Monday, October 17, 2011

One Day at a Time for Recovering Lefties

The following story from Germany concerns a sort of rehab program for leftist fanatics. The translator includes this note:

Here is a brief article that is almost a parody, as only the Germans can do it.

I wonder if there is a twelve-step program. Do you call your sponsor at midnight and say: “Help! I can’t stop thinking about Lenin!”

What I find interesting in this story is that the reporter is willing to refer to the clients of the program as “Left Extremists”. In the English-speaking world, such phraseology is all but unheard of. There are “progressives” or “activists” on the Left, but only right-wingers can be “extremists”.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

Thursday October 6, 2011

Security Services Begin Exit Program for Left Extremists

Berlin — The federal intelligence service has initiated the first Exit Program for Left Extremists. An announcement by the intelligence service says: the program is part of a series of government measures against “extremism and violence, and toward more tolerance and democracy” and is intended for persons who have decided to leave the leftist extremist scene, but are unable to do this on their own.

Since Thursday, a 24-hour contact phone number has been available to them. Those willing to exit the movement can also contact the staff of the program by e-mail. Anyone in this situation who turns to the organization is assured of absolute confidentiality.

Through the exit program, leftist extremists will be helped above all with everyday problems, for example, looking for a residence or a job, alcohol or drug therapy or debt counseling. Beyond that, the exit program offers a counseling venue for family members and friends of people in the leftist extremist scene.



" ... helped above all with everyday problems, for example, looking for a residence or a job, alcohol or drug therapy or debt counseling."

The experience in the U.K. is that people with such everyday problems tend to have a strong right of centre libertarian streak.

The U.K. Left Extremists are more likely to be the managers of such public–private partnership exit programs, shod in well-healed jackboots from the proceeds of their private finance initiative (PFI) social enterprises.

Anonymous said...

There is every reason to take this seriously. Europol (the european arm of Interpol) has shown in annual survey after annual survey that almost all of the terrorism in europe is by muslims and left-wing extremists. There is virtually no right-wing terrorism. All the terrorism associated with ethno-nationalism and animal rights is left-wing rather than right-wing, and it is the left who support such ethno-nationalists (such as IRA, ETA, etc.) and the left who support the animal rights terrorists. That the blinkers are pulled over our eyes on this subject shows just how much sympathy the left has amongst the journalists.

You can find the earlier reports too. Just search for TE-SAT.