Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cultural Enrichment, Coming to a Country Near You

Cultural Enrichment News

Earlier today I posted TB’s translation of two appalling “cultural enrichment” news items from Denmark. This prompted an email back-and-forth between us. After I posted his translations, TB said this:

I am actually thinking about making it a habit to translate all these “of-an-ethnic-origin-other-than-Danish” articles every time they appear. I’m telling you: it will not be long before Hells Angels and Jønke are no longer the only ones to strike back against these fascist psychopaths.

In the meantime, though, it might be in the interest of ordinary Danes to get all these small everyday stories out to as many people as possible. Just to enhance foreign understanding of the reaction that will for certain be a reality some time in the nearest future…

This is an unbearable situation. And the water is reaching its boiling point.

I suggested that we might make it a regular “Cultural Enrichment” series, and that perhaps other countries would eventually contribute their own articles to it. TB agreed, and said this:
- - - - - - - - -
I was actually thinking about that myself when I did the translations. All these small, everyday stories that fill up our local newspapers and describe the politically-imposed so-called paradise making the lives of so many ordinary citizens a living hell.

Actually, these small stories are of great importance. I guess if the world knew what everyday life was like in, for example, the Balkans in the years leading up to the war, the depiction of Muslims as innocent victims would never have happened.

He suggested that the new feature be called “The International Cultural Enrichment News”, which gave me the opportunity to make a new logo and add it retroactively to this morning’s post.

But in order to make this feature truly international, I’ll need the help of our readers. Refer to the Danish news stories to get an idea of the sort of items we’re looking for. When articles like this appear in the newspapers in your country, please send me a tip.

As of right now I can generally obtain translations of Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, German, Italian, and Spanish, thanks to our tireless volunteers. French, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, and Portuguese are a bit dicier, but probably doable (even if I have to do the French myself).

So send them in, and I’ll get them translated if I can, and post them under the new header.

The UK, Sweden, and the Netherlands should provide plenty of material. But there’s a hitch: newspapers in those countries often don’t specify the ethnicity of a criminal suspect. So if you have to deduce that a particular event is a case of cultural enrichment, please include an explanation of the clues in the news article that led you to draw your conclusions.

I don’t know if this project will get off the ground, but it’s worth a try. Even if Denmark ends up as the only participant, it’s a useful exercise to shine a light under the refrigerators and behind the baseboards of the postmodern multicultural state.


Mary Jackson said...

newspapers in those countries often don’t specify the ethnicity of a criminal suspect.

In the UK they often use the term "Asian" or "of Asian extraction" to signify Muslim criminals or terrorists. This is pernicious as Hindus, Sikhs and Atheists "of Asian extraction" are far more law abiding than whites, on average, but to save Muslims' feelings are tarred with the same brush.

This is not to say that no non-Muslim Asians commit crimes, but as a rul of thumb, in 99.9% of cases, for "Asian" read "Muslim".

The Mad Hatter said...

Baron, if the German, Norwegian, and Danish article load gets a bit much for you, I can help with translation some.

My contact email address is in my Blogger profile.

The Mad Hatter said... address is NOT included there.

So use vol_907 at yahoo dot de

Afonso Henriques said...

Baron, that is great.

Actually, my preception is that if you want to include France you'll have to make a separate news field for it and I doubt the French will say the ethnicity of the perpetrators.

But it's great you are doing it. If I can help, I'll send you some as soon as I have more free time.

Also, its a pitty that it will focus more on the Northwest of Europe while it is on the Southeast that real troubles will happen but hey, that's what can be done-

Baron Bodissey said...

Afonso --

I welcome material from Southern Europe. I focus on northwestern Europe only because that's where most of my tips come from -- and that may be because more people read English there than in Southern Europe.

Decatur said...

"...In the meantime, though, it might be in the interest of ordinary Danes to get all these small everyday stories out to as many people as possible..."

I agree, but the problem is how to get these stories out to the millions of complacent citizens who never see them, or to those for whom the true enormity of what is happening has not yet dawned. Here at GoV we are preaching to the converted, just as is Talk Radio and (to a lesser extent) Fox News. Some type of Pamphlet or Leaflet that lists the many hundreds of cultural infringements and violent acts against indigenes needs to be distributed to those who never visit websites like this or who dont/wont access alternative viewpoints. How legal would this be? - I don't know, but I do know that in the UK the 'truth' is no defense against politically incorrect speech. So we have a problem. I'll try to send some gems of PC, cultural infringements & or violence that I'm reading almost daily in the UK press.
Also, Ms Jackson is correct in her observations about use of the term 'Asians'. Another code for Muslim is 'people of Mediterranean origin'.

Michael Servetus said...

Well what if several visitpra here used some sort of desktop publishing program to publish in newslefter form all the stories and commentary gathere here at GOV daily? I would be interested in doing something like that and then handing them out. Who knows, there may be some willing advertisers and suppprters. As a concerned and near distraught American, I think it needs to be put in the hands of more of us.

Watching Eagle said...


Your "International Cultural Enrichment News" is a Giga-Hit!! Keep it up!

Afonso Henriques said...

Of course Baron,
but then even my little Southern Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy) is not that troublesome.
I was referring more to the Southeast (Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, etc) rather than Latin Europe and from the countries you mentioned only Romania is from that heavily muslim region.
And Romania isn't that muslim, it's mainly gypsy.

Continue the good work!

Afonso Henriques said...

Actually, I went for a quick search through the blogs and sites that usually expose these kind of cultural enrichment and I found this:

Loreal had to pay 60 thousand Euros to the French State for racial discrimination:
"According to the newspaper, the sellers (models) of the product by L'Oreal had to be BBR - bleu, blanc, rouge (blue, white and red), the colors of the French flag and a code in the local work market to "white French of European origin".

Well, L'Oreal just scored points with me.

Marian - CZ said...

There is an old joke told in Prague...

An Ukrainian, a Gypsy and an Albanian sit in a car. Who is driving?

Well, the police, of course!

Afonso Henriques said...

Some of the news I found:

Gang of Brazilians beat and robbed cupples dating at the Beach of Costa da Caparica:
"Gang atacked ten cupples at night in Caparica:
The girls were forced to stay sitted inside the car; the boys were forced outside, putted down on their knees with the head down. If they moved, they were assaulted with pistols and revolvers in the head. All this while the three robbers robbed everything they could. It has been so the last two weaks in the beaches of Caparica (eh eh, a classic video from the early 90s), Almada, with ten cupples cought dating at night.
It all ended yesterday, with two illegal Brazilians and one Portuguese, that fixed cars in Almada, emprisioned by the National Republican Guard (GNR)."

Oh boy, this one is great! Keep in mind that "arrastão" derives from the verb "arrastar" meaning "to drag". "Arrastão" is a big mob of criminals going over its targets and draging all as they pass, robbing what they can, beating if they want.

"Arrastão at Dolce Vita amounts to more than 10 thousan Euros in roberries:

(from a blog) "The impunity is total for the Afro-Portuguese criminal comunity - mass theft, without brakes, total tranquility in the face of the law and the security forces to such a point that bands of robbers just came into shops and grabbed calmly new clothes and shoes.
And be aware - as you can read in the paper, this is the fifth arrastão to take place in this mall, that opened doors recently." - Actually, this Comercial Centre just opened THIS EARLY JUNE! and they say it's the biggest in all of Portugal and Spain.

(from the newspaper): "A group of 30 individuals took part in an arrastão yesterday at the Dolce Vita Tejo in Amadora and have pratically emptied the entire Staple's shop. The robbers took photoandvideo cameras in the vallue of more than ten thousand Euros and ran away, with the Public Security Police (PSP) and Private Security companies present powerless to stop them.
Before the arrastão of yesterday, four groups, ranging from 20 to 50 individuals swaped the mall and robbed whatever pleased them.
"In the face of such a great number of individuals we stayed quiet" told to the 24 Hours a girl working to one of the shops, saying that "(I) was dying with fear"."

"24 years old Girl shot in the head by African immigrants":

"At the age of 24, ‘Ana’ lived a true nightmare since 01h30, next to the gas station of Galp in Palhais, Charneca da Caparica. The victim, in a Chevrolet Matiz, stopped her car in a contiguous street to the gas station. And it was then that two men, with their faces covered and one shotgun, took advantage to attack her. They shouted threats to her in Crioulo (mixed Portuguese and African language sponken by Cape Verdans) – and, frightened, ‘Ana’ started buzzing the car's horn, asking for help.
One of the robbers, with a shotgun, rose the weapon – and, in one movement, shot to the head of the young driver. She was shot superficially, bleeding abundantly, and the robberers entered the victim's car.
(...) She was forced to drive across all Charneca of Caparica, at gun point, stopping at many ATM's. The robberers ended up making only 50 Euros. ‘Ana’ was then abandoned at the Forestal Road in Costa de Caparica, close to the beach of the Mata, soon after 03h00.
The robbers left the victim and the car and walked away. Panicking, ‘Ana’ phoned her parents, who called the GNR of Costa de Caparica."

And all these happened in the last 10 days.

Afonso Henriques said...

Also, some relatively recent Diversity News that were of some magnitude in Portugal. Let me see... hm...

We can start with the Uprisals in the neighbourhood of Bela Vista, in the Southern Bunk of the Tagus that took place last month.
This one was a very interesting uprisal for many reasons. The neighbourhood is inhabited by people of many ethnicities, mainly Africans and Gypsies as well as some Brazilians and Portuguese.

The whole thing started when a boy from this 'hood (an African) went all the way South to Algarve to practice some crimes. He was then cought and was killed during an high speed persecution across the high-ways of the South.
Then, the African gang leaders of many no-go-zones in the proximity of Lisbon, including the Southern bunk of the Tagus, plotted to kill members of the police force as a retaliation. There were some minor accidents but nobody was killed because drug dealers informed the SIS (the Portuguese MI5?) that there was that plot. The drug dealers did that fearing that the cold blood murder of a police officer as a retaliation would originate stricter safety measures and then the drug dealers would lose much of their business, especially if the police took control of the no-go-zones.

Therefore, and nobody really knows why, only the inhabitants of the Bela Vista, where Toninho (the boy who got killed) was from, revolted.
They attacked the police with stones and molotov cocktails, there were some shots fired as well. They had supplies of stones and molotov cocktails in many strategical places throuthout the neighbourhood. In the end, it looked like this.

Also, three months ago, there was the typical confrontations between Africans and Gypsies as as if it was a war.
Two or three months ago they fought eachother again, this time in a poor neighbourhood of Lisbon.

A less depriment thing. You can all come to Ericeira, as you can see - and the link is great and not depressing - it is a wonderfull place, 50 kms Northwest of Lisbon, just wonderfull. See it for yourself.
But last Christmas a wave of criminality boomedand this happened. They got the daughter of the owner of the place at gun point, broke the window, and robbed everybody. Africans, again.

Some months after that, in Amadora, near Lisbon, a 14 years old African boy was stealing cars and ended up getting killed doing it. This was the result with a cround of 200 people "protesting" against the local police station. The police asked for help but nobody came. A small group of protestors threw stones at the police and injured a women. In the video, notice the bravery of the old comissair Pereira, who went there by himself to calm down the mob.

And who was behind that protest? You can see here at Esquerda stands for Bloco de Esquerda or "the Leftist Block". the anarchists who just got 10% the last elections.

Anonymous said...

I'll try to contribute. We're talking about crime only, right ?

In France, ethnicity is seldom mentioned. The media have the irritating habit of not quoting names of immigrant suspects, only giving them assumed first names.

Ironically, those invented names are often French, even when the pattern and location of crimes point, most likely, to immigrant perpetrators.

Of course, in those rare instances where it is a white Frenchman who blows a fuse in the face of continual agression, and strikes back in an alleged racist act against an immigrant, the full name of the suspect is obligingly provided by the press.

Also, "youths" is a codename, in the media, for feral Arab and Black criminals. The word "kids" ("gamins") is liberally used by the Leftist chattering classes when speaking about people burning cars and schools, knifing teachers, throwing firebombs on policemen, etc.

One can be a "youth" or even a "kid" well into one's thirties. Provided one is not of French ascent. In this case, of course, you'd be a far-right extremist.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Crisis in the UK

Woman, 89, injured in park attack

An 89-year-old woman has been left seriously injured after a "despicable attack" by a group

of youths in a park in Bradford.

Gang rape: Is it a race issue?

A majority of the gang rapes are committed by Blacks, and the rest by Muslims. It is

unusual, that in an article in the Independent, one sees such unPC writing. Not only are

numbers given, but the ethnicity and religion as well. It is also made clear that there is

no specific "Asian" problem, as whites, Indians (I suppose Hindus) and Chinese,are in no way

involved in this most horrific and despicable act of violence against women. Muslims, yes.

Plenty more here

The Lambeth walk


Up pompeii

Afonso Henriques said...


Gang rapes and the beating of really old women in the street is worst than what I've presented.
But still, I have faith in Britain.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of how and why is it that Madonna is going out of her way to adopt children from Africa. It is not as if there is a shortage of lone children in the West, who would love to be part of Madonna's family. It is as if she wants to save African children all by herself. It is the ultimate liberal guilt conscience trip.

On a wider scale, it is clear that Africa cannot survive on its own. Since the end of colonialism, Africa has headed downwards. It will, for all time, require substantial amounts of aid just to stay in abject poverty, and on the brink of starvation. Giving aid is counter-productive, as it ends up in the bank accounts of African dictators. Clearly, some other solution is required to help ordinary Africans. It is in this context that we should see why the EU, and the US of Obama, are effectively creating an "alliance" with Africa. Tens of millions of Africans are going to be allowed in to the EU, as supposedly, the EU is desperately short of skilled labour. This is patently absurd, as these millions of Africans are not skilled in anyway except to stand in line for welfare. And even if they were, they are more needed in Africa then in Europe. What we are seeing here, I believe, is a "Madonna" type adoption of Africa by the West. It is a type of colonialism, but of the liberal type. As with adopted children, Africans over here will be given greater lattitude, no matter their age, or the crime they have committed.

I wonder what GoV commentators think.