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If You Elect Idiots, You Get Chaos

Our Israeli correspondent MC takes a look at the traditional Islamophilia of the British foreign service, and the relationship over the years between its love affair with all things Arab and various fashionable forms of socialism.

St. John (Jack) Philby in Riyadh
St. John (Jack) Philby in Riyadh

If you elect idiots, you get chaos
Elite Britain’s love affair with Islam

by MC

I was brought up in a culture that regarded Islam as exotic and erotic: belly dancing and handsome Sheiks in desert hideaways complete with full symphony orchestras and Oxford English accents.

My aunt lived in El Beida, close to Benghazi in Libya. Her story was different: Islam was squalid, dirty and disgusting. She was horrified when her daughter’s playmate, aged nine, was married off to a ‘rich’ fifty-year-old.

Later, in my teens, when I started to read non-fiction and history, I came across more evidence of the second scenario than of the first, but the ‘El Khobar’ idea appears to have persisted in many minds.

This was brought home to me last time I was in Riyadh, when a European acquaintance brought up the idea of how alluring a female clad in an abayah (tent-like, black female attire mandatory in KSA) complete with face mask could be. Full of the ‘Eastern’ promise no doubt. In my personal viewpoint, she is a woman imprisoned by a male pervert-dominated culture. I prefer bikinis to burkas.

We had just been to the beach at Khobar, where the little boys were splashing in the sea as children do at any beach. Their sisters, however, were sitting on the sand, attired in their abayahs, watching.

Little girls cannot play active games in an abayah; they might expose parts of themselves that could stimulate good Muslim men to lust. So their little six-year-old bodies do not see the sun (in public) and they must sit demurely watching their brothers play in the sea and the sand.

Apart from the Foreign and Colonial Office, Britain had little love for Islam in the 1890s. The Afghan wars and Khartoum had brought graphic descriptions of what happened to soldiers and civilians who fell into the hands of Islam.

By contrast, in India, the FCO training ground, it was the Hindus who caused cause major grief to the British Raj and its servants, by virtue of the ‘caste’ system which made dealings with Indian nobility fraught with problems. The British had tried to eliminate the practice of suttee (the immolation of wives in the funeral pyre of their husbands). Wives could choose suttee, or as an alternative, to become the house slave of their in-laws. Most wives chose the former — it was probably more comfortable, and certainly quicker.

With typical clumsiness, the British administration made suttee illegal, but did not deal with the alternative. Thus a low-key religious conflict began which soured relationships and eventually lead to the Indian mutiny and the Gandhi-inspired ‘non-violence’ of the 1920s during which many thousands lost their lives. Through all of this the Indian Muslims remained infinitely easier to manage and administer than their Hindu compatriots.

We thus find that many FCO officers had a soft spot for Islam, with the next generation even converting to Islam; note this piece from Wikipedia concerning Jack Philby:

As he states in his autobiography, he “became something of a fanatic” and “the first Socialist to join the Indian Civil Service” in 1907, and was posted to Lahore in the Punjab in 1908. He acquired fluency in Urdu, Punjabi, Baluchi, Persian, and eventually Arabic languages. Philby married Dora Johnston, his first wife, in September 1910,[3] with his distant cousin Bernard Law Montgomery as best man. He also later married an Arab woman from Saudi Arabia. He had one son, Kim, later a British intelligence agent infamous as a double agent for the Soviet Union, and three daughters.[4]


In November 1921, Philby was named chief head of the Secret Service for the British Mandate of Palestine, or what is now the region of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (formerly The Emirate of Transjordan) and Israel. He worked with T. E. Lawrence for a while, but did not share Lawrence’s views on the Hashemites. Here he met his American counterpart, Allen Dulles, who was stationed in Constantinople.

Philby was fairly typical of his era, and was virulently anti-Semitic. He worked against Jewish emigration into the Jewish Homeland, and was in contact with and the protecting power behind Haj Amin al Husseini (founder of El Fatah/PLO), eventually being dismissed from the FCO for sexual impropriety. Like his son, he was also a traitor, working on alliances between Saudi Arabia and the Nazis. Between the wars, there was little distinction between Communism and the Fascist Socialism of the likes of Philby; they were deemed one and the same thing, thus the co-operation between Stalin and the Nazis up to 1941 was not as unexpected then as it would be now.

By the time we get to Labour Party (socialist) FCO Secretary Ernest Bevin in 1945, we have a Colonial Office who have completely trashed the British Mandate and are encouraging Arab immigration into the Jewish areas of Palestine. The British actively supported the Arab cause in the 1948 War of Independence, providing manpower, intelligence and materiel to the invading Arab forces. We also find RAF aircraft from Egypt overflying Israeli territory, possibly supporting the Egyptian and/or Jordanian forces.

In the 1960s British socialism began to morph into a form of non-nationalistic fascism. The truth about Stalinism had caused a split in the Communist Party of Great Britain, and it swung to a more Trotskyist line. At the same time there was a greater acceptance of the once overtly fascist Muslim Brotherhood; Al Banna’s sympathies with Berlin and the Nazis are well documented. In the mid-fifties, at primary school, we had been taught what would now be deemed white supremacist history. By the time I attended University in the late sixties, enforced multiculturalism (non-nationalistic fascism) was in and patriotic nationalism was out.

Fascism and Stalinism are as different as 7up and Sprite; the main difference being the shape of the bottle. Both sought to use Islam for its own purposes. In 1968 that Enoch Powell’s unfortunate quote from Virgil (“and the Tiber foaming with much blood”) in his ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech during the debate on the Race Relations Bill in Parliament triggered a huge backlash in Britain.

Enoch Powell became the byword for ‘racism’ and discussions of ‘race’ became taboo.

There followed twenty years in which many of the immigration safeguards were loosened and a wave of mainly Muslim immigrants appeared in our cities. All immigrants received religious tolerance, but the Muslims wanted more: they wanted religious dominance, and were prepared to play the ‘racism’ card to get it, even though Islam is not a race indicator.

Unfortunately, there is a fashionable breed of pseudo-intellectualism that perceives culture as unimportant, and believes that barbaric and backward religions are far more interesting than the mundanity of Christianity. To them, Islam is exotic and thus attractively diverse. If one is culturally complacent, then there is no inherent threat in Islam; forcible conversion is not a spectre of horror. So the liberal left has adopted Islam and Muslims as one of its favourite ‘victim’ groups, failing to see any threat in the inherent violence of Islam as (lots of votes now too).

In the modern Judaeo-Christian culture, violence is focussed and is generally not tolerated outside of a specific need to defend the individual and the community, and then only with the minimum violence necessary. The Christian Godhead does not need to be defended; He can do that for Himself.

Muslims, on the other hand, are encouraged to violently defend both faith and God(s) at all times and in all circumstances where Allah and especially the Prophet are threatened. The definition of ‘threaten’ in these circumstances is broader than most Westerners understand, and may include any existential phenomena running contrary to current Islamic philosophy. Thus a Christmas tree is a threat to Islam because it is an icon of Christianity, and therefore somehow a temptation to good Muslims.

A 12-year-old girl seeking an education is a ‘threat’ to Islam, and must be violently eliminated.

The political classes in UK all appear to have a complete lack of cultural clarity, and as a consequence they are gullible. They look and think they see a religion of ‘peace’ when they are already victims in the Islamic ‘house of war’. They are already paying the first dues of dhimmitude, those of submission.

The alternative is that there is a covert higher order controlling the supposedly democratic UK government, one that wants to break the British culture and identity, and sees Islam as a useful tool to achieve this end. Who knows? Maybe the conspiracy theory is correct after all.

Either way, if you elect idiots, you get chaos.


Anonymous said...

Spot on as usual. However I disagree with this:"The British actively supported the Arab cause in the 1948 War of Independence, providing manpower, intelligence and materiel to the invading Arab forces." My Grandfather was conscripted to fight in what was then Palestine, to establish Israel not destroy it. So I assume that statement is false, everything else though checks out fine, which is worrying I suppose.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The truth is that both 'alternatives' pertain to the political realities in most Western/White-European countries. Islam is certainly a constant pressure and has found the weak spots. There is also an invisible elite [see JFK speech of about 1962] manipulating constantly
against White Christian countries.
There are other elements, the lack of children being produced by White
females and the natural forces which attract generally poor insecure Third-Worlders to rich, secure, well-organised countries. When those same rich countries offer a mouth-watering array of welfare-for-life choices,we arrive at where we are now, in a mess.

Anonymous said...

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I had the misfortune of having to work closely with the Middle East Desk at the FCO. We guys at the sharp end always referred to them as the Camel Corps and it was axiomatic that one never turned one’s back on them. And, yes, there is an intentional double entendre there.

Seneca III

Anonymous said...

I'll go for the conspiracy theory. The "Left" think they are using the Muslims to achieve the aims of the Left. The Muslims are sure that they are using the Left to achieve Islamic domination. The fight between the two over such matters as homosexuality will be "interesting" (so long as I am somewhere else!).

Anonymous said...

I'll go for the conspiracy theory. The "Left" think they are using the Muslims to achieve the aims of the Left. The Muslims are sure that they are using the Left to achieve Islamic domination. The fight between the two over such matters as homosexuality will be "interesting" (so long as I am somewhere else!).

Anonymous said...

“The alternative is that there is a covert higher order controlling the supposedly democratic UK government, one that wants to break the British culture and identity, and sees Islam as a useful tool to achieve this end. Who knows? Maybe the conspiracy theory is correct after all.”

If there is, MC, then you don’t have to look much further than Bilderberg. To quote (2001)Dennis Healey, a senior British MP, Cabinet member, Bilderberg group founder and steering committee member, one time Communist Party member (Oxford, 1937 – 1940) and lifelong Marxist-Socialist class warrior:

”To say that we were striving for a one world government is exaggerated, but not entirely unfair.”

Seneca III

Anonymous said...

The tendency is to obsess about the British left's dangerous liaisons with islam this obscures the deep thinking and inherent islamophilia of the British ruling class stretching across the political spectrum and beyond into the royal domain.

Looking at present day British socio-political policies there is the strong hint of islamophilia in the formulation of those policies that satisfies not only the class based desire for social control and supremacy but rekindles the historical flirtations with islam - the modern islamophilia political expressions are from deep within 'Britishness'.

The British State is now a de facto islamic state.

Jolie Rouge

MCin Sderot said...

Anonymouse 03:04

The Jordainian Legion laid seige to the Jewish Area of Jerusalem in 1948. It was led by one Glubb Pasha (Lieutenant-General Sir John Bagot Glubb KCB, CMG, DSO, OBE, MC) and his team of British Army Oficers.

Details of Bevin's involvement can be read here:-


When one matches Bevin's duplicity with his cruel actions against holocaust survivors and the Egyptian declaration of Genocide against Jews in 1947 one must take the opinion that he, and maybe the whole cabinet are tainted with a sympathy for Nazi aims concerning Jews.

For descriptions of RAF/IAF engagements see here:- http://www.spyflight.co.uk/iafvraf.htm

Anonymous said...

Very interesting to read the information from and about Dennis Healey. He is on his way to being a hundred now and they say the good die young. He obviously isn't one of them.

Firstly, I never realised that he was a member of the communist party but this is no surprise. As regards the Bilderbergers, I keep being told about them but nobody can prove anything. We know that all our leaders attend their meetings in utter secret. One world government will of course be the ultimate totalitarian state from which there will be no escape. Nobody will ever be free again. Russia Today have just told me that the Americans are using drones to spy on their own. Perhaps they are spying on us here in Europe by that means as well.

I have posted above about the determination of big business to keep Britain in the EU. I am sure that mass immigration into Europe and other white countries was planned. But once again this confusion. Is it the commies or the capitalists? It would seem it is both but who cobbled together this unholy alliance?

There would seem to be so little hope to cling to. London is now lost to the English. I have just read that this was predicted 12 years ago as happening in 15 years and it has happened three years sooner. Soon England will be lost to the English. How do we stop these bastards?

I was interested to read about Norway however. Their population has increased by 25% since the
1960s through mass immigration and is destined to increase by 25% again in coming decades. I think this means that ethnic Norwegians will be virtually outnumbered by then. In British terms this would mean that we would already have reached 70m and be heading towards 90m. A good job the Norwegians can just cut down a few more trees.

Anonymous said...

'How do we stop thes bastards.'
Optimism is a prerequisite. Do you mean how do we stop them legally and like gentlemen? Marquis of Queensbury stuff? Handbags at dawn? We can't really do it this way, we have to do it the other way. But there is a problem,
the Western World has become
comfortably uncomfortable with its
destiny. They are all sipping gin and tonics on the bridge with the Captain .....of the Titanic. 'Iceberg, what iceberg? This fellow is such a joker, what !!!'

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested to know how readers here think Europe will appear in the year 2100. Will these be Islamic countries, warring city-states, or will they have expelled the new conquistadors?

I myself believe that Muslims will eventually come to control many if not most European countries, and that non-Muslims (of European and extra-European origin alike) will live as Dhimmis or slaves. I predict there will be slave markets in Europe where non-Muslims are bought and sold for use in Europe and beyond.

Anonymous said...

The potential new allies:
-Center to right wingers
-Most Israelis (note I don't say Jews)
-Former communists from The Balkans (mostly Serbians, but not only)
-Christians in Arab countries
-Christians in Nigeria
-Some Euro-regions with strong identity (Scots, Basques et al.)
-Blue collar youths
-Free market advocates
This is an open list, suggestions are welcome.
A decade ago this would have sounded ridicule, not today
The actual axis of evil:
-Socialist elites
-Academia staff in humanities
-Petrodollar financed mosque dwellers
-Progressives at large
-Public employees (especially doctors, teachers and social workers)

Anonymous said...

whirlwinder said:

I think 2100 will be as you say. After all, what does Europe have to fight for? Christianity was once the rallying call. Spain took 800 years to excise Islam but they did it when they had something to fight for. Europe is a tired old man with nothing to look forward to except dhimmitude. It is a sad thing to see happening and there may be pockets of resistance but they will be brutally quashed by Islam. The socialist/marxist think they can 'ride the tiger' and have Islam help them get the people under control. Little do they know that Islam will dominate them in the end and what a dis service they have done to their fellow countrymen by selling them out.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no Whirlwinder, there WILL be ' pockets of resistance ' but they will be crushed by people who seem to be our own people. Islam will then find it even easier to take over, without a whimper. This is in train right now, just see how difficult it is to discuss these issues in sa public forum. Our own
governments are the ones who will
stymy patriotism.

Anonymous said...

To the first Anonymous: "95% of the British policemen in mandate Palestine were pro Arabs" - Gerald Green who served in the Palestine Police from 1946 till 1948. - 13:00 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bk7CErb6W3M

Anonymous said...

To the first Anonymous: "95% of the British policemen in mandate Palestine were pro Arabs" - Gerald Green who served in the Palestine Police from 1946 till 1948. - 13:00 -
My Title

Columnist said...

Anonymous said... 12

1/09/2013 8:27 PM

Paradoxically, this can be prevented by legalizing the enslavement of Muslims. There should be markets where you can buy Muslim slaves, both male and female.

Greece could make easy money by raiding Egypt, Turkey and Albania.

Anonymous said...

Columnist, Greece has only a small population of about 11 million,
Turkey and Egypt are both hovering around the 80 million mark. It doesn't seem a good proposition for Greece to slave-raid these countries.

Tim Shey said...

Benghazi Revisited:

"Christopher Stevens: A Useful Idiot"

Columnist said...

Anonymous said... 19

Your strength is your weakness: WAHN...

Every Greek can have eight Turkish slave girls and eight Egyptian slave girls, while only one in every sixteen Turks or Egyptians can have a Greek slave girl.