Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nazi of the Week

The resurgent neo-Nazi ideology is becoming ever more widespread.

Many of our readers will be surprised and shocked to learn that neo-fascism has penetrated even the hitherto sacred precincts of the Democratic Party. And the new ideologues are not just ordinary ward-heelers. This isn’t any common block warden or bagman — this is a high-ranking leader of the national party!

Who would have thought that this particular leader would ever succumb to the siren lure of Nazi ideas? But here it is, incontrovertible photographic evidence of not just one, but at least five separate occasions when the vile fascist salute was used to rally the faithful at party meetings and campaign events:
- - - - - - - - -
Nazi Hillary

Yes, it is she: Obersturmbannführer Hillary Rodham Clinton, saluting the adoring throngs of Hillarenvolk at several recent party events.

It’s obvious by now that neo-fascists can emerge anywhere and everywhere. It is our duty to expose them wherever they may be found.


spackle said...

Sieg Heilary!

Anonymous said...


this is the Nazi of century

Robohobo said...

Just a little over the top, eh, Baron?

Heinous she is. Fascistic, maybe. National Socialist? FAIL!

And you were the one who chided me about being over the top when I posted the lyrics to Horst Weisel!

filthykafir said...

I didn't want to believe my lying ears, but now, the evidence is overwhelming. Thank you, Baron, for untiringly laboring to unmask these vile ideologues, who otherwise would pass as (more or less) normal in our very midst and mainstream.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Liberal Fascism?

Morgan said...

So you mean she's not a disciple of the Communist Saul Alinsky, but of Adolf Hitler? Now that's a shocker!

laine said...

This tongue in cheek post is good counter-ammunition for the next time the bloodhounds of the Left portray conservatives caught in the middle of a wave as giving the nazi salute.