Sunday, June 21, 2009

Death on the Streets of Tehran

This video, which was recorded yesterday on the streets of Tehran, is too graphic to embed here.

It lasts for just 37 seconds, but during that time you see the death of a young woman named Neda Soltani. The video begins as she collapses just after she was shot, and by the time the clip has finished she is dead.

WARNING: This is a very disturbing video.

YouTube and Google have been removing copies of the clip, so I don’t expect this particular one to last very long. However, it has gone viral now, so it’s not going to disappear.

The blurb accompanying it gives Maryam Namazie as the source for the video, and also says this:
- - - - - - - - -
Please make this video viral. You Tube and Google are trying to get rid of this video because they do not want us to see the truth. Download Real Downloader and download this vid. Add it to your channel. Let’s not allow her death to be in vain.

Neda, a young woman who was watching the protests in Tehran yesterday morning was shot dead by the regimes baseeji militia. Yesterday, along with Neda, 30 others were killed and 300 wounded. There are reports that the security forces were arresting the wounded from their hospital beds. Ali Khamanei is personally responsible for Nedas death and the death of protestors. Yesterday, the peoples solidarity was truly immense. They provided support, gave shelter and offered food to the protesters all day until late at night. Demonstrations took place, in many parts of Tehran, Shiraz, Rasht, Isfahan. According to the WPI Press Office, Neda’s surname is Soltani; she is an employee of Rademan Airways.

Years ago I forced myself to watch one of the jihad beheading videos, because I wanted to make sure that I always remember: This is the enemy. This is what we are fighting against. It is the antithesis of everything we are and believe in.

The Neda Soltani video serves a similar purpose. It’s unbearably tragic and heartbreaking to watch, but it reminds us of what Iran’s regime — and the man respectfully referred to as the “Supreme Leader” by Barack Hussein Obama — is really all about.

Hat tip: TB.


Jedilson Bonfim said...

I've seen this video on al-CNN, where it was shown without a blurred oval spot over Neda's face for most of its length. It's truly disturbing.

And, as the Baron has said, those actions truly show the cowardly and ruthless enemy we're up against. And the respectful terms used by Barack Arafat Saddam Hussein Osama to refer to Khamenei the Swine just show what kind of monsters Hussein deems worthy of respect (and why he no longer deserves any respect from the American public.)

By the way, I've just heard, on al-CNN, Hala Gorani tell an expert on Iran that a lot of Iranians are asking "Why is Dhimmi Carter silent on all that's going on here?" Since the mullahs' defeat would spell trouble to Carter's beloved Hamas, I suppose he might still be mulling over whether or not he should speak out about his support for Ahmadinahandjob.

Zenster said...

Of course, the video had already been take down. HotAir (via Breitbart), has an excellent video montage of the unrest in Tehran.

(WARNING: Extremely graphic violence!)

The $h!t has hit the fan. Sadly, Mousavi represents no change at all. Only these very public demonstrations are of any worth. They show, for once and all time, that the Ayatollahs are nothing more than dictators usurping the will of Iran's people

Czechmade said...

She was declared shaheed-i-demokrasy.

Those young people are not willing to die for allah, they quote democracy as worth dying for!

They know exactly like us that islam is for arabs only. 20 years ago Iranians started avoiding islamic arabic names for their kids. This is this very generation - grown up.

I must say, in strategic thinking this West-o-west is little bit dull. You are supposed to be good in plotting, but the only plot worth thinking of seems to be licking the boots of some morons.

It seems the West gets its pizza delivered to its house for decades and does not think further.

Iran is the biggest window of opportunity opening for free for all of us. If islam fails in Iran you get 60% of the mojo dead. The rst may be somewhat dignified walk.

Many of those morons in charge of Iran are not even ethically Persians. They disdain them just like us as we disdained those miserable creatures brought to power here by soviets. But the West has no appetite to study any subtleties.

Zenster said...

Czechmade: If islam fails in Iran you get 60% of the mojo dead. The rest may be somewhat dignified walk.

Unfortunately, this may not be the case. Yes, Iran is a major sponsor of overt regional terrorism in the MME (Muslim Middle East). That said, Iran's Muslims are Shiite and, therefore, heretics in the the eyes of the majority Sunni world. It is the Sunnis who sponsor the vast majority of covert international terrorism and their greater financial means enables them to do far more harm on a global basis.

Be that as it may, failure of Iran's mullacracy still would be more than welcome and the very best thing for the Iranian people. However, some questions remain:

● Would Iran actually halt its aggression against the West?

● Would Iran abandon its quest for nuclear arms?

● Would Iran cease its enforcement of shari'a law?

Even with Mousavi in power, the answer to all of these questions is, most likely, a big, "NO!"

To properly collapse Iran it will take the strikes that only Israel has the political will to make. Whether Israel will do the job right and destroy Iran's gasoline refining capacity is another question entirely.

One can only hope that Israel understands the Machiavellian addage:

And let it here be noted that men are either to be kindly treated, or utterly crushed, since they can revenge lighter injuries, but not graver. Wherefore the injury we do to a man should be of a sort to leave no fear of reprisals.

After the exercises in futility known as liberating Afghanistan and Iraq, it should be abundantly clear that any kind treatment of Muslims is an invitation to ingratitude on a monumental scale.

Islamic nations must be crushed. Towards that end, it would be in Israel's best interest to ensure that its strikes against Iran leave the mullahs with so many wounds to lick that they cannot mount any sort of reprisal. The turmoil likely to ensue after destruction of Iran's gasoline refining capacity would assure just that.

For a lengthy but detailed analysis of why it is so vital to smash Iran permanently, I refer you to the superb work of John David Lewis, “No Substitute for Victory” ― The Defeat of Islamic Totalitarianism.

Chechar said...

That's a very long article, Zenster, and will take a while to read it.

But nothing short of nuking Mecca, as has been discussed by you and others in GoV (for an abridged version see this) will crush the infamy --"Écrasez l'Infâme!"-- for sure.

Afonso Henriques said...


I never saw a beheading video because I think I don't need to do so yet. And my morbid curiosity is just not that great.

However, I've seen a video of the "punishment" of a women suspected of adultery. I saw it by chance, I was not looking for it or knowing what would be presented to me. She was stoned to death. It was too much, too violent and the people stoning her were... well... happy. I know when men go violent, there's just something we can't control that makes us actually like violence. Think about Roman gladiators, bullfighting, WFC or cock and dog fighting.

However, the women just lied there, defenseless and they would never stop untill she was perfectly still and the blood was wetting the floor in enormous quantities. She was already dead. The act shocked me instantaneously. Then, I got colder and what shocked me the most was that there was no violence in the act that was exciting or enjoyable or likable.

It was a defensless women and a mob enjoying attacking a defensless women. A women who could not defend herself. The execution or the way in which she was executed did not shocked me (that much), what shocked me was the joy whith which the people were executing her.

But, in extra-cold mode, trying not to let my emotions intrefere with the "preceptions" I get from my senses, it is a cultural thing.
Any such thing, like the Los Angeles riots of 1992 or a similar thing comitted in the West by not-so-Westerners is far more shocking. The muslims killed a women in Name of Civilisation - their Civilisation.

Here in the West, people are killing and letting be killed Civilisations in the name of what? Personal will? Nihilism? It's more sickening.

Afonso Henriques said...

"Demonstrations took place, in many parts of Tehran, Shiraz, Rasht, Isfahan"

This is the most valuable information. It is National, not just some Teheran thing as the media has presented.

However, I'm still thinking a majority of Iranians prefer Amadhinejad. Can you provide me the result of the pseudo-rigged elections by province? So that maybe I change my mind (that it was not that substantially rigged)?

Can you tell more about exactly what's at stake? The presidency or the Islamic regime?

If it is the Islamic regime, how such?

Let's focus on what's important, shall we?

Afonso Henriques said...

A round over the comentaries:

"They show, for once and all time, that the Ayatollahs are nothing more than dictators usurping the will of Iran's people"

Iran is too complex and you have only a tiny minority in the streets. Mainly upper and upper-middle class Westernised youth. I don't know if the people are all that much against Amadhinejad or the Islamic Regime. The Revolution was quiet popular and the war with Iraq has extremed the people. Also, Iran is very Nationalistic (Persians, Turks, Arabs, all emcopassed together like American Patriotism) and the United States has not helped much by threatening to bomb Iran every once in a while.

I have come to like very much the do-nothing Obama policy. Obama is doing a hell of bad to America but not that much for the rest of the World. At least, yet.

However I admit that some important segments of the Iranian population are against the regime (Persians, Upper Middle Class, Young People, Urban nostalgics from the Shah's time, etc) I just think that they aren't probabily a majority. Also, I bet those are the more "pussified" less brave Iranians around.

Afonso Henriques said...

"Those young people are not willing to die for allah, they quote democracy as worth dying for!"

That's great, isn't it Czechmade? Now, maybe Iran can take over Iraq and export democracy by itself and let the Americans come Home aggain. Of course, you could offer the Shia Iraq to Iran, the Sunni part to Saudi Arabia, keep the oil for America/West (not to France, only those who helped) and get an independent Kurdistan or get it over to Turkey, such was the impunity of its actions there.

But of course that would be evil, Nazi, PC and, surprisingly, pro-Turkish...

Oddly enough, I prefer those who will die for religion, even if it's a muslim, being relligion a set of vallues that one/'s people / Civilisation / et all finds valuable, than those who will die merely for... democracy. Let's not walk that path.
Young Iranians would throw anything that is catchy for the West, obviously and nonetheless so... and democracy, at long term, would probabily put the Ayatholas in power again.

"islam is for arabs only"

Well... Persia is muslim for so long that... My heart is with you and my mind wants to be with you but... I am to young to have seen a not-so-Islamic Iran although much of Iran is especially in its we-know-what.

"Iranians started avoiding islamic arabic names for their kids. This is this very generation - grown up."

Yes. But what does not match up is that it was their daddies who wellcome the Islamic Revolution and Khomeni.

"Many of those morons in charge of Iran are not even ethically Persians."

Iran is as much Persian as... Brazil is Native American? And Persians will never want an ethnic-state. They thrive for an empire, even if it kills them.


Kidding with Zenster:

"To properly collapse Iran it will take the strikes that only Israel has the political will to make."

Proud American Nationalist, Russophobe and now Persiophobe no matter what!

Eh eh, just kidding.

Zenster said...

Chechar: That's a very long article, Zenster, and will take a while to read it.

I freely admit that Lewis' piece is a veritable tome. However, his being a subscriber to Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism obliges him to couch the entire article in fact-based references that are free of jingoism or appeals to emotion. Along with some excellent historical comparisons, Lewis makes a fascinating case for why Iran, above all other Islamic nations, should receive an almighty smackdown from the West.

But nothing short of nuking Mecca, as has been discussed by you and others in GoV (for an abridged version see this) will crush the infamy ...

Your blog is a commendable attempt at summarizing what is, even in the best light, this new century's most thorny and pressing issue. Just recently, I have undergone a personal epiphany after having had discussions with people who were directly responsible for the security and deployment of America's nuclear arsenal.

While I still believe that America's stock of conventional weapons is adequate to a vast majority of tasks against Islam, I no longer oppose the prudent first use of nuclear arms against Islam. The reason for this is that the immensely superstitious nature of Islamic thinking is, perhaps, one of the single greatest justifications for the nuclear annihilation of Mecca and Medina.

As isolated "strategic" assaults, such attacks would be nearly meaningless. Cast in the light of Islam's towering sense of infallibility, such a move takes on an entirely different and puissant meaning.

One of the few ways of sheparding Muslims away from Islam's apocalyptic precipice involves a thorough discrediting of Mohammed and Allah. Aside from Divine Intervention itself, one of the only manmade ways of casting such doubt upon these theistic figures is to show them as being impotent before the most simple of Western acts.

I say, "most simple", because the Muslim mind has a pronounced track record of attributing even the very worst of their own self-inflicted wounds to insufficient piety. Towards this end, a massive ground invasion to take by force the shrines at Mecca and Medina and hold them as physical hostages against further terrorist atrocities, (as I have suggested elsewhere), contains sufficient indeterminant elements that it would permit Muslims to interpret any outcome as being attributable to, again, insufficient piety.

Pre-announced and successfully concluded nuclear attacks upon the shrines at Mecca and Medina represent one of the only ways to impress upon Muslims the totally inadequate character of Allah and Islam's entire theistic construct. Such a direct and promptly achieved series of immensely devastating blows would provide a distinct lack of alternative interpretations and opportunities for supposed intervention (i.e., Allah's hand swatting the MIRVs aside), and thus represent one of the only convincing proofs that Islam is inadequate to the task of defending Muslims.

None of this even begins to address the “strong horse” mentality that such attacks would emphatically address. Muslims would be presented with a Western world that could, at will, desecrate their holiest of shrines, with utter impunity, like they did with the Bamiyan Buddhas.

While few things could seem more fit, I still advocate the targeted assassination of 1,000 to 10,000 of Islam's clerical, financial, political and scholastic elite as a possible alternative to destroying the beautiful architectural legacy that the Islamic shrines represent. NOT THEIR RELIGIOUS SIGNIFICANCE, just the structural beauty, that's all.

Zenster said...

Afonso Henriques: Kidding with Zenster:

"To properly collapse Iran it will take the strikes that only Israel has the political will to make."

Proud American Nationalist, Russophobe and now Persiophobe no matter what!

Au contraire, Afonso, Persiaphile! Nearly every Persian I have ever had the pleasure to meet has expressed an almost unanimous hatred for the Shiite Ayatollahs and their wholesale destruction of Persian culture.

I have no problem with Persians. I have few problems with Iranians. I do have problems with Iranian Shiites and continue to predict that, for their continued sponsorship of international terrorism, they will be glassed and Windexed™ free of charge by Western civilization.



Jedilson Bonfim said...

Zenster, an undeniable fact that mahoundians have turned a blind eye to for 1400 years, that mahoundianism is one hell of a lame scam, is about to be exposed beyond a doubt through the invalidation of that bedrock of their ideology, "there is no god but allah (the imaginary.)" And why? Mahoundians might soon have to choose between two allahs, as a consequence of having to choose between two versions of Mein Qurampf.

I truly hope Mr Gerd Puin will be able to go all the way with his work. The impact of his research doesn't just have the potential to be bigger than actually bombing Mecca and Medina. It could be like wiping the entire Arabian Peninsula off the planet.

Zenster said...

Jedilson Bonfim, I encourage you to, please, submit an in-depth article here, at GoV, that details these potential doctrinal disputes.

This possibility represents one of the very few ways of fragmenting Islam's nearly monolithic block and its potential hostility to all things Western.

While I, personally, hold little hope for the work you present to have any substantial impact upon Islam's adamantine doctrinal edifice, your approach offers one of the very few alternatives - with respect to altering Islam's jihadi course - that holds any promise for an even remotely peaceful resolution to the conflict we now confront.

All other indicators point towards a Muslim holocaust.

Afonso Henriques said...

So Zenster, in name of yours aparently sincere Persiophilia let's not nuke them. Or incite the Jews to do so, ok.
Nor bomb them either.

I've been saying this since my first post at Gates of Vienna and thinking like this for even longer:

The Iranian people will kill the Islamic Revolution if "the international comunity", be it Pakistan, the U.S. or Iraq does not threath to bomb them every other Saturday.

I don't know if this is the moment, I think this is only an advise. But if the Persians fail... let them be Islamic. We have no say on that.

P.S. - Wow... last night I was on fire. Four comments on a raw? Damn!

Afonso Henriques said...



I say: Give space to Persians because...

Persians will not have it any other way.


Chechar said...


I have now read Lewis’ piece. Here there are some quotable quotes:

“…a mushroom cloud over America.”

“Only after we understand that we should defeat these enemies, can we ask how.”

“The conclusion is inescapable. The road to the defeat of Islamic Totalitarianism begins in Tehran.”

“Most importantly, by ousting the regime in Iran, we would send a clear message to the world: Political Islam is finished.”

Sometimes I wonder why don’t we summarize the substance of such excellent articles and, by using teleprompters, go to YouTube uploading lots of videos containing speeches with the above sentences? Since I speak Spanish it’s a bit awkward for me. But I improvised a home “teleprompter” and uploaded a short video against Obama. With home-made teleprompters, couldn’t native English-speakers do a much better job in YouTube?

Czechmade said...

Unfortunately you are yourselves locked in 30 years negligence of Iranian reality. Now you have no means to find out quickly what is it about. You are half-blind. Whatever you think or decide must be ridiculous just like Obamas "ideas". You cannot replace your ignorance within few hours studying some ayatollah or ahmadimonkey.

Boring West. Unable to study something. You wasted 30 years non-working with Iranian exile to bring a clear picture of non-islamic Iran. To make it work meanwhile on cultural and philosophical level.

Your Judeo-Christian angels are an import from a purely Iranian concept. Your word for Paradise is Iranian. Women were equal to men in old good Persia unlike in Greece pregnant with democracy. Slavery was not an economic hobby
in Old Persia. This Persia was disappearing very slowly sacked by Arabs, Mongols, Turks. You count only on official rulers. Be more democratic - watch the non-rulers as well. They have enough identity to forget anything islamic.

Now you are unable to read the Persian mindset, because you are fully unqualified. Our task is to recognize all the Persian elements and spread it. Is it an accident Persian women are leading over men in education and political activities?

You need propre training in understanding how the totalitarian regimes work. Feel free to think that most Poles or Czechs were communists throughout the communist regime. Then according to your wisdom we became much less bolshevik than you are right now 2009 overnight 1989? Silly question?

You have two types of totalitarian regimes:

The population is silly and moronic, perfectly ready to fit into ANY totalitarian ideology. Do not waste any time with Arabs or Russians.

Then you get populations not fitting in the totalitarian mindset - worth support. Your useful idiots left or right wasted money on palestina doe decades. Imagine same money being given to support Iranian freedom.

The Iranian regime works for us, monkey ahmadinejad works for us showing the backwardness of islam to us as well to the Iranians.

Look at the Turkic dynasty ruling Iran before Shah. Shah was installed by clergy in hope Iranian Kemal Attatuerk would be avoided. The last shah had to go, because he did not care much about this clergy. And stupid West supported it. The Iranian "revolution" was carried out by countless elements, but only one element assumed the power. Same in Cuba, you may feel happy removing batista, but you have no idea something worse might come afterwards. You are now in the same package - most people felt happy seeing Bush gone - replaced by Obama. See - you have same silly instincts like Iranians in 1978. Even worse, because Iran at that time had no political democratic landscape.

Stop looking down at Iranians, you are in a very similar mess right now. Invaded by Mongols, Turks and Arabs.

Czechmade said...

Feel free to think Mongols as leftists...

Got it?

Islamic Republic, of course Khomeini promised something very different. That is why you had some shadowes of democracy suppressed 4 years ago.

Unknown Ahmadinejad was elected 4 years ago by reluctant minority because he had no turban.

Now the election/selection was more a referendum about ahmadimonkey, not Mousavi. "Referendum" - as correctly put by some Iranian commentator.

And the West needs so much time incl. GoV to decide whether monkey was really elected. Journalistic idiots even ponder about "rural" areas "strong in support of ahmadimonkey. Lazy monkeys we have in the West.
- voting for Ahmadi themselves!

Zenster said...

Chechar: With home-made teleprompters, couldn’t native English-speakers do a much better job in YouTube?.

At your own web site, you have links for one of the finest English-speaking critics of Islam: Pat Condell. He is probably the closest thing Britain has to a modern-day Churchill, complete with acid wit and snide humor.

Chechar said...

Right: Condell is a national treasure. But I’d love to see the more heavy stuff we read here in GoV, or in that magnificent piece by Lewis you called our attention to, spoken out in YouTube…

spackle said...

Did anyone notice the person who put this video up (at least on the link provided here) is called ANTIFA owns this b***h?

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Afonso, the day your stomach is ready for I'll be happy to provide you links to muslim atrocities. I've seen one or two stonings 8bad quality), a few hangings (from crane, short drop and long drop, the later perhaps only Saddam himself), throwing people of roofs (gays maybe?), beheadings (with knife quite a few as they are fairly common) and one or two with sword (bad quality), shootings (from handguns to machine guns) and even burning people alive. Contrary to you I am morbid but there are people lot more morbid than I. I don't even watch this every day or even every month necessarily.

There was this thread about to teenagers in Ukraine killing a homeless man while filming it with their cell phone. I never saw that vid. The description of the whole event in the thread was more than enough for me. Nor do I have the stumoch to see torture against children and animals. That is where I draw the line.

However, I believe there are people out there who seriously NEEDS to see this vile stuff the muslims are capable of. Afonso might not necessary be one of them since he seem perfectly awake and aware of what islam means. I'm more thinking of the uber-stupid dhimmis, halal-hippies, multicu¨lturalists or whatever name they go by. THEY need to see this gruesome stuff because this is exactly the people they have allied with and to make them understand, this is exactly the fate that awaits THEMSELVES as soon as the muslims are strong enough and don't need their useful kufr idiots nomore.

Afonso Henriques said...

Chechar, don't take this personal I'm just being honnest: I tell you that if I say I liked your video I am lying but, what I really really want to tell you is that it is more videos like the one you made that we need.

Keep on! (But try less borring videos so far) I salute you, man.*

* put some videos in Spanish as well!

Afonso Henriques said...


I agree with your work ethics of explore first, have ideas after.
But I have to tell you that I've pretty much gave up of the Third World because I've seen again and again all of them behaving in the same manner. And I am not expecting them to have the slightest of "ethnic/Civilisational" solidarity towards Europe. And I put in that bin Africans, Muslims, Jews, Gypsies, Albanians, Turks... even Timorese!

I slowly came to understand that one cannot expect much from every single one of these groups. Recently I came to understand that Chinese and Japanese, while highly Civilised are... in the same bin. I am not saying all those people are inferior, I'm just saying they are not capable of maintaining something close resembeling our Civilisation.

In the early 2000s I was an innocent boy touched by the Timorese cause in many ways, and I really felt that Portugal was oweing something to Timor as the Socialists think the U.S. owes to the world.
Their immigrants were impecable and they were such a docile people who have maintained to some degree a Portuguese inheritance despite the Portuguese bad behaviouring in... they were so docile and prone to suffering and still being there, voicing peacefully doing what should be done by the proper means while both Portugal and the United States were acting nasty (very nasty). However no Timorese harbours bad feelings towards Portuguese or Americans (it's true).

I really was for them. We gave them independence and what did they do? Elect a muslim leader and cause a Civil War. Being perpetually a third world country although all the money that poured in out of pure kindness from the Europeans pockets (Portugal, Australia, U.E. The West through the ONU). When they were massacred, Portuguese were the language of high culture and although the people did not spoke it, it was the National language because it was the language of the resistence. Today, the National language is one Third World local language and Portuguese has to compete with the English language for high culture.

A complete fiasco. And that people? How could that docile and suffered people that did not gave up to the worst massacres, always non-violent, fight each other over, well... nothing?

I've never had a Timorese friend. In fact, the closer Timorese I got is a story of a pseudo-hip, on her thirthies, leftist women who let his husband go to Australia and that got pissed off, not that much because the marriage was over but because the husband replaced her not with a blonde Australian but by a black Timorese (women's own words). That was a funny story.

But I've been in contact with many Timorese here. And only recently I figured out why they were so good immigrants albeit poor. They were mainly women, women and children. I've met only one Timorese man and he didn't got out from the same good-immigrant stereotype.

But even being only women and children, the Timorese had something special about them that made them really sweet, docile, rule-abaiding people.
I remember going to a circus that was to help those Timorese. They were there, they did not pay a cent and the circus was expensive. There was some 30 or so Timorese children of various age. Some half were overtly impress with that, others not that much.

But you couldn't find one bully, you couldn't find one signal of non kindness. And believe me, Portuguese kids - and European ones are even worst - are devils.
African and Gypsy kids are usually even worst than the European ones, just like Latin Americans and muslim children are.
But the Timorese weren't. The Timorese was in my mind what the Jew is to some people: Semi-Perfect although Eternal Victims.

But, I've lost any hope in third worlders when I lost hope in Timorese. They simply cannot "inherit" our Civilisation, or can they replace "us".

I don't even know if you feel that there is an us like I do, being "us" so different, but I want believe you do so.

Afonso Henriques said...

Sorry for the divagation Czechmade, you know me...

You know my stand on Third Worlders from my comment above. But, there are very different graduations of Third Worlders.

And to me, Achmenids were Europeans. It was an Eastern version of Rome, or was it the Parthian? Or was it even the Sassanid Empire? ...So much was the Persian congruence. I'm always open to debate and analysis, Czechmade.

"Your word for Paradise is Iranian." Lol - just a curiosity, I recently saw it on the dictionary. The dictionary says (surprise!) it's Latin. But a quick search at Wikipedia says it's Persian. Both are right. Once the very concept of Christian Paradise arrived here when the people still spoke Latin... and the Romans (Greeks? Hebrews?) had learn it from Persians...

"Women were equal to men in old good Persia"
I won't blame good old Greece, I'll just say that Greece and Persia were indeed "good old..." but that good old Persia is extinguished for long.

You see, stay with me!!!!

"This Persia was disappearing very slowly sacked by Arabs, Mongols, Turks. You count only on official rulers. Be more democratic - watch the non-rulers as well. They have enough identity to forget anything islamic."

No they haven't. Stay with me Czechmade. If Persia WAS DISAPPEARING sacked by Arabs, Mongols and Turks, how come it revived? It was disaprearing and then the Mongols, Turks and Arabs took over it. And then it disapeared. If you believe it was disapearing with the advance of Arabs, Turks and Mongols and then magically still exists today we get this:

1) It was disapearing. I agree with you. And I think we'll agree that Persia has suffered several blows on its "Aryanity", the last being the Islamic Revolution.

2) If it was disapearing, WHEN DID IT REVIVED THEN??

Persia suffered one blow and was never able to comeback to where it once was. Then, it suffered another blow ans sunk a little lower. That's the history of Persia ever since the Arab invasion. If it was disapearing and sinking every time lower, how did not disapear and how did it somewhat revived?

"They have enough identity to forget anything islamic."

In 1979 the people spoke. It was a popular Revolution. It was by no means a Persian Revolution but the Persians did not stand tall against it neither.

"Our task is to recognize all the Persian elements and spread it. Is it an accident Persian women are leading over men in education and political activities?"

Okay. But you are being selective. You're only chosing what satisfies you. But indicators like that exist and abound and are definetly not accident - we both know what they mean. But also do many others exist in the opposite direction.

"You have two types of totalitarian regimes:"

Interesting thesis. But my concern is a different one: We have peoples who will be interinsically interested in "us" as being part of the same Civilisation (count the Russians), and those whose people will most likely fight us to look good among "their own" (count on the Albanians and the Turks).

In which of them are the Persians?

I think you're being somewhat Bush-esque and dreaming of a "confederation of free democracies" as if democratic Japan was automatically "one of us" and any non Democratic European Nation was part of the axis of evil.

Democracy is merely a form of government. I mean something different, I mean Civilisations. And no one will tolerate a non Democratic European power because the leftists know exactly that, being the same Civilisation, those vallues would easily be transfered to similar peoples.

"Stop looking down at Iranians, you are in a very similar mess right now. Invaded by Mongols, Turks and Arabs."

Spain and Portugal were conquered by Arabs and Berbers. We fight and expelled them, the Persians integrated them. That's the difference!!!

Chechar said...

Chechar, don't take this personal I'm just being honnest: I tell you that if I say I liked your video I am lying but...

That's the point. I tried to convey the message that, being Spanish my language, English-speaking guys could do a better job than I do. Even if I use "home-made teleprompter" there's a big difference. The link to my YouTube video was an invitation to native speakers to speak out. The world's situation is so serious that we need a step beyond blogging (besides blogging of course).

Afonso Henriques said...


"Your useful idiots left or right wasted money on palestina doe decades. Imagine same money being given to support Iranian freedom."

And this leaves me to my final reluctance in fighting for Iran (I even support Obama's inertia):

Look to what's happening in the ever-growing European Union.
Look how difficult has been for the Russians to "reconquer" Belarus and at least Eastern Ukraine. Look how poor Ukrainians and Belarussians still are. And even Russia has many economical differences.
There still exists a non negligable "Eurasian" stream in Russian thought that says Russia should unite with Turkey and fight Europe.

Look to the United States and Canada and how soon those countries will abandon all their European costumes.

Even European derived although not European costumes like Thanksgiven will perish. At least in importance when Martin Luther King's day and the day of La Gloriosa Lengua Espanola are the two biggest comemorations to Americans.

Look to the Third Worldisation of Latin America. We have countries some 90% white like Argentina and Uruguay that are becoming more and more hostile to the European Civilisation as well. Brazil is a country full of Europeans and with a vibrant culture and still it's seen only as an exotic place instead of a force we should reckon and count automatically in our side. And it's less and less European by the minute in every regard. Just look to Lula's blue eyes (lol).

This is definetly not the time to spend resources helping the mystical "European?" Nation from where the three old guys who went to offer gifts to Jesus when the baby was born were from.

It would be better we would save Kosovo or Serbia or Paris or Los Angeles rather than a Persia we are not sure that exists. We have no strong body part and therefore it will be very difficult and dangerous to pull the man with the plague up to our floor.

Afonso Henriques said...

Robin Shadowes,

"Afonso, the day your stomach is ready for I'll be happy to provide you links to muslim atrocities."

Happy!? You sadistic ev...

"Contrary to you I am morbid"

I am morbid in my real life. Don't feel much atracted by online morbidity. For instance, some nights ago there were hundreds of people running of against me. I was frightened at first, but within two seconds I was the only one running on the opposite side of the mob. In the end, it was just a group of blacks fighting a throwing chairs at people downtown...

"I believe there are people out there who seriously NEEDS to see this vile stuff the muslims are capable of."

Yes indeed. They really do. In my opinion, the problem with such people is that they will go from 8 to 80. They will cease to be deranged multiculturalists and start being deranged extremists aginst immigrants.

"Afonso might not necessary be one of them since he seem perfectly awake and aware of what islam means."

Yeah I think I'm aware. But many people aren't.
And there's an entire race of people whom I have ceased to convince: Women.
They seem never to be waiting for "it" to happen and are the most supportive of leftism in general that alouds such situations.
And, when they are confronted with "it", they are always hitted and shocked and stuff. And when one does the obvious connection and explains them who does what and why it's so predictable, they are once more shocked and doubt reason and logic.

And I'm always seen as the bad guy, as an extremist asshole "with no comptempt towards humanity".

But in real life, the same women are the first to draw a line.

For instance, I've seen a morbid video of a Brazilian torturing a guy with knifes, hot iron bars and boiling watter in a "favela" of Rio de Janeiro.
This is the same scum* who comes here and then people get surprised that violent murders, organised crime and rapes became common pace. But those people are the first ones to say that they have all the right to be here and simultaneouslt that they want to avoid them.

It's a dead end with women but rare exceptions.

* about the scum, these people (Brazilian) problems are not that much cultural but they are really born without a chance. When they come to Europe then, their only chance is crime due to poverty, high cost of living and often they are facing prision sentences in Brazil. As Captain Nascimento says in the latest great Brazilian classic film Elite Squad (true story):
"(Men who only know the favela) must have had a heavy f*cked up up bringing and becoming criminals may be their only option to survive. What f*cks me is the guy who's born with oportunities and ends up following this path. To me, the last ones are the worst criminals and should be punnished the harsher."

The quote is not 100% reliable as it comes from my memory only. Those were strong words.
In the movie, you see that most of the former guys were very poor browns and blacks who live in hell while the last ones are rich or upper middle class leftist white people.

And man, if you're morbid, you OUGHT to get your hands on that film. Then tell me about it. It's so damn great that I saw the movie once again in family last Christmas :)

And because I'm feeling generous and willing to party I'll tell you that the film also has popularised great offensive music, Punk from Rio, for the criminals against the police and white people in general:

Original version displaying the weapons that they evoke and that are the most used in Rio by the criminals for their dirty jobs.
And the trendy and cool Club/Dance music somewhere in NorthWestern Europe, Amsterdam probabily.
And not so nice version with one burnette and one blonde model that I just discovered. Great models...

Zenster said...

Chechar: That's the point. I tried to convey the message that, being Spanish my language, English-speaking guys could do a better job than I do.

Chechar, do not worry. First off, unlike so many others, you are making an effort. Also, as a non-native English speaker, you are clearly more concerned about BHO's reckless conduct than the vast majority of other Mexican immigrants to the USA, be they legal or otherwise. That fact alone counts for A LOT!

Do you think that Pat Condell's first video experiments were any better? Maybe, but maybe not. Again, he is a native English speaker and has that advantage.

Keep up the good work. Fight the good fight. Keep updating your blog.

Contact the Baron, if you wish to send me an email. Should you deem them of use, I will be happy to contribute any of my GoV essays (and others), to your blog site.

I would like to offer my monograph, "A Functional Deterrent to Terrorism", (which largely appears in the previously linked GoV comment). Please read the entire thread (including the comments by my detractors, time permitting), for further insight into my own overview.

You are clearly willing to address and discuss the more uncomfortable aspects of what it will take for the West to survive Islamic colonization. Please know that you have my admiration and applause.