Friday, October 28, 2011

Political Correctness in Germany

The following video by Dale Hurd at CBN concerns the harassment and vilification of people in Germany who fail to comply with the dictates of political correctness. It’s in English with German subtitles:

Hat tip: Winds of Jihad.


doxRaven said...

Islamo-Socialism and Environmentalist Fascism, the leitmotivs of European politics, are leading to the genocide of the native European.

Amongst the tools of this genocide are hyper-immigration, and political censorship, euphemistically called political correctness.

And democracy has become a sham, a cardboard cut-out with "democracy" written on it that is successfully fooling the average gadget-and vacation-preoccupied EU citizen.

Up until 1999 I was a 100% committed to the program of the European union. How naive was I. The best that can happen the Europe is for the Euro to collapse, followed by the EU being thrown into the dustbin of history like the USSR.

Anonymous said...

Well, being a solid 68'er myself, I'm somewhat saddened at the reference to us as a problem...although, there seems to be more than a little truth in it.

I agree with doxRaven that little would benefit Europe (and the US) more than the collapse of the EU. It seems that most of its members continue to be attracted by the prospect of unearned German economic support of the Euro.

The Germans are suffering from a (highly justified) guilt at what they did during World War II, which is why they agree to financially support their undisciplined neighbors. I offer my wholehearted best wishes to the Germans as they drop their guilt and political correctness, and adopt logic and truth as their guides.