Friday, January 11, 2013

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/11/2013

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/11/2013Members of the British Parliament are asking for a 32% pay raise for themselves. They believe they deserve it, and also want to receive a final-salary pension when they leave office.

In other news, a member of a gypsy theft gang in Sicily was electrocuted when he and his accomplices attempted to steal a length of copper power cable.

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bewick said...

Members of the British Parliament are asking for a 32% pay raise for themselves.

Much as I hate politicans the truth is that this is NOT true. Only 100 politicians (less than 1/6) were asked, in a poll, what they thought they might be worth. What you see is what they think. I totally disagree with their thoughts but the ONE thing it is not is a demand. Fair is fair

Anonymous said...

Regarding the M.P. pay increase, I can see the sleazy, deadwood excrement is not confined to the Estados Unidos.

Anonymous said...

Whether this is a demand or just an opinion is irrelevant. It just shows how out of touch some and probably the vast majority of members of parliament, are with their electorate.

Russia Today yesterday carried a piece about the fact that one in five mothers here is now giving up food in order to feed their children. Food banks are springing up all over the place. And these are largely women who are working put who are poorly paid because the country is importing people from the rest of the world who are prepared to undercut us. Greedy employers are getting rich, along with the rest of their ilk who think so little either of their country or their fellow British. I am waiting for Cameron or Osborne to exhort us to eat cake.

There was a time when members of parliament saw their job as a vocation undertaken to serve the people they represented. That time is long gone, now we have career politicians who are in a sort of bubble where they talk to one another and nobody is listening. And their only aim is personal power or financial gain.

Anonymous said...

The problem is the high proportion of lawyers in the world's parliaments, by training they're process, not objective oriented. Also, the party system makes it difficult for voters to distinguish the dead wood from the better performers.

Performance bonuses with clear goals for MPs are worth considering

Old Man