Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/15/2013

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/15/2013The latest “grooming and pimping” trial is underway in the venerable English city of Oxford. Nine culturally enriched men (Mohammed Coefficient: 22%) are charged with intimidating, threatening, beating, exploiting, and pimping out girls as young as 11 years old.

In other news, a Coptic center for social services, which contained a kindergarten and a reception hall, was attacked and destroyed by a mob of Egyptian Muslims. The crowd had been aroused by area mosques after rumors went around that local Christians were building a church.

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Anonymous said...

Al Qaeda attacks Algerian oil site on Wednesday

Two killed.

BP, Statoil and Sonatrach are jointly exploiting the oil site, and several oilworkers have been kidnapped, French, Norwegian, Japanese, Irish among them.

Anonymous said...

Mali asked France for aid

French PM Jean-Marc Ayrault explains in the National Assembly on Wednesday, that France was asked by Mali to come to their aid, as Mali itself is not capable of defending itself.

Ayrault names other Western states who, in their turn, are ready to mobilize standing by France. - US, Canada, Denmark - "and others to follow".

This sounds like an islamic recipe to have all decent states act as fire brigades, so they can attack these brigades while they are away from home.

Anonymous said...


Threaten to blow up Statoil gas site
41 hostages taken

Anonymous said...

Seven of the hostages are Americans, and three Norwegians, according to ANI, Agence Nouackchott d'Information, says VG

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

Almost all of the UK media reporting on the Oxford trial has completely avoided the ethnicity of the 'Oxford men'. But when the news kept referring to them simply as a gang of men from Oxford, somehow I did not imagine them to be a set of University students or dons. See here how the media is handling it.