Thursday, June 18, 2009

EEWWW! You’re Old and You’re White

We hardly ever get hate mail, so it tickles me when one of these goobers crawls out from under the bridge and goes through the trouble of assembling all his ammunition so he can ‘prove’ how wicked and evil we are.

Now this new specimen, calling himself “Temoc USA”, can point to the Baron’s boomer status as a further demonstration of our malignity. Ah, the days of respect for one’s elders are obviously long gone with this fellow, if indeed he ever harbored such old-fashioned notions. It’s probably not a part of his culture, though, so we’ll have to overlook his ignorance since he has so much information to share.

Besides, boomers are so numerous that it's hard to really respect them after their ruination in the '60s. I make an exception for the Baron, who is so retro you'd think he was from another generation.

Without further ado I present Temoc in all his glory - anti-American, anti-European, anti-elderly, and quite snitful. Have fun reading this one:

It’s great to see you reduced to peddling a begging cup. It’s even better to learn you are ELDERLY!

As you know, the US white population distribution is disproportionately elderly -- like you. Over the next 2 decades, as you die off, the US will see a demographic shift of historic proportions.

Fortunately, that prospect is not unwelcome. We have Hispanic, black, and Asian relatives. To make it even more interesting, some of them have several lineages. For example, there is an Asian-African-European cousin, named after my white Irish father, who serves as a police officer in California.

For your sake, I hope you don't run into him, Temoc.

MultifestThere are no pockets of “pure” anything, except for some of the inbred Muslims, who have the unfortunate habit of marrying parallel first cousins and bringing forth all sorts of recessive genes. Keeps the money in the tribe, I guess, but what use is that when you have to spend it all on sickly children?

Africans and Hispanics and Europeans and Asians and Dravidians are all here, a lovely hodgepodge of the world’s migration patterns. Yeah, it causes tensions. As Mavis Staples sings, “Blood is Thicker Than Time”. But there are tensions in mono-cultures, too. That's what makes marriage so interesting: you get to learn conflict resolution or your mating experiment fails.

Temoc gives us some demographic information here, supposedly meant to scare us into…what, an early demise?
- - - - - - - - -
55% of births in California are “Hispanic”, 45% of births in Arizona are “Hispanic”, 55% of births in New Mexico are “Hispanic”, 40% of births in Nevada are “Hispanic”, 30% of births in Colorado are “Hispanic”, 30% of births in Florida are non Mexican “Hispanic”. 25% of births in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Rhode Island (25% in each state) are non Mexican “Hispanic”.

Well, I’d better tell Fausta. She’s going to like these numbers. I presume the non Mexican Hispanics are Puerto Ricans? Or, as our Supreme Court candidate calls them, Nuyoricans. So now we have lots of people to try out for parts when they resurrect “West Side Story” again.

[When I checked with Fausta on the various non-Mexican Hispanics she listed a few off the top of her head:

“there are millions of non-Mexican Hispanics - at least 5 million Cubans, 4-5 million Puerto Ricans. In NJ also there are Colombians, Costa Ricans, Nicaraguans…”

I wonder how many Cubans we really have if Castro would let his people go. Especially the black Cubans, who are horribly treated.]

Temoc has an assertion here that many historians would find questionable. Obviously he’s never been to Tennessee or the Ozarks to see white people deal with their perennial hard times. They are experts. But here’s what he thinks:

These trends may very likely accelerate since the economic collapse may well further depress non “Hispanic” birth rates -- especially those of whites and Asians. “Hispanics”, on the other hand, are much better equipped culturally to deal with tough economic times.

The Irish who fled the potato famine to all points of the compass (those who survived, anyway) would also argue the point. I don’t think this whippersnapper reads much history…just government reports it would seem. And we all know how free of political slant census reports are. Especially the new ones being run by ACORN.

Another bald assertion, backed up with truths from Wa Po, which relies on the Census Bureau:

Even as the US economic crash slows down immigration, it may very likely accelerate the “browning of America” since it is slowing down Asian immigration as well -- and they have below replacement birth rates as well.

And our very own hate monger finishes us off with a one, two from Wa Po and the Wall Street Journal, articles which show a big dip in the migration of Asian and African immigrants, and a surge in births for the United States Hispanics.

This sounds like our descendants will all be café au lait. Fine by me. Some of my grandchildren already are so we’re good to go.

However, Temoc can’t leave without what he calls his “parting shot”:

I hope I read your obituary soon. Maybe next time I am in DC I can swing through VA and p**s on your grave. Remember, this is America. This is NOT European (whites) land. It never was and it never will be -- if you insist otherwise -- GO BACK TO EUROPE from whence you came -- illegally at that.

Now there’s verve and style for you. The poor man, eaten through with hatred, is reduced to flashing his phallus. Just so we know he has one.

Well, Cuauhtémoc, keep looking for that obituary. It’ll keep you off the streets and out of trouble.

Meanwhile, y que la puerta no te golpee muy duro en las pompis al salir, amigo. case anyone wants to communicate with our troll, here's he is:

Be nice, y'all. Don't say anything that smells bad...


Anonymous said...

Wow. I seriously love hate mail, don't you? Watching stupid people think they're smart is quite amusing.

EscapeVelocity said...

Racist haters like Temoc are a dime a dozen.

Anonymous said...

"I make an exception for the Baron, who is so retro you'd think he was from another generation."

I'm unsure of the specific reference but I'm reminded of a line often quoted by the film critic Roger Ebert: "You have preserved in your own lifetime, sir, a way of life that was dead before you were born."

Chechar said...

I really believe that Nuremberg laws ought to be implemented in the USA and in many European countries. But unlike Hitler's laws, the Jews are very welcome to marry with us. "Hispanics" as I said in another thread is just Newspeak for half-blood (the title of Harry Potter's forthcoming film) Indians.

As the leader of BNP says, protecting white ethnicity is *not* racism. Only self-hate Westerners believe it is.

Cyrus said...

I love (re: seriously hate) when hispanics believe they have some sort of claim on all of N. America. Sure The US won a huge chunk from Mexico in the 1840's, but any reading I've done suggests it was pretty sparsely populated. Even then what right do people from Sinaloa or who-the-*%@%# cares have to California or any other land? None.

I also really dislike it when they rail against whites in N. America. It's the same with natives in Canada, I defy any of them to show me a blood test that shows negative for white blood. Without Europeans none of these people would be alive as there has been mixing from day one of contact. And no, not only because of rape. The original cultures would be alive without Europeans, but certainly not with metal or luxuries or modern amenities.

Chechar said...

Yes Cyrus,

What's more: I've written a book in demonstrating that Mexican Indians had it really really worse under the Aztec regime than under Spaniards. (I also have a YouTube video about it but it's in Spanish.)

Dymphna said...

isalm o'phobe --

You have just described the future Baron. I'll have to send him that quote.

It was probably his isolation as an only child in the country and reading PG Wodehouse and assorted American writers from The Algonquin Round Table that made him into someone from the 20s.

He also loved the Hardy Boys when he was real small...

The fB is au courant now that he has escaped our time warp and moved on to college and grad school and Facebook. I hope he loses the last one.

Nevertheless, he did write (or begin) his own Wodehouse book when he'd read and re-read the whole Bertie corpus. His contribution was called "Jeeves Goes Over the Top" and concerned the adventures of Bertie at the front in WWI.

That's what ya get for letting your 9 y.o. read the WWI poets, which he found somehow in our collection...

Hmm...poems by dead white guys. Figures.

Charlemagne said...

Young Mr. Temoc(did he reverse "comet"?) apparently knows nothing about the origin of the word "Hispanic" nor or the vast diversity of people with whom we gift that label.
I've described to ignorant friends before the Mestizo range that extends from Mexico through northern South America where most people who inhabit this range are of mixed Spanish/Indian blood while the inhabitants of the Southern regions of South America are predominantly white.
Argentina and Uruguay are whiter than the US!
Brazil is very white and I had a Brazilian classmate in graduate school who told me how much he, and most white Brazilians, loathe black Brazilians. I previously had no idea.
I work for a major US corporation with a Chilean operation and several hundred of them recently flew here for our shareholders meeting and I was frankly astonished at how white they were. They could have easily been plucked from Spain herself. I will henceforth add Chile to the white southern cone of SA where I had previously included it in the Mestizo region.
I used to work for another Fortune 100 company and had several Latin American colleagues. One couple had a baby girl while I was there who had near white blond hair and bright ice blue eyes. Her father was of Irish Argentine descent and her mother was from an upper class family in Columbia.
The CIA describes even Cuba's population as 65% white.
So Mr Comet has publicly displayed not only his disrespect but also his massive ignorance. I wish him good luck in his future endeavors.

PatriotUSA said...

I hope Temco will come back and play again. I was born in west Texas and grew up with Mexicans. I never had any problems with any of them we knew and I have worked and known many fine Mexican folks. I am
not quite elderly(don't ask my two teenage kids about this)and we never knew them as Hispanics. I knew that many of them were had Indian in their lineage and so what? My problems are with the ones that are part aof "La Raza." I can extend that to any group or race that acts and is nasty like the fore mentioned group.

What a complete troll and idiot.
His closing comments are priceless and so typically arrogant and ignorant. Came here illegally from Europe? Hmm.. everyone that my family has known that came from Europe did so Legally and were willing to sacrifice, fight and die for their new country. Is temco willing to do this? Personally, I don't want know that he has phallus but if he really does I bet there are no HUEVOS to go along with it.

Chechar said...

Usually, the Mexican mixed-blooded (mestizos) people are not anti-white racists. Many mestizo Mexicans, as I have said elsewhere, like when a white gene is visible in a newborn (it’s a kind of honor for them). On the other hand, Mexican José Vasconcelos wrote a book, “La Raza Cósmica”, in which he idealizes the mestizo race.

Today, crank race claims can also be heard from a few college people in the Mexican Left. It’s surreal. I know a Mexican guy who looks like an Andalusia Spaniard yet says that he’s a pure-blood Indian. Of course he isn’t: pure Mexican Indians are almost extinct.

When I was a boy, Mexico City was whiter. What happened in Mexico City is what will happen in southern US (in Europe it’s much worse because, besides being non-white, Muslims bring there their global Caliphate ideology). I was saying that when I was a kid I could move freely by myself through the neighborhoods with no fear at all. Alas, the poor, uneducated mestizos have breeded profusely in the last few decades and turned my beautiful city of yore into an ugly and very dangerous “Neanderthal Marabunta” city.

The US really should go back to a mindset previous to its (1965?) legislation that only allowed mass migration from Europe or Australia. Really. Present-day Mexico City is precisely what old films such as “Soylent Green”, or new films such as Mexican Alfonso Cuarón’s Children of Men warns us about. Though fantastic, Cuarón’s film is a must see to get a bit of the flavor of how Europe will look like in the near future. Such is the level of our society’s suicidal passion.

Has any of you seen Cuarón’s film?

Chechar said...


Take a glimpse to Europe's gloomy future:

video clip of "Children of Men"

IrishNationalUnity said...

Please tell me this is an hispanic male telling European people they have no business being in the Americas. Hilarious. He does realise what continent his deep roots hail from right?

IrishNationalUnity said...

Nice video Chechar, or perhaps not so nice should i say. You could certainly imagine the world depicted in a future where the multicultural utopian/dystopian swing goes off the scale on the dystopian side. The premise of the movie of course is that when an unknown disease deprives all off humanity it's ability to reproduce it falls apart onto itself. Not mass immigration's fault of course. The no doubt very liberal moviemakers wouldn't dare say that is the cause of their created world's problems but it's not an unimaginable real future for us all.

Chechar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chechar said...

Yes Swordsman,

But the WHOLE film also has scenes where you can see masses of illegal immigrants in the UK ready to be deported, and, although briefly, even a guy with am Islamic sign on his head.

Yes: filmmakers are extremely liberal. I hate them. But I appreciate Cuarón’s film as a mere metaphor of the fateful times ahead when Western woman stopped to have children. I agree with Dymphna that the West started to commit suicide in the 1960s. But in a major film applauded by most film critics it’s almost impossible to tell the bare truth unless you do it obliquely, as Cuarón did.

However, a film is forthcoming that GoV’s founders will really love!: a Polish film about none other than John III Sobieski and how he saved Europe from Islam.

. said...
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Chechar said...

I'm afraid that someone is violating what Baron said about civility...

(I *am* Mexican, and it's not hate but preservation of ethnicity what moves me; but this is secondary to the civility issue.)

. said...

My dear Chechen, I don't think I was inappropriately uncivil to an individual who espouses adoption of Nuremberg Laws for the United States.

I think "repellent" is a perfectly apt adjective for such a statement. In fact, such a statement arguably deserves significantly more vitriol than my civilized fingers are comfortable typing.

Chechar said...

You missed my point. Sometimes I use strong statements to say something else. In that post I said that I would very much welcome marriage with the Jews (which means that what I have in mind is no Nuremberg laws at all!).

Also, for your information, in the 1980s I went to the US precisely as an illegal alien looking for work; and, although presently I'm single, my former girlfriend is a mestizo (mixed blood). Nobody has accused me of "racism" in Mexico!

. said...

Chechar, I understand your point about your proposed Nuremberg laws not apply to Jews. You apparently only want to apply them to Mexicans of non-european descent.

This remains just as odious and repellent a notion as the original version of the Nuremberg Laws.

Chechar said...


I don’t feel odium toward my countrymen who emigrate to the US, but to the white people who opened the gates of Islamists to Europe.

Try to understand my dilemma:

Unlike Nazi Germany, nowadays whites are self-exterminating themselves through extremely low birth rates. I was very upset about Temoc’s anti-white diatribe and wanted to balance it a bit with the opposing view. Yes, I know that whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. Granted. But something should be done to avoid self-extermination. Not Nazism of course. Something else. Hadn’t I been mad with Temoc’s extermination wishes and insults to GoV’s founders I wouldn’t have posted something so provocative.

PRCalDude said...

As you know, the US white population distribution is disproportionately elderly -- like you. Over the next 2 decades, as you die off, the US will see a demographic shift of historic proportions.

I laugh when I see stuff like this.

If there were no whites in California, there would be no one to pay for the extensive Hispanic use of MediCal and MedicAID every time they walk into an ER without insurance, which is frequently. Think of all the pregnant Juanitas and Yolandas that would be forced to pay their own hospital bills! Then, there are the other public services that benefit them that are also paid for by whites: the police, CalTrans, the prison system, etc. Not to mention all of the other welfare benefits they are able to collect, as well as all of the public sector government "jobs" that seem to accumulate so many hispanics.

How do I know that whites pay for this stuff? Well there's data proving it. Mexican-"Americans" never get into a tax bracket that requires them to pay much in the way of taxes in this state (or any other, for that matter).

Temoc should probably pick up this book and read it to understand what the non-white future holds for himself and his children. It ain't pretty.

What will he and his children do when there are no more whites to pay bills for him and his people? Have they considered the pyrrhic victory that awaits them? Will they try to illegally immigrate to Europe to live off of whites there? I'm genuinely curious.

As an engineer in Los Angeles county (which is probably 70% Mexican, if not more), I can count on one hand the number of Mexican engineers and scientists I've encountered. I have seen ads for ambulance-chasing Mexican personal injury lawyers, but they'll be out of work too when they have no one with actual assets to sue (white people).

Of course, the Boomers should plan ahead for more thinking like this as it eventually becomes apparent to the burgeoning non-white underclass that the Boomers form an enormous social security and medicare entitlement. They had to know something like this would happen when the 1965 immigration act and subsequent amnesties were passed.

There's a joke going around that goes like this:

"What's the difference between the United States and South Africa?"

"About 20 years."

PRCalDude said...

or new films such as Mexican Alfonso Cuarón’s Children of Men warns us about. Though fantastic, Cuarón’s film is a must see to get a bit of the flavor of how Europe will look like in the near future. Such is the level of our society’s suicidal passion.

Has any of you seen Cuarón’s film?

Yes. It's an unfortunate vignette of the white future, I'm afraid.

One of my wife's friends is a Mexico City refugee. She's white. Some of her cousins look like blue-eyed Iberian celts.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

I have it on dvd but haven't seen it in a long time now so i'll have to wait on comment it until I have seen it again. I'm a bit of a buff and see several movies a week. I have in just four five years gotten a fair extensive dvd cillection by now, unfortunately by side-step my cd-collecting as I have just a low pension to live on. It was also him who took over from Columbus on the Potter-series and directed the third installment which in truth is my favourite in the series so far.

Don't forget there is another great mexican director, namely William the Bull a k a Guillermo del Toro. I do look forward to the coming The Hobbit-movies. I think they did an excellent choice of picking him to direct the movies.

Chechar said...

Well: after my above posts I watched the film again after a long time of not doing it and I discovered a few things that might interest some of GoV’s readers:

1) The film starts with the voice of a TV woman saying: “The Muslim community demands an end to the Army’s occupation of the mosques. After eight years British boarders will remain closed. The deportation of illegal immigrants will continue”;
2) Soon afterwards a terrorist bomb hits horribly a London street (a very complicated and expensive take for the filmmakers by the way);
3) After a few scenes, cages full illegal aliens are visible on London streets
4) Similar scenes with lots of illegal aliens ready for deportation are seen through the film;
5) One of the final scenes depicts a prison-ghetto city for immigrants. Just after the hero is wounded in his feet, a Muslim march in seen with people shouting “Allah [something]” during an all-out assault by UK’s soldiers into the prison-ghetto city (another group, a non-Muslim group which supports immigrants, started the civil war).

Of course: Cuarón is not an intellectual and he’s done the film out of sheer intuition, not out of wisdom of what Islam is or about how incredibly grotesque, psychotic and suicidal we Westerners have behaved after the 1950s by stopping to breed. Instead, in the fantastic film it’s not clear what happened to the humans: no race can breed anymore.

In a nutshell: Cuarón is a filmmaker, not a thinker. But yes: he’s superb. The Harry Potter film he directed, “The Prisoner of Azkaban” is also my favorite of the whole series. He’s almost my age; we lived in the same city and I wanted to be a filmmaker too. Something horrible happened and I didn’t make it.

But that’s another story…

Chechar said...

P.S. Oh yes!: In the film NY seems to have received a fatal nuke, presumably by terrorists