Friday, October 28, 2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/28/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/28/2011A young Muslim from Serbia named Mevlid Jasarevic used an AK-47 to fire shots at the American embassy in Sarajevo today, wounding two security guards. The assailant hung around across the street afterwards, and a few minutes later was shot and wounded (some reports say killed) by a police sniper.

In other news, the unemployment rate in Spain has reached a record 21.5%.

And now for the weather. This is not in the news feed, but our regional forecast says that we will have sleet tomorrow morning. Can you believe it? Sleet! On October 29th, in Central Virginia!

I might as well move to Aalborg. At least the beer would be better there.

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Anonymous said...

"The museum’s directors are acutely aware that their collection will be unveiled at a time when Islam is a more inflammable subject than ever."

AHEM. Is it really Islam that is inflammable - or is it Muslims at the direction of Islam?!

[Curator Navina Haidar is] "an elegant 45-year-old who was raised in New Delhi by a Muslim father and a Hindu mother...."

YES. A Muslim woman raised in an infidel land is a traitor to that land and a dupe for the worldwide ummah. The only reason that she is allowed to show her 'elegance' instead of a burqa is because the current majority infidels enable her freedom that she carelessly throws away in the service of a mindless cult that would remove that freedom the instant that Muslims achieve majority status.

"Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, who was a model guest, admiring the art and chuckling....stopped short when Haidar showed him a 10th-century Muslim prayer mat that was found on the shores of Lake Tiberias. The date suggested a very early Muslim presence in what is now Israel. Netanyahu asked if it was really that old, Haidar recalled, and she assured him that the carpet had bee n scientifically dated. But he kept staring at it quizzically. “ ‘I don’t know,’ he finally said, ‘it just doesn’t look that old to me.’ “"

YES. Netanyahu should have known better than to 'humor' Islam. The end goal of Islam is to REPLACE and ERASE all infidel Gods and cultures with Islam alone declared to be the author of ALL progress through the ages.

"The “Islamic Wing” is gone, replaced by the “Galleries for the Art of the Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia and Later South Asia.” It is a mouthful, but it makes a point."

YES. The point is that the Middle East including ISRAEL is firstly Arab Lands. The name Israel is distinctly NOT mentioned. Muslims do NOT live in Israel. Israelis 'occupy' Arab Lands. Really, the greater point made by Islam is that ALL infidels 'occupy' Arab Lands.

"“Not one world, but many; not another world, but our own,” Haidar said, repeating the mantra that has guided her thinking about the new collection over the years."

YES. The world is indeed 'our own' Muslim ummah. The Western infidels are just too stupid to know it yet....

Lawrence said...

Speaking of Unemployment rates...

Here in the U.S. our Labor Department statistics don't include the underemployed and those who have stopped looking for work.

A quick google search will reflect that when we take our current 9.7% unemployment rate and add all the people who are truly looking for career work our unemployment rate is nearing 16.6%. Almost double what the government says it is.