Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/10/2013

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/10/2013Three Kurdish women, all of them activists in the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), were shot to death today in Paris at a Kurdish information center. The French interior minister described the killings as “assassinations”, and says the women were “without doubt executed”. It is not clear whether the assassins were Turks or from a rival Kurdish faction.

In other news, former president Bill Clinton was named Father of the Year by the National Father’s Day Council. Meanwhile, Wile E. Coyote has been made an honorary roadrunner by the National Roadrunner’s Association. OK, I admit it — I made that last one up.

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john in cheshire said...

Why not make him and his odious wife King and Queen of the USA, it would make as much sense in this dysfunctional world in which we are forced to live. The only consolation is that these people will eventually die.

Anonymous said...

Sorry John but I think they are the wrong colour for that these days, the King and Queen live in the White House, don't they?

Still, console yourself with the thought that if the Clintons are bad our own homegrown pair of Satanists, the Blairs, are worse. I came across a copy of Blair's biography in a charity shop a few days ago and his photo quite shocked me. Gone is the pretty boy of 1997. Instead he stared at the camera looking absolutely terrified. Does this mean that he knows we all want to kill him? He is thin and emaciated and looks ill through the fake tan. A fat lot of good all those lies and all those millions he has filched seem to be doing him. Even Blair is going to die and it could be that since becoming an RC he has been told too much about purgatory and hell. Perhaps that is why he looks so scared?

By the way, what about our mps awarding themselves a 32% pay increase? Only in England would be sheeple put up with it. Further south they would have stormed parliament.

In another charity shop I came across a book on Rhodesia, yes I mean Rhodesia, published in 1969. What a beautiful clean and rich country - the breadbasket of Africa. I knew somebody who lived there in the 60s. They had servants but they were all educated, clothed and fed and one of those servants said,"Mam, don't you ever leave for there's none so cruel as a black to a black". Now South Africa is going the same way.

Suddenly, a little light went on my head and I realised why I am so uneasy with the world. When I was in my teens in 1969 we had white hegemony, the world was ordered and civilised. Perhaps it was wrong in one sense but not in another. It was paternalistic but structured and safe. Now, instead of the first world running the third we have the opposite and everything is falling down around everybody's ears.

Anonymous said...

Groundbreaking idea
Pupils in Norwegian school
to learn to read and write

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg presented this groundbreaking idea on Friday. His promise is that pupils get a guarantee that they will learn to read and write. Exactly how he is going to execute, and follow up this guarantee is quite unclear to himself at this moment, but he desperately wanted to make a statement with this guarantee, which must be seen in the light of the upcoming elections where he is in danger of getting thrown out of office.

Friday is also the day when the weekly government meeting at the King's table is taking place. Same place, same time, every Friday, year round. This Friday Stoltenberg forgot about the time, and is seen jogging through the Slottsparken, the Royal Gardens, to get to the meeting.

His occupation as he was reminded about the meeting was an improvised press conference across the Gardens.

bewick said...

Ireland: Black Gold Fever Spreading in Cork

This MUST be a scam. Cork is on the West Coast of Ireland - the Atlantic. The supposed oil deposits are on the eastern coast - the Irish Sea which is shared with the UK. Bottom line is do not invest until things become clearer.