Thursday, January 03, 2013

Canada: Give Refugee Status to Imran Firasat!

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The Innocent Prophet

Several weeks ago pastor Terry Jones of Stand Up America Now, in collaboration with the Pakistani ex-Muslim Imran Firasat, released movie a move called The Innocent Prophet (watch it here).

It didn’t take long before Imran Firasat had his asylum revoked, and now he faces deportation from Spain, his adopted home. As an apostate from Islam, when Mr. Firasat is sent back to his native Pakistan, he will likely face the death penalty.

Yesterday Stand Up America Now sent out the following press release with the latest on Mr. Firasat’s status:

Last night at 9pm, the Spanish police showed up at his house and demanded that he return his residency card. His residency card was then actually taken from him by the police. This means that Imran is no longer eligible to work and is now classified as an illegal immigrant in Spain. From this time on, he can at any time, be taken into custody and be deported to Pakistan where he would be arrested immediately as the death penalty for blasphemy awaits him there. This has all been done without any type of due process of law and without any type of appeal before any court. The original action of the Spanish government is a violation of Spanish law and again is an indirect result of the weakness of the United States government and the Obama administration’s continuing to appease Islam and to threaten anyone who speaks out against Islam. President Obama himself has said, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” The words “MUST NOT”, alone are a type of threat, “MUST NOT belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” Those words are directly from our President, a protector of radical Islam, a protector of violence and anti-constitutional actions.

Obama’s blatant destructive actions against the U.S. Constitution leads other nations to ignore their own constitutions, which victimizes their own law-abiding citizens.


Spain, a free western nation, had given Imran welcome asylum to protect him from these violent and radical Islamic groups.

Imran has been involved in the co-production of the Youtube, The Innocent Prophet, with Terry Jones and Stand Up America Now. The Innocent Prophet was released to the public on Youtube on December 15, 2012.

Imran officially backed out of the project when the Spanish government threatened to revoke his protected residency status and have him deported to Pakistan where the death penalty is waiting for him because of his criticism of Islam. Firasat did his best to cooperate with Spanish authorities by presenting documented proof to them that he had backed out of the project. Despite this, Spain quickly revoked Imran’s protected asylum status during a period of approximately ten days. This would normally take the government about six months to process.

Imran has not committed any crime according to Spanish law. He has only exercised his right of free expression concerning his views on Islam. Nevertheless, his residency status has been revoked and he faces imminent deportation to a Muslim nation where the penalty for blasphemy against Islam or Muhammad is death. The weak leadership of the Obama administration, its support of radical Islam and friendship with the Muslim Brotherhood leads the way for other western nations to enact blasphemy laws and abolish freedom.

Imran Firasat himself sent out this press release:

Be careful! Saying truth about Islam is a crime

As you all know that my refugee status was revoked by the Spanish ministry of interior for the reasons that my activities against Islam are a risk for the national security of Spain. I was given a month for filing an appeal, which I am in process of doing so. But the persecution doesn’t end here. All what the Spanish authorities have done against me in order to make the Muslim world happy is not yet sufficient for them.

This evening I got a call from the police station. I was ordered to come to the police station and return back my residence card. I told them that look, I am in the process of filing an appeal and you can’t do that to me. I need to have my identity until the high court gives the final word on my status. I refused to go to the police station.

But as usual the Spanish authorities are in so much hurry for deporting me to Pakistan that they by themselves came to my home at 21:00 pm and ordered me to return back my residence card. I was also threatened that from now on I am not anymore a legal resident of this country and that I am an illegal immigrant who can be caught or deported anytime.

Losing my residence card means I am a stateless person now without any identity. Anytime any policeman can put me behind the bars for being an illegal immigrant. I can’t even work as my work permission has also been revoked by the Spanish authorities. They have made me handicapped. They didn’t even wait for the judgment from the high court on my appeal.

You know why this all is happening to me? For criticizing Islam. My status in Spain has not been revoked because I have committed a crime according to the Spanish law, but I am being persecuted because of my opposition against Islam. Now expressing our view on Islam in the western world has been declared as an official crime. Spain is feared by the Islamic world. The Spanish authorities have given a message to the Muslim world that Spain has lost its dignity and that Spain is going to live like the Muslim world wants. Do you think; in this manner the Islamic terrorism and injustice can be stopped? Of course not. This encourages Muslims more to continue the path they have been following and not to be changed.


I am sad and shocked. Where is my right of freedom of expression? Why instead of being protected, I am being persecuted by the Spanish authorities? Is it a crime now to speak the truth about Islam? Am I going to die because of my opinions on Islam? I need the world’s support. If I get deported to Pakistan (which is highly probable now), then never anyone will dare to fight publicly against Islam’s violent ideology and the world will have to submit to Islam. Please raise your voice for me and help me to be protected. Thank you very much.

Stand Up America Now followed up today by joining in the petitioning of the Canadian government to give asylum to Imran Firasat:

Petitioning Jason Kenney, Minister for Citizenship and Immigration, Canada: Give Refugee Status to IMRAN FIRASAT, support Christians/Hindus of Pakistan

Thanks to Canadian Hindu Advocacy for posting this petition at

Go Here to Sign the Petition From Anywhere in the World

IMRAN FIRASAT, a Pakistani Christian, was provided refugee status by Spain many years ago. Recently, he exercised his free speech rights and produced a historically accurate film about Islam. In response, the Spanish government has begun proceedings to deport him back to Islamic Pakistan. The Islamic state of Pakistan routinely commits genocide against Hindus and persecutes Christians. His return to Pakistan is a guaranteed death sentence, since the Islamic state of Pakistan persecutes minorities and implements blasphemy laws which prescribe torture and execution for those who speak the truth about Islam.

Canada is a multi-cultural nation where Hindus, Jews, and Christians together promote and protect freedom and liberty. In the past, Canada has allowed the entry of hundreds of thousands of false refugees filing claims of persecution, especially from the Islamic and Sikh populations.

In this instance, genuine persecution exists, and the Hindu and Judeo Christian values which define Canada dictate that Canadians must step forward and provide refugee status to IMRAN FIRASAT, as well as develop a refugee program for the millions of savagely oppressed Hindus and Christians in Islamic Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Minister Kenney must act on this issue immediately.


Jason Kenney, Minister for Citizenship and Immigration, Jason Kenney, Minster of Citizenship and Immigration

Give Refugee Status: IMRAN FIRASAT, support Christians/Hindus of Pakistan


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babs said...

"is a violation of Spanish law and again is an indirect result of the weakness of the United States government and the Obama administration’s continuing to appease Islam and to threaten anyone who speaks out against Islam."

OK, come on... this is not a violation of the United States. It is a violation of Spain and the EU Human Rights Tribunal.

We here in the US have a whole lot of business that we need to take care of. Putting Mr.Firasat's case on our shoulders is just juvinile.

Hey EU, deal with your apostates yourself and let your "human rights" fall where they may. The United States has no dog in this fight. Sorry... because you are so used to going to Daddy on the difficult questions.

Daddy has no answers for you anymore.

Anonymous said...

"Daddy has no answers for you anymore."

You mean your daddy has no answers for anyone any more - you know the closet Muslim you voted into power - TWICE!!!

Green Infidel said...

Multiply the probability that Canada will accept this petition, by the probability that it would be decided on before Mr Firasat is put on a plane back to Pakistan... a bit late for all this, surely?

But - whether it's accepted or not - why does no one care about this case which, on the face of it, represents a serious breach of EU human rights law?! A simple Google search on Imran Firasat reveals only a handful of short articles about him in English/Spanish publications...

Where are the protests? Where is the lobbying of politicians and journalists? In Berlin, "cultural enrichers" held a march in honour of their criminal brother. Where are the marches in honour of people who have committed NO crime, like Mr Firasat? Our main weakness is that hardly anyone knows about cases like this - while concentrating on other "important news" like AC Milan walking off the pitch because of "racist chants". And this is surely what the Spanish government is counting on, so that their appllication of Sharia is only noticed by the counterjihadis - and is not even known about by anyone else. Publicity is what we need. And incessant protests and lobbying are what's needed to achieve it.

Anonymous said...

Spanish ruling party is the PP or Popular Party, this is conservative and catholic. Its most pro christian faction works in FAES think tank.

Any email coming from USA will be more effective than you may think...

Anonymous said...

Obama is there to turn North America into a mirror image of the EU. Pravda has labelled him a communist/Marxist. I am sure that he secretly agrees with this deportation.

He is your Joe Stalin in waiting. The future will hold no place for those who slander Uncle Barrack.

Anonymous said...

I imagine the fate of Imran F has been decided already by Rajoy. This
poor excuse for the leader of a country is a mirror image of the
traitor Cameron in UK, both are
totally bought politicians.