Wednesday, January 09, 2013

On 9/11 We Should Have Known

In the non-aftermath of the brutal hit-and-run slaughter in Benghazi, the one Obama callously termed “a bump in the road”, I have waited to see this atrocity addressed with any serious investigation by the media. How naïve can one be? Our bought-and-paid-for MSM know well the price for access to Obama and his administration: complicit silence when he demands it. For Benghazi, the complicity was overt; thus The Echo Chamber is empty of all substantial sound on this “old” “stale” subject.

The music video below is from last November, before the burial was quite complete. That was before The MSM had finished labeling the subject of Benghazi as “old” news, before they’d assumed their studied indifference to the fact that high-level officials watched our men die in real time. Watched them die and refused to permit anyone to come to their aid.

And our journalists also followed orders to stand down. Obama got up the next morning and continued campaigning for his second term.

Why do these yes-men and women complain that the public’s level of trust in them is somewhat lower than the low regard in which politicians are held? The lack of trust in both has been well-earned.

Note that this music vid goes back to the beginning, when the stonewalling was little more than tissue-thin. The spurious claims about “an anti-Muslim video” causing the deaths in Benghazi were never credible; that gauze wall could have been pulled apart by any one MSM “personality” with enough integrity to investigate and call out this administration on its perfidy.

Here’s something to ponder: why did no one interview the film producer when he was in jail awaiting trial? Was he forbidden access to the press? Why the extreme lack of interest on the part of the MSM in this shadowy figure? Just another facet of their paid-for silence? If access was refused why wasn’t that an item of interest for journalists usually willing to track down the least little scintilla of ‘evidence’ when Sarah Palin was in their cross-hairs?

Another thing from that time: why did Mitt Romney deliberately join in the ringing silence — the hear-no, see-no, tell-no mime show surrounding this event? He utterly failed to raise essential questions about the lame lies concerning the “video” or the cover-up of that brutal Islam-style death of an American government official in Libya. Christopher Stevens appears to have ended spent his last moments on earth much as Gadhafi did. If there is one thing we thought we knew about Romney, it was that he was a decent, courageous man. Yet this decent man let Stevens’ death go right by him as he maintained his place in the chorus of silence.

We may be much further down the road to a totalitarian culture than we’d like to think.

I came across the video on Twitter this morning. I can’t find the tweet now — Twitter is a fast-moving stream — to give proper credit, but the message said that Instapundit had predicted back then (late November) that this would be the tune of 2012.

When I looked today, almost six weeks later, it had somewhat over 9,000 views. NINE THOUSAND! In other words, the response to this attempt to publicize the atrocity failed. It’s as though we’ve had a pail of amnesia fluid poured over us followed by an endless barrage ( I use the word advisedly) of trivial and tragic distractions to take us away from the horror of Benghazi.

Looking at the video brought it all back, including the unanswered questions I pose to you today. Few people believe our current Secretary of State will tell the truth while she is testifying before Congress. We have become so jaded, so inured to corruption that we no longer even bother to complain about this serious breach of the law. It is merely business-as-usual inside the Beltway.

The singer has it right:

“….on 9/11 we should have known…”

The FIRST 9/11 should have been our wake-up call. But then those buckets of amnesia, flung over us by government, press, and our “experts” make it increasingly harder to stay awake.


Anonymous said...

Aa Bob Hope used to say "Thanks for the memory." Not a pleasant one, but one that deserved to be salvaged, as you did. A little blues, a little rock and a lot of disillusion, as I remarked to a friend when I forwarded it. May your modest addition through this post have a lasting effect on us--your followers. Let us preserve what we can of that moment--all too short--when we all stood together, heedless of PC, multiculti, islamiphiliac diffidence. When we were all--for a second--American again.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Dymphna.

Re Romney: He immediately jumped on it and was then heavily criticized by the media, following talking points from the Obama Administration. It was well-orchestrated. He was criticized for "politicizing" a tragedy before all the facts were in.

Romney reacted as if he had been scalded and kept away from addressing the matter after that.

I suspect that his advisers told them--given the state of the economy-- he could win the election as long as he did not fall into the traps set by the Obama Administration. They were wrong. Romney failed to address adequately the personal attacks made against him and failed to fight against the fallacious and negative rumors spread by the Obama Administratin, e.g. that Romney would eliminate social security and medicare.

Michael Savage reports that one of Romney's sons has said that Romney really did not want to run for President. Apparently he felt obliged to. No one else had a chance the Republicans thought. Romney ran a campaign that looked like he didn't want to win. It makes you wonder if his advisers were on the Obama payroll.

Question for you and the Baron:

Why do you think the Obama Administration "watched" the attack in real time and allowed those people to be killed?

Anonymous said...

An American ambassador is murdered and allegedly horrendously violated similar to Ghaddafi.
What I can't understand is the perceived silence by his family on the issue.
This really perplexes me.


Papa Whiskey said...

Here's a link to this song on YouTube:!

Anonymous said...

Where are the survivors from Benghazi? Why has no one heard them speak?

Dymphna said...

There weren't any survivors except the murderers. Don't hold your breath waiting for them to speak.

What happened on the surface is about ten percent of the story. Rest assured we won't hear the rest because it would expose this administration, gun runners extraordinaire.

Anonymous said...

re:"An American ambassador is murdered and allegedly horrendously violated similar to Ghaddafi."@anon @6:16pm

Recall the callous reaction of our secretary of state, Hillary Clinton to the discovery that Ghaddafi was dead:
CBS News video of Clinton: "We came. We saw. He died . . .hysterical laughter

Dymphna, the wiki on BenGhazi reveals there were approximately 32 Americans at the annex brought back to the airport for evacuation as well as three Americans were injured in the attack and treated at an American Military Hospital in Germany which is disputed later on Fox which claims unidentified/unnumbered injured evacuated to Tripoli.
Congressman Chaffetz (R,UT)suggested 20 were evacuated but admits on Greta's On-The-Record Fox program the answers about the number of evacuees and (severely) injured are being concealed from the public.