Sunday, January 06, 2013

A List of Shame

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The following article from Bild describes the inability of the German government to deport violent Lebanese criminals from the Federal Republic. As an interesting side note, the article asserts that 85% of the Lebanese living in Germany are dependent on long-term unemployment benefits.

Many thanks to Hermes for the translation:

The List of Shame

They are Lebanese criminals, but in spite of this they cannot be deported

A Lebanese clan in Germany

It was the list of shame — and it still is! Almost two years ago BILD reported that hundreds of Lebanese criminals living in Germany cannot be deported to their home country.

The reason for this is that Lebanon questions the citizenship of their own citizens and denies entry to them. BILD presents now a new and alarming list from the Interior Minister. This time, the list includes 207 extremely serious cases with convictions of more than one year in prison. Meanwhile there were 24 voluntary departures and 43 repatriations, but 51 new cases too about Lebanese serious criminals with no prospects for a quick deportation.

Some cases listed by BILD:

  • Rabih A. (28) is a member of a Lebanese clan known to the police. He has been convicted four times: 62 counts of drug trafficking, and also extortion, prostitution, wrongful privation of personal liberty, assault and pimping.
  • Mohamad A. (27) is Rabih’s younger brother. 62 cases involving drug dealing, and also armed robbery. He has also been convicted four times.
  • Fadi S. (35) was sentenced to 14 years and 1 month in prison. His criminal record: “theft (both private and public), illegal acquisition of narcotics, dangerous physical injuries, aggravated theft and computer fraud”. Sentenced to prison until the 13 of June 2016.
  • Mohamad S. (29), sentenced to 10 years and 1 month. Charges against him: public theft, violation of the drug laws, extortion and fraud. He is also one of those Lebanon does not want to get back, although the authorities in North Rhine-Westphalia could prove Mohamad’s nationality through a copy of his father’s passport as well as that of his brother’s and his sister’s.

Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister, Uwe Schünemann (58, CDU), told Bild: “It cannot be that almost all those Lebanese nationals required to leave should remain in the Federal Republic after having committed serious crimes.

“It is imperative that Lebanon follows its obligation dictated by international law to withdraw its nationals. This must have a strong and unequivocal effect on the Lebanese Embassy and the Lebanese government.”

The following data from the Interior Ministry is also dramatic: of 34,885 Lebanese living in Germany 30,000 are dependent on Hartz IV (long-term unemployed welfare benefit), and 4072 are illegals — that’s 11.7%!

Caption for the photo shown at the top of this post:

A Lebanese clan in the corridors of a court of justice. Rabih H. is among them. He was sentenced for 62 cases of drug dealing.

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Anonymous said...

Repatriate them with parachutes on their backs.


Anonymous said...

Variations on the Lebanese criminals in Germany situation are occurring throughout Western Europe with the people on the ground suffering the consequences of decisions made by people in ivory towers.

Once the German criminals in ivory towers are dealt with, the Lebanese criminals will go of their own accord.


Anonymous said...

Lemmie see, now.......

Syria has a border with Turkey, Iraq, and ISRAEL. My suggestion would be to send 'em to the latter. The Isralies could trot them up to the Golan, then boot 'em (or shoot 'em) across into Syria. No Diplomats needed.

I's sure that a couple of battalions of ex-german tanks or APCs or bangstuff would seal the deal.

IMHO Flintlock

Anonymous said...

"Repatriate them with parachutes on their backs."

Preferably moth-eaten :)


Anonymous said...

""Repatriate them with parachutes on their backs."

Preferably moth-eaten :)"

I disagree. Unlike them, we're not just animals, we're human. Hence we must give them a fair chance in their own territories.
It's like if I leave the door open for my goats to enter the house, they will wreck my house; They are goats and will act accordingly. The same goes for immigrants of the human animal variety.