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Election Postmortem in the Netherlands and Flanders

Our Flemish correspondent VH has compiled a series of reports on the results of the recent European elections, as played out in the Netherlands and Flanders. First, a report on Islamization of the Christian Democrats, who will send the first hijab-wearing MEP to Brussels:

The Christian Democrat enablers

First headscarf in the EU Parliament thanks to Christian Democrats

The case of the Dutch Christian Democratic anti-Western, anti-Israel, and pro-Islam Rena Netjes has caused quite a stir. Even though her submission to Islam and hatred of the West did not make her win a seat, she did get a lot of attention recently, and her interview has subsequently been pulled at her request.

Mahinur Özdemir, with hidden scarf

Still it seems Christian Democrats are in process of surpassing the Socialists in dhimmitude and appeasement. The Turkish Mahinur Özdemir will be the first MP to appear in the EU parliament with a headscarf, with thanks to the Walloon Christian Democrat Party (CDH). The latter has tried to cover up her fundamentalism in the campaign brochure by zooming into her picture until the headscarf fell out of the frame. An entertaining video was made out of that: “Where did that scarf go?”.

Mahinur Özdemir, with scarf revealedWhile the Christian Democrats tried to hide her headscarf from their general electorate, the Turkish citizens in Brussels knew better. Her headscarf is even the main reason to vote for her. In the Turkish promotion it did not disappear at all. In 2006 the Turks in Brussels were told: “Özgürlüğünü başörtüsüyle ifade ediyor. Belçika’nın en büyük belediyesine meclis üyesi secilen Mahinur Özdemir’in başörtülü olmasi, parti başkanınca böyle savunuluyor,” which reads approximately: Freedom of expression is under pressure. Support the headscarfed Mahinur Özdemir as member of Belgium’s largest municipal council. The party is another way to defend this [the headscarf].

The Turkish article continued: “In the municipal elections in the largest municipality in the country, the Brussels Turkish quarter called Schaerbeek has voted Mahinur Özdemir of the Christian Democratic Party onto the city council, who has always defended the headscarf, and whose chairman lets this young girl be free, free to do things her way. It is a lifestyle. This conviction. It deserves respect. Because it is a part of society. We all create society ourselves.” And this week they are excited that their Turkish headscarfed Muslim representative has been elected in the EU parliament.

Vlaams Belang wrote about this: The brand new “Christian Democratic” parliamentarian has already announced she will wear the headscarf in the EU parliament, with which she immediately will create a unique precedent in the parliamentary history of this country. Up to now it has not been permitted to wear a headscarf in the Turkish parliament, but it is in the EU. Radicals in Turkey no may point to the EU to obtain the same “right” in Turkey.

And will this new MEP for the Christian Democrats promote Western or Christian Democratic issues? No: “Özdemir want to fight in the Brussels Parliament against discrimination and for better education and social housing. She also wants that Muslims to be able to wear a headscarf in all schools.”

It looks as if Turkey and Islam will be carried into the European Parliament on the backs of the Christian Democrats.

Next, a translation from Vrij van Zegel:

The Netherlands, Flanders, and Europe

By Laurent Asselbergh

In the Netherlands, the PVV, the party of Wilders, caused quite a stir and an emerging panic among the established powers. Among (many) others, in Rotterdam it has become the largest party. This is yet another cry of the indigenous population for attention to its problems and the alienation which they have to deal with in their own cities.

However, it is important to put the election result in perspective: it is below that of Pim Fortuyn a few years ago. This is not surprising when we realize that for 2012 the Dutch Center for Research and Statistics (Nederlandse Centrum voor Onderzoek en Statistiek, COS) predicts that more than 50% of the total population of Rotterdam will be of foreign origin, and even now 62% of the population under 14 years of age are immigrants. [note: It is even worse, in that 50% has actually already been achieved this year, 2009, according official statistics: see here — VH]
- - - - - - - - -
The future is thus settled for the mainly leftist parties. Hence, we will quickly proceed as usual and real measures and changes will not happen.

In Flanders a similar situation exists.

A unique opportunity for a real change through one Flemish-minded party [Vlaams Belang] has been lost. Without the emergence of the LDD [List Dedecker] a few years ago, Vlaams Belang would probably have approached the 30% level and without competition, and would have become the largest party in Flanders.

Then probably the undemocratic cordon sanitaire would have crumbled and also the Flemish party N-VA would have crossed the bridge.

But now we witness that despite the historically high score, the fragmentation in Flemish-minded parties has never been so large. Even for the N-VA of the TV celebrity Bart de Wever it may prove to be a pyrrhic victory.

This opportunity for Flanders will most likely not happen again in the future, given the demographic evolution. For this reason, after a while the traditional parties will care little about the results and proceed on the path of compromises and broken promises.

In Europe the situation is not better, on the contrary.

With a deadly precision, the disappearance of our heritage, our civilization, our culture and our people is being pre-programmed and implemented by our “leaders”.

As the French politician Philippe de Villiers put it: the Treaty of Lisbon enables — according to the principle of non-discrimination — amongst others the fundamental right to gay marriage and mass abortion.

As cream on the pudding, immigration — 80% of it made up of Muslims — will be recommended and encouraged to replace the native population until the latter no longer exists.

When one now knows, for example, that in Belgium all parties — including the so-called Flemish “nationalists”, but excluding Vlaams Belang — fully support this treaty, one must also understand that the fate of Europe has already been sealed. The planned accession of Turkey to the EU will only accelerate the process.

Only an unexpected and dramatic event may change the course of history.

Below is a translation of an interview in Angeltjes with the Flemish Nationalist Jean-Marie Dedecker of the List Dedecker (LDD), before the elections:

“Traditional parties are rotting Belgium”

By Marc Peeperkorn

They want to trample him and then dance on his body, he is convinced of that. “They” are all the other political parties in Belgium, “he” is Jean-Marie Dedecker, political leader of List Dedecker (LDD). Why? “Because I break though the status quo of power.”

Take the opinion polls, says Dedecker. “They are all manipulated by those who order them. Only recently I suddenly tumbled down in those polls, to undermine my position just at the eve of the elections. Previously, I was hyped by the same polls. With the same goal: the bigger you make someone, the harder you can finish him off.”

Although the conspiracy is omnipresent, de Dedecker (57) does not appear to suffer from it. A few days before the regional and European elections, there is a serenity in the party office in Ostend. Because what would he worry about?

The former judo coach, who in 2006 was expelled form the Center-Liberal VLD and in 2007 gained six parliamentary seats with his LDD, out of the blue, will become according to the polls the second or third party in Flanders. [As it turned out, in Antwerp for instance, he gained enough for just one seat: 5.1% of the votes; in Flanders he became number 6, in the Flemish EU elections number 7. — VH]

A matter of “being there at the right moment in history,” grins Dedecker. “Europe is moving to the right, look at Sarkozy. I’m in that flow. I speak to people who earn enough to pay tax but also pay too much for scholarships and other benefits.”

A second reason for his success is the “mess-up” by the rest. “Belgium has been unmanageable for two years now. If none of the others are making anything of it, you can jump onto that.”

Third reason: “We do not belong to the political class, we tell it like it is. Take the migrants, I am for the proletariat, but against profitariat. Everyone is welcome to study and prosper here, but not to be a parasite. A migrant must add value. Therefore, we must stop that miserable follow-up migration flow [like family reunions]. Women and children should be allowed in, but not their parents-in-law they bring over to put in the retirement homes here at our costs.”

Why your own party? Because you always getting in a quarrel?

“The VLD was in a continuing conflict. I’m still center-liberal, the VLD changed into a glorified socialist party. A bit like what Wilders and Verdonk endured in their previous party [the VVD, center liberals]. Then I was approached by the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA). They came to pull me in, I had just presented a book, Rechts voor de raap (Straight [also “Right”] forward), the best-selling political book ever in Belgium. But the N-VA was in a cartel with the Christian Democrats, so I had to get out again.

“But it was not just that. The entire political system joined together to deal with me. I am humiliated. I am from the sports world: you can beat someone, but not dance on his body. The press, the traditional parties, everyone was pleased that I was out. Well, I am also a troublemaker. I have kicked around, so I could expect such a reaction.”

Everyone is against you, don’t you put yourself on a pedestal?

“I am a dangerous duck in the pond. Vlaams Belang has been disabled by the cordon sanitaire, so that the Christian Democrats, Socialists and Liberals can divide the power amongst themselves. And then suddenly there is that newcomer who also as suddenly is successful. I break the pecking order. That is why the tried to take me out. You will see that also after these elections, the traditional parties will rub against each other as a crutch and wooden leg, in order to stay in power.”

You’re the white knight?

The pillarization [each group its own party, union, media, etc] has rotted this country and that pillarization is maintained by the traditional parties. They divide the jobs and rot to the country. You can not get a government job at any level if you are not a member of one of the three major parties. The appointments of judges are neatly spread across Catholics, liberals and socialists.

“It is shocking how the courts are infiltrated by politics. Chairman Londers, President of the Court of Cassation, is a comrade of current Prime Minister Van Rompuy, and who contributes to the derailing of former Prime Minister Leterme. Simply perverse.”

You think it was a conspiracy?

“Absolutely. I am not saying that Van Rompuy was a bad man, he just seized his chance. There are constantly accounts settled at the top.”

How bad is it in Belgium?

“Half of Belgian politics is rotten. Not a week passes without a wart cracking open. This country is at its very limit. The time of the ancien regime, including the economy, is over.”

You make it very easy for your opponents. You hired a private detective against Minister Karel De Gucht of Foreign Affairs…

“I had the real estate transactions of Prince Laurent researched by a fiscal expert: no problem. I had the back room appointments of former Minister Dewael researched by an undercover agent: no problem. But as soon as you employ a private detective, you’re suddenly a bastard. Everyone threw himself on me to kick me down. While I only wanted to verify that De Gucht was involved in a company that was into buying Belgian court buildings.”

Maybe you came too close.

“Yes, I came too close to the sun. Too close to the power and big business. Then it is extremely dangerous. I am not afraid, I never was. But I do wake up every day with the thought: who will attack me today?”

You say that the old ideologies are dead. What is yours?

“The dividing line is no longer between left and right. Each person is a classic liberal when he works during the week. Saturday in the pub he is social, and on Sunday, while strolling in the park, he is green.”

“The dividing line now runs between high- and low-skilled. I am socio-economically right-wing. Everyone should get equal opportunities. Who goes for it, deserves to be rewarded, those who don’t, should be taken on, those who cannot find work you should help.”

Are you the answer to Vlaams Belang?

“Partly. Initially, the other parties were satisfied with it. Until I took their voters. Then all the forces were gathered against me. If you survive that, you will gain. I will not become a mega party, but expect at least 10 percent of the votes.”

Soon you will be in the Flemish government. Are you able to compromise?

“There is a difference between a compromise and compromising yourself. With the first I have no problem. But I will never distance of my promises to gain power.”

Can you deal with losing?

“Very difficult. I am from the sports world, therefore I am an atypical politician. I can hardly watch the news, that is how angry it can make me. I almost never watch a political program. All that b******t, my tube is sometimes on the brink of exploding. The political debate has been milked dry. What remains is infotainment, the total leveling out for the sake of laughter, steered by political scientists and journalists. You ought to shoot them ten inches above their head, that is where their vanity lives. It is incestuous, the interrelation between politics and journalism.”

Why do the Belgian voters put up with such a rotten, incestuous arrangement?

“That is what I also ask myself. The Netherlands had Fortuyn, but he also first had to die. I saw Dutch journalism change when he received the bullet. I have been vilified in all media in recent months, taunted and degraded. But the Belgians will get revenge at the ballot box.”

And if nothing changes?

“That cannot be, this country is steering itself towards death. Flanders and Wallonia must have more autonomy. Foreign affairs, defense and the monarchy as subsidized puppet theatre will remain national then. We are at a tipping point, I feel the call to give shape to it. But if the voter does not want me, I’m out. I am not going to have my pants worn out in that parliament.”

VH adds this report:

Elsevier columnist Syp Wynia points out that Wilders also gained by virtue of the Christian vote. Many of those see Islamization as a threat and feel the CDA (Christian Democrat Party of PM Balkenende) is getting it wrong, is only making it worse, and is not up to the challenge.

Also the appeasement attitude does not quite comfort them. Therefore many CDA votes went to the PVV and made the PVV at the same time the second largest Christian party in the Netherlands.

Of the Dutch Reformed for instance, 30% voted the CDA, but 20% voted PVV, of the Catholics, 30% voted CDA and 20% PVV. This, and the landslide victory of Wilders’ PVV, which became the biggest party in many cities, is despite the fact that Wilders has up to now been severely marginalized, demonized, and ridiculed, Wynia states. “A substantial part of the Dutch electorate ignored this and did not let themselves be intimidated, which is remarkable.”

In Flanders the elections did not go too well, either for the independence of Flanders, or for the anti-jihad. Vlaams Belang has not only been confronted with political fencing, but also fiercely demonized and ridiculed by nearly all mass media and especially the Flemish TV service VRT. In addition to that, all focus was on pushing and pulling other Flemish Nationalists like List Dedecker (LDD) and Bart de Wever of the NV-A. Basically in an attempt to show the electorate that traditional parties are the only “reliable” ones in these days of financial “crisis”.

Flanders voted both in the European and national elections. In Flanders the VB is now the number three party, after the Christian Democrats and Center-liberals, and in the EU number two, after the Christian Democrats. Frank Vanhecke and Philip Claeys will be MEPs.

Filip Dewinter and Frank Vanhecke are the numbers 6 and 7 in the Flemish top ten for the Europarliament, and Filip Dewinter is 3 in the top ten of Flanders. In the Antwerp region, Vlaams Belang is with 23% still the largest party.


Fjordman said...

Thank you once again to VH for all the hard work you put into the posts and translations here. It appears as if the political elites in the Netherlands, Belgium and elsewhere have deliberately destroyed the democratic system to such an extent that the problems we face cannot be fixed within a democratic framework.

They will reap what they saw.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

These traitors WANTS to have Eurabia. So that the citizens are reduced to nomore than slaves, easy to control. Nomore need for charades like elections that costs a lot of money. The intelligentsia who rules and the dumbed down population who simply submits to the will of allah and the mullahs behind him. They have all intent to achieve their goal no matter what. What will happen once the Lisbon-treaty has finally been implemented? Is it when certain political parties will be banned? When the free internet will be regulated? Is it when people is going to be rounded up if they don't like the islamization?

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Paolo said...

great article, and great job. I just found out your site, and it's definitely the best site for REAL news I found out so far.
I am Italian, and so f**king proud to be Italian, but due to my big curiosity and to my hopes for a better future I decided to live in Brussels. People here seem not to be concerned or informed about facts. They just read such news, but nobody understands what is behind all these small bricks Muslims are putting for building up Eurabia. I have been sometimes too honest when I declared my ideas, therefore, everybody was refusing me to be involved in ANY european institution/organization/NGO to work. Now I work for a private company, but what I hear from the people who are involved in this European Union is simply scaring.