Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is This Justice?

The Innocent Prophet

Imran Firasat is a Pakistani ex-Muslim who collaborated with Terry Jones on the movie The Innocent Prophet (watch it here). The Spanish government recently revoked his status as a political refugee in Spain, and he is due to be deported to Pakistan, where he will face the death penalty for blasphemy. There is currently a push to persuade the Canadian government to grant him and his family political asylum.

Mr. Firasat was interviewed recently on Alerta Digital TV. The video below shows the third part of the interview, and includes segments in English of a statement by Terry Jones. Previously: Part 1, Part 2.

Many thanks to our Spanish correspondent Hermes for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:01 So I want to say that I don’t understand why refugee status was once granted to me
00:07 and has now been revoked for the same reason: for criticizing Islam, and I assure readers of
00:13 Alerta Digital, those watching the program, that I have never done anything illegal
00:19 against Islam; I have always told the government about my activities
00:25 through legal petitions, and I have all official papers about that,
00:31 about the film I was intending to make. So I told them about all this 3 months in advance,
00:37 by email, that I would like to make a film in order to show everybody the real face of
00:43 Mohammed, and I humbly called for an appointment to show them the film,
00:49 for them to tell me whether there’s something offensive to anyone in the film,
00:55 and all is in conformity with the Spanish laws, but I received no answer,
01:01 but in the end, when an Islamic organization in Madrid filed a complaint,
01:07 they became active, and they told me that my film
01:13 can be dangerous to Spain. — Now Imran, from Florida, we have a connection
01:19 through YouTube with a person who wanted to appear tonight in order
01:25 to give you his support. He is a friend of yours, Pastor Terry Jones, another symbol of
01:31 the fight against Islamic fanaticism in the world, a pastor who was banned
01:37 from entering Spain by the same Interior Minister who wants to expel you.
01:43 Pastor Jones was very interested in appearing on this program, which he usually follows,
01:50 as you told me — Yes. Mr. Terry Jones
01:55 is a very good fellow, no matter what is said about him, but for me he is a brave fellow,
02:01 who speaks the truth, fights for the truth. Maybe some of you do not agree with some of his
02:07 views, but regarding Islam, I agree 100% with him, and
02:13 he is also grateful to Alerta Digital for drawing attention to my case…
02:19 - So here is his direct testimony through YouTube.
02:53 What Mr. Terry Jones is saying is that if they stop us in this way,
02:59 then we lose our fundamental liberties, our human rights,
03:06 but first and foremost our freedom of speech, and if we lose that,
03:12 then we find ourselves in a dictatorship, so
03:18 they must make clear whether this country is under dictatorship, or give us total liberty,
03:24 but double moral, double standard, that is not fair. Well, they tell me that
03:30 I am a danger to Spain for criticizing Islam, and not because of having committed a crime,
03:36 but if it had been a Spaniard… — Excuse me, let
03:42 us watch the video. Let’s watch it in full…
03:48 It would be good if people could see the video of the Pastor in full.
03:54 Now let’s watch it, and then we’ll comment on it.
07:07 Pastor Jones speaks clearly: it is not just about Imran Firasat’s freedom, but that of us all;
07:12 if today it is taken away from him, then tomorrow
07:16 it will be taken away from us. There’s a lot at stake.
07:20 As I said before, I am a foreigner, so it is easy for them to
07:25 deport me, revoke my status, but what would have happened if I had been a Spaniard?
07:30 Would they take away his citizenship? Would they
07:34 persecute him? No, he would be put on trial. So let them
07:37 put me on trial. They will not find anything about my having violated Spanish law,
07:43 and if they stop me now, well, it is not about me, but about everybody. If they stop me
07:49 from criticizing Islam, tomorrow they will stop you from criticizing President Rajoy,
07:55 or the king, and nothing will be allowed to be
07:58 criticized. But Jesus is allowed to be criticized,
08:01 everybody is allowed to insult our God, but Mohammed cannot be criticized. Is this justice?
08:07 - Yes, we’ll talk later about Mohammed, but in order for you to know
08:12 that hundreds of thousands of euros of tax money,
08:16 which thanks to this Partido Popular government,
08:19 that self-proclaimed ‘Christian’, are made to flow to the mosques of this country,
08:25 I’ll reveal some data as an exclusive info for all readers of Alerta Digital. The money
08:31 which is taken away from impoverished Spaniards, and which these villains in Rajoy’s gang
08:37 give to the mosques, so that there the believers can be indoctrinated
08:43 into hatred, crime, and to hate anybody who does not share their way of thinking
08:49 This is a short list of the funds which Rajoy’s government gives to some Islamic centers
08:55 in our country. I assure you that the following is not even 10% of
09:01 all funds being given to Islamic centers. Now listen:
09:07 Islamic Center of Torrent — Valencia County: 3000 euros
09:13 Islamic Board of Madrid — Collado Villalba: 2200 euros
09:19 Islamic Center of Albacete: 2000 euros. Again: money given by the
09:25 Partido Popular government from all of your pockets.
09:31 Aval Islamic Center: 4500 euros
09:37 Muslim Women’s Association of Vall D’uxó — Valencia county: 4500 euros
09:44 Religious Islamic Center of Asturias — Altahuí mosque: 1500 euros
09:53 Islamic Center Colonia Sant Jordi: 1500 euros
09:58 Almassora Islamic Center: 1680 euros
10:04 Islamic Community of Prat de Llobregat: 3000 euros
10:08 Islamic Community Al-Ándalus in Altura (town): 3000 euros
10:13 Islamic Community of Onda — Valencia county: 2000 euros
10:20 Islamic Community ‘Villanueva de Castellón’ brotherhood: 3000 euros
10:25 Islamic Community ‘Noor’: 1950 euros
10:28 Islamic Community of Alaquás: 1680 euros
10:33 Again, data referring to subsidies give
10:39 by the Partido Popular government, official subsidies
10:45 which are not even the 10% of all subsidies, and meanwhile Spaniards are committing suicide,
10:51 over not being able to pay their mortgages, and 6 million jobless,
10:57 and meanwhile our most talented ones have to look for a job
11:03 in other countries of the EU. And this villain Mariano Rajoy taking away
11:09 money from our pockets, the money which goes to the Islamic associations of our country.
11:15 An absolutely clear picture of what happens in this country.
11:21 Of what the Spanish democracy is. Of what we have been turned into by the
11:27 state represented by these genuine criminals, a true moral sewer.
11:33 What can these Islamic associations contribute to the
11:38 Spanish community, to the social and economic
11:42 progress, to the cultural and spiritual development
11:45 of the Spaniards that could justify the handover of these funds by part of the government
11:51 of Mariano Rajoy? This is an outrage! You told me before that
11:57 they are preparing to build in Barcelona the biggest mosque
12:03 of Europe . — Yes, the Muslims of Barcelona are planning to build
12:09 a mosque more huge and nicer than the Sagrada Familia,
12:15 but… I… I am not against Muslims,
12:21 I’ve never said that Muslims are bad, or criminals. I’ve said that
12:27 it is the ideology they follow which is bad, and this has to be taught to them,
12:33 any they must be asked to change it. Their ideology
12:39 is to fight, to make jihad, or to use any
12:45 trick to take over the world. I’ve seen in many newspapers where Muslims
12:51 leave comments, that they will soon conquer Spain again,
12:57 we will turn Spain again into Al-Ándalus. So please understand
13:03 that not all Muslims, but many of them are planning to conquer Spain again,
13:09 join the political life of the country, and after that persecute
13:15 those who talk about Islam. — They are succeeding
13:18 with the help of these treasonous politicians.
13:21 Yes, why do they have to give thousands of euros in funds to those Islamic centers?
13:27 How do they contribute to society? Here we have almost no food,
13:33 we cannot pay our mortgages, but those Islamic associations
13:39 receive so much in funds. — The worst is that they are using our laws, in Spain,
13:45 and in Europe, in order to enforce theirs upon us, when the demographic factor turns decisive,
13:51 in order not to depend on us. — Yes, applying Sharia in order to punish anybody who
13:57 goes against Islam. So we are losing the Europe we had,
14:03 our values, our rights. So I repeat again that
14:08 I don’t know whether I will be killed after leaving
14:12 the studios, because I receive so many threats,
14:16 that Islamists will kill me and my family, but please, do you think of your future?