Sunday, January 06, 2013

Back by Popular Demand

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated another article about the radical Islamic preacher Haitham al-Habbad.

As reported here last month, Mr. al-Habbad attended a seminar in Norway late last year hosted by The Observer says, “Apparently his message was such a hit with the attendees that decided to invite him back for a second session next week.”

The translated article from Friday’s

British Islamist will attend a second seminar in Norway

The British Islamic preacher Haitham al-Habbad will address Norwegian Muslims for a second time next week at a seminar hosted by Islam Net. His previous appearance in Norway just before Christmas caused controversies.

Islam Net has described him as a “great scholar”, views that are not shared by the Islam-critical website Human Rights Service and Vepsen [hardcore left-wing human rights organization] who have previously written about the extremist.

However, Islam Net is not perturbed by their critics, and has once again invited the British national to Oslo to speak at a seminar on January 11, writes Klassekampen [“Class Struggle” — communist newspaper].

According to the original advertisement, there are only 50 tickets available for the event, and attendees have to register before being informed about the location of the seminar.

Haddad gave a lecture at the University College of Oslo on December 21 of last year. That time he focused on how Muslims should conduct themselves in a modern society. After the seminar he attended a meeting at an undisclosed location.

Kari Toverud Jensen, the principal of the University College of Oslo, gave permission for the event to be held in one of the campus auditoriums, a decision which was heavily criticized by the deputy Mayor of Oslo, Libe Rieber-Mohn (AP — Labour Party). Rieber-Mohn felt that it was completely unacceptable to allow a Sharia expert to spread his message.

“He is a well-known extremist who spreads hatred against Jews and gays,” she told newspapers back then.

Per Sandberg (FRP — Progress Party), Chairman of the Parliamentary Justice Committee, compared Haddad’s ideology with Nazism in an interview with NRK [Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation].

“Following the attacks on July 22, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg (Labour Party) made it clear that Norway must become even more democratic in order to oppose Anders Behring Breivik’s hatred. My view is that there must be more religious freedom for Islam in Norway in order to oppose Sandberg and Rieber-Mohn’s hatred of Islam. We have to show these Islam-haters that we will not be intimidated by their hate-filled campaign against Muslims. People who choose to stay silent will slowly but surely be indoctrinated and filled with hatred, as was the case with Germany during the Nazi regime,” says Fahad Qureshi, the leader of Islam Net.


Anonymous said...

Quick, cancel his passport once out of the country. Refuse him whatever you can to keep him out of Britain!

Anonymous said...

"The British Islamic preacher Haitham al-Habbad ..." but he isn't British. He is, perversely, a British resident but as The Islamic Research Foundation makes clear "Haitham al-Haddad is a London-based Islamic Scholar and a prominent Muslim community leader. He was born and raised in Saudi Arabia and is of Palestinian origin".

I agree with the temptation of insightful previous poster ... quick, cancel his re-entry Visa! Although it would be grossly unfair to our Norwegian friends.

He's the slime-ball who described Jews as "descendents of apes and pigs". An arrestable offence surely? Or is that only if I say the same about Muslims (or some Muslims, to copy his ludicrous defence of his hate speech).

Anonymous said...

In a taxonomic classification of idiocy, being first degree simpelton (usually not very harmful), second degree smartass (trying to cheat others) and third degree messianic loony (those trying to lead others)and most dangerous by far, PM Jens Stoltenberg should be placed in the fourth degree which is the third but hard working