Friday, June 26, 2009

Congress to America: “Eat Dirt and Die”

That’s the essential message from the 111th Congress to you and me: “eat dirt and die, peons”.

The cap and trade bill passed in the House, 219- 212. More than forty Democrats voted against it, but a half dozen or so Republicans crossed over, enough to give them a majority.

Here’s where you can read the roll call results to find out how your Congressman voted. Those suckers passed on it “unread”.

If you’re not sure what district you’re in, here’s the page which permits you to type in your zip code+4. Don’t worry about those last four digits if you don’t know them. Make one up (we’re so small that the extra four digits are ludicruous). This will give you your Congressman’s email page. That worked for me, but if you’re from a large city or town, you probably need the real numbers.

They passed this shameful fraud because they wanted to get out of town for the July 4th holiday. The rest of us get July 4th off. They get a week or more. In fact, who knows when they'll return from this recess. Will it be to push through another huge, unread bill, this time on health care? We’re two for two now: the Stimulus Attack and the Energy Fraud.

By the way, one of the features of Cap and Trade is that your local agency for building codes will be by-passed. They’re going to set up a building code bureaucracy in Washington and fill it full of time-servers. Which means you can wait till hell freezes over to get an approval or inspection.

Does this mean your local agency will shut down? Heavens, no! They'll just be the go-between. You'll have more hoops to jump through, is all. The Imperial Congress strikes again! Practice your hoop-jumping; it's a non-productive skill you'll need to survive in this brave new world.

Here’s the letter I wrote to my Congressman at his contact page:
- - - - - - - - -
This message needs no response.

Congressman Perriello: Your “yea” vote on the cap and trade bill is a betrayal of the people in our district.

I have never gotten involved in election campaigns before, but 2010 will be different. I will devote my energy towards your defeat.

You do not represent me, you impoverish me and the others in this district who are not going to profit from this.

For shame on the committee for producing a gargantuan bill and then moving sideways with that 300 page addendum.

For shame on all 219 of you who voted without reading this mess.

NO ONE could have read and researched that thing. Your vote was irresponsible at best.

I hope the Senate kills this travesty.

Whether or not they do, we have established that you cannot be trusted to vote for our welfare.

See you at election time, Congressman.

Believe me, I’ll be out there with big signs for whomever is running against this guy. We need someone who cares what it’s going to cost us when he votes.

Again, from the Heritage Foundation (the numbers lead to footnotes which you can find at the site):

Heritage is not alone in its assessment. The National Black Chamber of Commerce[2] and the Brookings Institution[3] also project huge job losses. Proponents of a national energy tax will quickly point to a recent Congressional Budget Office memo[4] and Environmental Protection Agency[5] analysis suggesting low per family costs. Those estimates are grossly inaccurate, as both the CBO memo and the EPA’s analysis contain flaws too serious for use as measures of the economic impact of the Waxman-Markey bill.

While national numbers are startling, many Members of Congress may be tempted to assume that their congressional districts will not be affected because they “cut a deal” or they have an incomplete view of how the American economy functions. Thus, it is crucially important that the Members making decisions, and the people affected by those decisions, understand how their congressional districts will be impacted by Waxman-Markey, or any type of national energy tax.

They have a table in Appendix One which permits you to see the breakdown of the costs by Congressional District. See “How the Waxman-Markey Climate Change Bill Would Affect the States, by Congressional District”.

To see our losses, just scroll down to Virginia, District Five, Congressman Tom Perriello. We suffer less than some of the other districts in our state, but the cap on our trade is still pretty stiff.

We’ll have to wait and see what the Senate does when they get the full blow-back from concerned citizens. With any luck, this monster will die there.

If not, there is always the vote in 2010. That is, if ACORN isn’t here stuffing the ballot boxes.


Inalienable Rights said...

At this point, I think a powerful case can be made that the United States of America, as a recognizable entity centered around the Constitution, no longer exists. Them rahming through this monstrosity plus 300 page amendment without reading it is the moral equivalent of spitting in my face and wiping their a**es on my leg. It's disgusting. I have more respect for half the people in prison than these tyrants.

Massive civil disobedience better happen quick.

heroyalwhyness said...

The traitorous RHINOS:

Bono Mack - California, riverside 202 225-5330
Castle - Delaware, only one 202 225-4165
Kirk - Illinois, northern Chicago 202 225-4835
Lance - New Jersey, suburbs/rural in north 202-225- 5361
Lobiondo - New Jersey, Atlantic City & south jersey 202 225-6572
McHugh - New York, upstate, resigning to be ARMY SECRETARY 202 225-4611
Reichert - Washington, eastern Seattle suburbs 202 225-7761
Smith(NJ) - New Jersey, Trenton 202 225 3765


But these traitors are just a warm up for what the UN has in store:

For UN and its leader, climate deal stakes high

Kathy said...

What do you think it's going to take before the American people say enough and take their country back?

Henrik R Clausen said...

Kathy, my opinion, as mentioned quite a few times recently.

A disasterous economical collapse.

Watch out for those states, like Texas and Montana, who are looking at measures to deal with that. They may be the ones to move to.

And I'd unconditionally stay away from living in city centers.

Arius said...

Henrik, what measures are Texas and Montana looking at?

The US economy is tittering on the edge. Cap and Trade will push it over the edge into Depression. This is similar to what happened after the 1929 crash. Hoover raised taxes over 50%, and then Roosevelt further raised taxes driving what should have been a bear market and recession into a Depression.

The politicians and media are a pack of fools leading the US people straight into a train wreak.

Henrik R Clausen said...

The governor of Texas didn't unconditionally rule out the option of leaving the United States of America. Given that Texas has oil (and guns), they'd be fine :)

Montana had a proposal in their congress that would require their institutions to accept payment in gold or silver - an interesting precaution against the pending inflation.

BTW, am happy to see you getting the understanding of Crash -> Depression right! If only the US government had this clarity, trouble would be over much faster.

Meg said...

What amazes me the most is that the Congresswoman for one of our poorer, minority districts here in NE Florida voted for this bill, when it is clear from the stats your provided that her district suffers more of a loss over all categories than some of our "richer" districts. So much for looking out for the little people!

Dymphna said...


I read in the Washington Post that a number of backroom deals were made with people like this Congresswoman. In that last 300 pages, long, windy and complex, are some sugar cubes that enticed some Dems to go along.

When a vote doesn't make sense, be sure that someone's arm is being twisted (the stick) or they are in on a sweet deal (the carrot).

The forty-some Dems who crossed over to vote NO want to stay in office and Nancy had nothing to offer them to counter that. They know it's a harmful bill; harmful because it would lead to their demise.

Let's see if the Senate doesn't kill this thing.