Saturday, October 15, 2011

More from Occupy Ottawa

An Ottawa activist offers his opinions on capitalism and corporations.

Once again, many thanks to Deke for recording the interview, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling and uploading the video:

It’s interesting that the “hypno-toad” phenomenon that featured so prominently in the Wall Street demo is also occurring in Ottawa. Is this now standard operating procedure for the anti-capitalist global Left?


Van Grungy said...


amazing how religious the anti-faith crowd are..


Travis McGee said...

The "hypno-toad" is actually called "the people's microphone" by these freakazoid commies. Look at the youtube from Atlanta where Lewis was kept from speaking for the best example of the "people's microphone" in action, and how easy it is for the cadres to control the lemmings and bend them to their will. Most importantly, it allows the real commie freaks to take over a very large crowd, because they are the only ones who know the rules of the game, and can boost their volume above any others. No interlopers stand a chance of being heard. It's very well thought out for crowd control by a dedicated cadre. Please watch the Lewis/Atlanta video. Observe the union thugs and red shirts muscling people, and hand-signalling their leader. Very interesting. I'm sure their inspiration is the Bolsheviks, who seized control not by numbers, but by a keen understanding of group dynamics at all levels.

1389 said...

The "Occupy" Movement Goes Nazi

No joke. Godwin does not apply here.

We're talking about actual, goose-stepping, swastika-bedecked, jackbooted, Sieg-Heiling, Jew-hating Nazis.

What a disgrace.

Travis McGee said...

PS: I just saw "twinkle hands" (the peoples' microphone) being used in Rome around the time of the firebombs and window smashing.


Consumer politics consuming politics.

Polarisation of the debate will play into the hands of the cadres, this is an attempted purge within an already established progressive revolution. Had conservatism realised its counter-revolutionary position then it would have been setting political agenda instead of looking like the defender of corporate progressivism.

What next for the hypno-frogs, Nazism maybe too bitter for the Western political consumer to swallow, fizzypop islam offers the same hit where the retrospective bitterness is not so obvious to the Western political mass consumer or hypno-frogs.

dienw said...

Hypno-toad is an appropriate term: there are otherwise sane people who being pulled into this; and the more the "sane" people are pulled in, the better the cover for the real cadre of instigators.

Karl Denninger just got sucked in.

rickl said...

The Ticker Forum has been, hands down, the best site I've seen for coverage of these events. There are numerous comment threads which offer reasoned discussion, with all viewpoints represented.

Denninger was reporting on an Occupy event which he personally attended. He was looking for Communists but didn't find any.

These protests probably take on the character of the local area where they take place. It's only natural that events in big, liberal-leaning cities will tend to have more of a leftist flavor than events in small towns and rural areas. Of course, the big city events get most of the media coverage.