Wednesday, January 02, 2013

“Islam is a Danger to Western Society”

The Innocent Prophet

Imran Firasat is a Pakistani ex-Muslim who collaborated with Terry Jones on the movie The Innocent Prophet (watch it here), who was recently served with official documents revoking his status as a political refugee in Spain.

Mr. Firasat was interviewed last Sunday by Alerta Digital. Many thanks to our Spanish correspondent Hermes for the translation:

AD interviews Imran Firasat: “The Spanish government is in the hands of Islam”

Imran Firasat’s case depicts better that any other the degree to which the Spanish government is a hostage of the Islamic organizations in our country with close links to Arabic countries, their goal being realized exactly as they have been planning: the gradual Islamization of the nation. It was enough for the Interior Ministry that this Pakistani ex-Muslim made a film about Mohammed’s life to revoke his status as an asylum seeker, which he had enjoyed since 2010. Here we have just met Islam face to face.

Firasat made public a trailer of the film in which he appeared talking in Colon Square, Madrid, with the Spanish flag in the background, and in which he asked among other things whether the prophet of Islam was a “saint sent by Allah or a child rapist and a murderer”. Last year he published some cartoons about Mohammed. The Interior Ministry did not give details on the legal reasons behind the revocation of his right to asylum. AD talked with him about this and other issues.

How and when did you receive the news that the Spanish government had revoked your status of asylum seeker?

15 days ago I received a notification in which I was informed that a process was under way in order to revoke my status as a political refugee. They gave me 15 days to contest it in my defence. Three days after I presented my declarations at the asylum office in Madrid, they told me that my right of asylum had been revoked on grounds that I was a danger to national security. A process designed to revoke the right of asylum, which usually lasts six months, was arranged in my case in just three days, with no declaration presented by me having been taken into consideration.

Who do you think put pressure on the Spanish government to make this decision?

There is no doubt that it was the Spanish Muslim organizations and the Muslim governments from other countries who pressured the Spanish government. It was not because of my having committed any crime that my asylum rights were revoked. This is why there is nothing in the final resolution pointing to any evidence that I committed any crime punishable by the Spanish laws. It is only stated that my denunciations of Islam have been received with outrage in the Muslim world. This is the same as throwing into prison a journalist who has never insulted anybody nor broken any laws, but who has written something which does not please a given lobby.

Do you confirm that the Spanish government is in the hands of Islam?

Yes, absolutely. On one hand, we are talking about freedom of speech, and on the other, when somebody wants to express an opinion, then one is persecuted into silence. I have been revealing Islam’s filth for seven years, and nothing happened during that time. Besides, it was because of criticizing Islam that I was granted refugee status in Spain. Why do they want to pressure, persecute and deport me, and revoke my asylum rights? The reason is clear: fear of the Muslim world. We have lost our rights and Western values due to fear for our economic relations with the oil-rich Islamic countries and the unjustified violence of Muslims.

So you fear for your life? Is this revocation of your refugee status a certain death sentence?

I would have never dared to criticize Mohammed or Islam if I had been frightened for my life. Jesus has given a special purpose to my life. God and truth are with me, and this makes me have no fear of anything or anybody. I will fight for my rights till my last breath, and I will continue fighting in order to make it known that Islam is a danger to Western society. Look, in any other circumstance, if a citizen warns the country which embraces him about the danger that a visible enemy poses to the coexistence, peace, security and freedom of that country, then that person would be praised. If the danger is Islam, politicians then prefer to look away and sacrifice the security of their citizens. In any case, if the Spanish government ignores all laws out of fear of Islam and sends me to Pakistan, where I will be killed for blasphemy, I will then understand that my destiny was to be a martyr for the cause of truth.

What will you do next?

For now I am in the process of appealing. My lawyers are looking for any possibility to prove that what the Spanish government is doing with me is the result of an unlawful act of fear and discrimination.

Why is that there are no similar actions against Muslims attacking Christians?

I ask myself the same question, but I get no answer from the authorities. Muslims are free to burn churches, persecute Christians, kill those who do not believe in Allah or Mohammed, and set off bombs in the countries which embrace them. But we are not allowed to criticize these acts, nor the source which inspires them. Just note the paradox: One wants to sentence me to a sure death in order not to awaken the beast which the government thinks is sleeping. This is like revoking the refugee status from a foreigner who had denounced the activities of ETA, with the sole purpose not to annoy this terrorist organization. What this and any other government must do is to expel the violent ones, and not those who denounce violence. Why is that no Spanish government has so far denounced the Islamic violence? The worst of it is that the danger of Islam has already succeeded in one of its most dreadful goals: to halt any talk about them out of fear, and to persecute instead those of us in the West who use our freedom of speech to denounce their illegal activities.

What can AD readers do for you?

What is happening to me now can happen to anybody later. The Spanish government can also take away from you the right to freedom of speech, and the day may arrive when one will have to ask permission from the authorities before thinking or giving an opinion about Islam. The only thing I ask of you is to pray for me and allow nobody to take away your right to the freedom of opinion, which is the main and most important value of our life.


Anonymous said...

A whole lot to reflect upon here. Mohammedan invasion in 711, Andalucia, "The golden age", 1492, the new mohammedan invasion, Eurabia, 2013, freedom of speech, Spain, and the free peoples of Europe...

Anonymous said...

Spain it seems are soon to be under
the yoke of Islam, again. Didn't they get it after 800 of occupation
by the 'religion of peace'. The end product of that was that almost the entire population of Spain now has
Moorish blood running through their veins.Why are we Europeans so bovine?