV is much better than some of the so called "far right" riff raff in well.

Gert Wilders is an excellent front man, charismatic, well informed, mover and shaker.

I wish him success.

He is likely to grow as a target for assassination, as well.

Michelle Therese said...

Didn't he dye his hair white so the fanatics could easily find him in a crowd?

Where do you get autographed photos of Geert Wilders?????? I love this guy! He just might lead the salvation of the West.

Jedilson Bonfim said...

I wonder if Rena Netjes, that pro-sharia, anti-hand-shaking-between men-and-women Christian Democrat might be losing sleep over these polls... She sure should be.

If the Dutch continue waking up to the threat posed by those who share her Egyptian husband's fascist/nazi ideology in the Netherlands, she might have to move to the UK or to Saudi Arabia to live under her beloved sharia. And she sure wouldn't be missed by anyone in her native country except for the hordes of mahoundian invaders that she want to see ruling things.

Go Geert!

Ronald said...

Your info is not correct, the PVV has for more than 2 months 31 seats in the polls (sometimes even 32)

The info of NOVA/Synovate is falsh, don't thust them, for the correct info go to (Maurice de Hond)