Thursday, January 03, 2013

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/3/2013

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/3/2013Russian President Vladimir Putin has granted honorary citizenship to the French actor Gérard Depardieu. Mr. Depardieu was offered a Russian passport after he angrily decided to leave France due to its high rate of taxation. He has a substantial following among Russian cinemagoers.

In other news, a mosque in Melbourne was destroyed in a fire that authorities say is “suspicious”. Meanwhile, an Islamic expert says that there are not enough mosques to serve Hong Kong’s Muslim population, and that more need to be built in the city.

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Anonymous said...

FYI: The fascists are taking legal action against the apparent proprietor of the F.desouche Islam-critical website:

Anonymous said...

If anybody is going to ask why there are muslims in Hong Kong, yes it was the British who took them there.

The British Empire moved indentured labour, mostly from the Indian Sub-continent, all over the Empire resulting in native Fijians being outbred by Indians to the extent that they now rule the place which led to the abortive Fijian coup to wrest back power.

It moved them to the West Indies and to Africa where they were chucked out post-independence by the Kenyans and Ugandans. India refused to have them back so they will soon have Leicester and many other areas of England as their own. So if China chucks out its Pakistani muslims don't think for a moment that they will be going back to Pakistan. You know where they will be heading. I don't understand this independence lark. European colonials fought for it and when they got it they couldn't do without their European imperial masters. A bit like a battered wife I suppose.