Saturday, January 05, 2013

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/4/2013

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/4/2013The news feed is light tonight because our email is still down, so the usual email tips have not been flowing in. Readers who have been trying to contact us have presumably had their emails bounced. Patience is advised — there’s still no estimate from our ISP for when normal service will resume.

Three culturally enriched Edmonton men have been arrested and charged with luring teenage girls — some of them minors — into prostitution. They are accused of trafficking, pimping, assault, and possession of stolen property.

In other news, American troops have arrived in Turkey to protect newly-arrived Patriot missiles, which are being installed by the USA, Germany, and the Netherlands in case the war in Syria happens to spill over into Turkey.

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Anonymous said...

I see that somebody put the democracy in Russian democracy in inverted commas. We are not sure if Putin won by fair means or foul but we aren't sure about that as regards Obama either.

In actual fact you may now find that post-Marxist Russia is more democratic than the totalitarian EU and proto-Marxist USA.

Russia is becoming an interesting place. We know that it serves their ends to wish for a collapse of the EU but criticism of the EU is a common theme on Russia Today.

And of course Russia is not part of the One World Order nor of the bankers' hegemony. In fact, somebody observed that Soviet style totalitarianism has been achieved in the West through credit slavery. Put people in debt and even at risk of going hungry and they are easy to manipulate.

This leaves me to discuss again the link between the bankers and Marxism. Did the bankers encourage the spread of Marxism, knowing that the international brotherhood and the socialist internationalist borderless world would enable the globalisation they craved? Once they had their interconnected world then they could pull the plug and turn us all into the indebted pawns (nations as well as individuals) of their totalitarianism and financial hegemony.

Here in Britain the girl guides are discussing whether to remove God and the Queen from their oath. The Marxists are winning again, by achieving their aim of dechristianisation through slandering Christianity and importing millions of non-Christians into Christian countries. As regards the Queen, I am quite sure that the EU's ultimate aim is the removal of Europe's remaining monarchies and the Queen of England takes her role as Defender of the Faith extremely seriously, in fact her Christmas broadcast this year was decidedly Christian. God bless her!!

Anonymous said...

Stockholm police shot "
very sweet" gold robber in Stockholm

Now 40 individuals dressed in black are sitting at this Hassan's hospital bed to watch over him as he is recovering from head injuries

The police managed to stop the four robbers just one minute after the alarm went off on Friday, as the police team were on another mission nearby, and are now under their control. The robbers were all dressed the same, disguised as bricklayers, or, dressed more like The Daltons(?).

The Hassan Kurd "emigrated from Sweden" to Trondheim in Norway, where he ran a cafe, and formally, still is the chairman of the board. He recently re-emigrated, to Stockholm.

All robbers arrested belong to the same "circle of friends", insist the Scandinavian MSM.