Monday, June 29, 2009

Today in Denmark

Cultural Enrichment News

Our Danish correspondent TB has translated three cultural enrichment stories from today’s Danish MSM, one from Aarhus, one from Copenhagen, and one from Aalborg.

He says, “The first one is only excerpts since it is a more in-depth coverage. This incident happened to a well-known girl in Denmark.”

From Jyllands-Posten:

Mother of victim of violence: Put 12-year-old in jail

Earlier this month MGP star Sandra Monique was severely beaten in school. Now her mother demands serious punishment for kids from the age of 12 on.


Sandra Monique, who last year came second in the song contest MGP on DR [Danish state radio/TV], was trapped and beaten followed by a strangulation attempt by a girl two years older, while a boy of the same age taped the assault on his mobile phone and a group of kids stood and watched without doing anything.

Sandra Monique suffered broken ribs and marks all over her body and in her eyes following the strangulation attempt.


Guest in Denmark

She enjoys living in Denmark. Not the least when she is on vacation in Vietnam.

“We have such a good life in Denmark, but too many people take it for granted. I do not want to sound racist but it is far from everybody with roots in other parts of the world who behaves like they should. My daughter was assaulted by a girl with Arab roots here in Aarhus, and no one in her family wants to take responsibility. I am no racist [Pay attention: this is not a white Dane speaking here. The family is originally from Vietnam, to my knowledge, and you can see their picture in the article. — translator] but many Arabs display very violent behavior. Even when you get your Danish passport you are still a guest in Denmark and therefore you should go to school, learn the language, and behave respectfully. Unfortunately there are many who do not possess the ability to do that.”

Threatened with more beatings

When a group of teenagers, after the assault, kept bothering Sandra Monique, her mother did not see any alternative to getting directly involved. She asked the youngsters to stay away from her daughter.

“But how do they react? They call their friends, who come driving on their motorbikes and threaten to involve members of Trillegårdsbanden [local gang of Arabs]. Danish kids would never act like this. These kids have no respect towards adults. Instead of apologizing for their acts they start to intimidate.”


“The police interrogate the youngsters. But it is only to try to frighten them; in reality the police cannot do anything. The municipality can take over but that would take an enormous amount of effort,” Donna Monique says. She wants to see new laws making it possible to put 12-year-old kids in jail.


“Today kids should also experience some consequences. Hardcore criminals make kids under the age of 15 commit burglaries and stab other people because they cannot be punished. It’s the way that many get away with these crimes.”


“It is a huge problem that so many people are not frightened of the possibility of going to jail. Denmark has acquired many new residents with other values and rules and you have to take that into consideration when designing the laws.”
The second one happened in Nørrebro — Enricher vs. Enricher. From Ekstra Bladet:
- - - - - - - - -
Shop owner knifed in the throat

Four persons are being hunted by the police in Copenhagen right now, where a shop owner was stabbed in the throat.

The owner of a jewelry shop in Nørrebro, Copenhagen got a knife in his throat after a robbery, according to police information.

It was the Al Rasoul Jewelry that was robbed, when three men of foreign origin came in brandishing a knife. It was during the ensuing fight that the shop owner apparently got knifed in the throat. A doctor and an ambulance has arrived. The man is conscious but beside that his condition is unknown.

The three robbers got away in a car waiting with a driver who around a corner.

The last one is about four Somalis, also taken from Ekstra Bladet:

Guy walking his dog knifed and kicked in the head

Four Somali men robbed 22 year old in Aalborg

A 22-year-old was assaulted at 06.00 at Skydebanevej in Aalborg Vestby.

He was knifed and kicked in the head and body, police officer Poul Badsberg from Northern Jutland says to

The 22-year-old says that he was attacked by four men while he walked his dog.

“After spending a few hours in front of his computer after a good night out, he decides to walk his dog. While he’s out, four Somali men start shouting at him, and after some turmoil one of the Somalis draws a knife and the victim feels a sting in his arm. Afterwards it was clear that he had suffered minor cuts on his arm and the left side of his chest.”

After the cut the man was kicked in the head and on his body, and he lost consciousness for a short period of time.

When he woke up he had lost 800 kroner (around $160).

The 22-year-old was taken to the hospital for observation.

The man describes the four perpetrators as being between 15 and 20 years old and of Somali background. The guy who had the knife is around 180 cm and wore a red t-shirt. He had a thin moustache.

The perpetrator who kicked wore a black shirt. He had two small scars at his right eyebrow.


blogagog said...

I really enjoy the International Cultural Enrichment posts you've been making. I hope you keep it up.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Jyllands-Posten runs an editorial today on the story reported yesterday. The headline is: "Pure Evil".

It's mentioned several times that it was an Arab girl who did the suffocation, and that this is a general problem in the district.

Nothing held back - good writing.

Anonymous said...

Some background facts on this story :

1. Somalia is one of the oldest Muslim countries in the world.

2. In the Muslim faith, the dog is as impure an animal as the pig.

3. The Mohammed cartoons crisis was provoked by a group of Danish imams who toured Muslim capitals to show the cartoons, in order to inflame the Ummah.

At first, Muslims throughout the world had ignored the cartoons. The imams added to their evidence two fake images, which were not part of the drawings published by the Jyllands-Posten.

One of them was of a praying Muslim being sodomised by a giant dog. Contrary to the actual cartoons which were quite gentle, this image (regardless of where one might stand about freedom of expression issues) was really, really offending : there was no attempt at humour, it was not funny, it did not mean to convey a deeper truth about Muslims (as Western cartoons do). It was pure aggression and insult, of the worst sort.

Of the Muslim sort, I should add. Which shows us a particularly pervert side of the Muslim mind : lying by attributing your own vices to your opponent.

Muslim "feelings" are not spontaneous. There is, really, a network of extremists manipulating the general Muslim community in order to wage this other djihad against the West.

This djihad is even more dangerous than the obvious, military one, by which people blow themselves up in our public transportation systems.

Afonso Henriques said...

I like the International Cultural Enrichment News, Baron. It's a success. Keep it gowing.

One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

Yes, Baron! Please keep up the International Cultural Enrichment News! Up here where I am deep in the woods in New Hampshire with a couple of rifles and pistols within easy reach as I write this, we do not have this kind of Cultural Enrichment.

Chinese Gordon said...

That whole 2nd Amendment thingy makes a difference doesn't it?