Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Revolutionary Mayhem in Greece

The following story does not seem to be jihad-related, but it’s a reminder that Greece may be descending faster into violent chaos than any other country in Europe.

According to the Associated Press:

Greek Anti-Terror Officer Shot Dead in Attack

ATHENS, Greece — Gunmen shot dead an anti-terrorist police officer guarding a witness in central Athens early Wednesday, in an escalation of domestic terrorist attacks in the country.

Greece’s conservative government denounced the “cowardly attack.” There was no claim of responsibility but police matched bullets from at least one of the weapons used to previous attacks carried out by Greek far-left militant group Sect of Revolutionaries.

Police spokesman Panagiotis Stathis said between 15 and 20 shots were fired at the officer by at least three gunmen at about 6:20 a.m. (0320 GMT) in the residential district of Patisia.

“There was no warning, no telephone calls,” Stathis said. “This was a cold-blooded murder.”

It was the first targeted killing attributed to domestic terrorism in years.
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Greek domestic terrorist groups have stepped up attacks, particularly against police targets, since massive riots in December triggered by the fatal police shooting of a teenage boy. But most have been late-night bombings that have caused no injuries.


The slain officer was identified as 41-year-old Nektarios Savvas, a father-of-one.

The officer had just taken over the morning shift of guard duty outside the home of a key witness in the trial of the far-left Greek terrorist group Revolutionary Popular Struggle, known by its Greek acronym ELA. Only the officer was targeted in the attack, with no apparent attempt to approach the witness’ home.

Another thing to remember is that Greece has been subject to recurring immigrant riots during recent months. The far Left and Islamic militants often enter into a tactical alliances, and even if there is no direct connection, Leftist violence serves the interests of Islamic violence, and vice versa.

Keep an eye on Greece.

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Tuan Jim said...

Don't know if it's out in English language greek press at the moment, but even the PASOK (Pan-Hellenic Socialist Movement) opposition party just released a 10 point program - of which Step #1 is Zero Tolerance for illegal immigration.

Everyone's talking about it...and similar issues, but nobody's quite sure how to approach it. They're talking about setting up more detention/asylum-seeker camps (only 12 in country compared to 138 in Italy), but every time they propose a site like a former army base - it turns out that that site is scheduled to be set up as a firefighter training center or the nearby municipalities don't want anything there, etc.

They need a strong majority government to at least try and get something through the gov't - but with the wacko anarchist movements and student protests that happen all the time - I don't know how much luck they'd have implementing something even as "the will of the people". Frankly after some articles I've read on Greece even by folks like Victor Davis Hanson, I'm surprised the gov't didn't collapse permanently decades ago.

Pity too to see how far the apple has fallen from the tree of democracy.

thll said...

Seems the Greeks are on the right track though:

Afonso Henriques said...

@ Conservative Swede & Geeza,

I told you so. Or at least, I tried to. Greece is not Western Europe, it's not even Southern Europe. It's Eastern Europe.

And regarding its neighbours... read the news at Gates of Vienna and notice that Turkish planes like to frighten Greek pilots.
Those news reminds me the ones three to five months before the Georgian War in Russia Today.

Afonso Henriques said...

Keep an eye on Greece?

Keep an eye on the whole Southeastern Europe, where the jihad is really popping in agaisnt Europe.

After reading your excellent "Green Axis" post, it camed to mind that Romania, Croatia and Hungary are not part of what I now call "Balkanic Europe": There's where you have to keep an eye on:

- Bosnia
- Serbia
- Montenegro
- Albania
- Macedonia
- Greece
- Bulgaria
- Cyprus

Not to mention Turkey and I'll not mention Kosovo because I do not recognise it as a country.

This area will be explosive in the next two decades or so.

Homophobic Horse said...

It looks more and more likely that the unilateral independence of Kosovo is not going to be recognised. Provided that stays the case, then the Jihad will not win that all important foothold in Europe.