Monday, October 10, 2011

Breivik Masks for Everyone

Earlier today, Muninn left a comment on Fjordman’s post that deserves reposting in its entirety:

If our civilization ever manages to pull out of its nose dive, I’m sure Mr. Jensen will finally be recognized for his tremendous contributions to reclaiming Occidental sanity. I found Fjordman’s writings when I started to realize something is rotten in the West. His lucid style and meticulous research showed me just how precious our civilization is and just how far it has fallen.

At the moment however, the Left thinks it has us cornered. The great press machine has all but said that anyone who has a problem with Islam and demographic changes must have the same mental disorder as Breivik. In essence, their goal is to put Breivik masks on us all. Right now is the worst time possible to back down and apologize for some imagined guilt for having the opinions we do.

I don’t hate anyone, I believe that every human life has inherent value, and I believe that everyone has the right to keep their way of life in peace on their native lands without being subject to colonialism of any stripe (as long as said ways of life don’t infringe on anyone else’s right to do the same). It is because of this I believe that our rights as a people are being denied and I cannot abide the loathing for Europeans and European civilization I see every day in droves and approved by our institutions no less. It sickens me to the core.

I have a conviction that there is deep discontent with the current state of affairs within the unconscious mind of the West. I think underneath all the “official” opinions, the natives are restless.

Our governments have deliberately changed our countries drastically and then said those changes were “inevitable.” It’s a bit like kicking your own front door down and then saying the draft is inevitable.

I regret that I am unable to help Fjordman financially at the moment (buying a degree today carries a hefty price tag), but I wish him luck in his move, wherever that may take him. I sincerely hope he keeps writing, because we need his intellect now more than ever.

“Here I stand, and cannot do otherwise — so help me God” — Martin Luther

“Truth never triumphs, its opponents just die out” — Max Planck

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For a complete listing of Fjordman’s articles, see The Fjordman Files.


Nick said...

Tell me about the cost of getting yourself a degree. I did it the hard way, working night shifts & studying p/t. Cost a mint. That was more than 5 years ago & I'm still paying it all off.

On another note, I spoke to two different people last week, in completely different contexts, and they each steered the conversation towards the appalling state of affairs in the UK. And what they said, and the conclusions they drew about why we're in the state we're in, were far more blunt and just as accurate, as anything ever written at GoV. (And so far as I know, neither of them have even heard of GoV.)

There is an undercurrent of absolute contempt for politicians in the UK, and there's no doubt that "the man in the street" knows perfectly well that PC-think belongs to a George Orwell novel, and has no place in a rational, democratic world.

Professor L said...

I am reminded of Ferdinand Foch: My flank is turned, my centre cannot hold. Situation excellent. I shall attack.

He won.

So then, I suggest that we set our phasers to win and make it so.

A Common Loon said...

I'm quite flattered - Thank you

Nick - I'm where you were five years ago almost exactly. Working overnights, dreading when the moment when the feds want to collect.

The worst part of it is while I'm here, I get read columns in my school newspaper like the one an Indonesian Muslim immigrant wrote about how the lack of "diversity" makes minorities uncomfortable because there aren't as many people that "look like them." She also implied than her attendance was funded by Pell grants. Another example was a front page "news" article that raised much fuss because of the fact that the percentage of minority faculty was equal to percentage of minority population in this state. Wear a hijab for a day was another.

This the tip of the iceberg of what today's post-secondary students are being raised into. We are told almost daily that diversity is "necessary" for colleges (and by extension, society) and it benefits everyone massively in some unexplained way. They also love to say diversity policies are to "prepare us" for a changing United States. I was born into this crap and I'm starting to long for a past I wasn't a part of.

I've noticed that if you read the comments in online articles of newspapers regarding issues of diversity the comments section usually reveals a striking gap between the official line of the newspaper and the general population. The comments are thoughtful, articulate and refreshingly Frank much of the time. I notice this in British newspapers quite frequently, but it happens in American ones too,

for instance:

1389 said...


Problem is, if you complain about any of the leftist/green/pro-jihadi indoctrination, they slap the Breivik mask on you.

There are a few organizations out there that protect free speech and freedom of the press on campus, and that expose some of the more flagrant attempts to indoctrinate students. Unfortunately, I don't have the URLs at my fingertips. :(

Lawrence said...

"At the moment however, the Left thinks it has us cornered."

I'm not sure the left thinks we're cornered, so much as they believe they have the ultimate answers. And will stop at nothing to prove it, even if it kills us all.