Tuesday, October 11, 2011

“Down With Gravity!”

Occupy Wall Street

Iowahawk noted this on Twitter:

For every OccupyWallStreet participant, there are 20,000 kids in India cramming for a calculus final.

In other words,

  • the Indian kids are serious and the squatters on Wall Street are dilettantes looking for a concert ‘rush’.
  • Indian kids struggle to get ahead, the Wall Street Squatters struggle to get laid.
  • the Indian kids may have bathed today, but it wasn’t in their very own tiled bathroom. The Squatters defecated on police cars. The epitome of kewl.
  • The Indians want a chance. The Squatters want a megaphone so they can take turns interrupting.
  • The Indians add, or will add, to global productivity. The Squatters will consume.
  • Indian kids hope. Squatters hate. Just ask them for the photo-copied list the nice union man gave them.
  • Indian kids have been educated. Squatters don’t need no education, at least not one they’re willing to pay for.
  • Indian kids study maths and sciences. Squatters major in Queer Dance Theory After the Death of Patriarchy.
  • Indian kids dream. Squatters scream.
  • Indian kids have learned to persist because life isn’t fair. Squatters are determined to repeal that basic law. “Down With Gravity”.

Indian math teacherInvestors’ Business Daily had an editorial on someone who is eminently qualified to dismiss the squatters and their grown-up, corrupt enablers: [my emphases -D]

As Democrats, corporations and billionaires fell all over themselves to cheer Wall Street mobs protesting capitalism and demanding free rides, the lone voice of Herman Cain challenging them spoke for the rest of us.
The unkempt protesters and their tent camps, garbage heaps and drum circles making Wall Street and other U.S. cities unbearable don’t have an articulate set of demands.

But their desire to end capitalism and still enjoy free-flowing government largesse is a constant, along with their nonstop claim to represent the “middle class.”

It’s as at odds with reality as the cast of characters jumping on their bandwagon of support: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, responsible for $1 trillion in wasted government “stimulus” that went to cronies and destroyed millions of jobs, and President Obama, who publicly demonized business, despite taking in unprecedented Wall Street campaign cash.

Local politicians looked the other way on permits and handed out “free” tents, ponchos and porta-potties, in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, billionaire speculator and convicted inside trader George Soros threw support - and money - to these same protests against capitalism.

Now luxury ice-cream retailer Ben & Jerry’s, a unit of a multinational corporation as noted by BigGovernment.com, has joined the anti-business fun, tweeting: “To those who Occupy: We stand with you. We admire @OccupyWallSt & those around the country who have joined in solidarity.”

Amid this kultursmog of contradictions, a stark clarity from GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain stood out unlike that of any other national voice.

“Don’t blame Wall Street; don’t blame the big banks. If you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself,” Cain told the protesters, who had lately been calling for debt amnesties and “free” education.

“It is not someone’s fault if they succeeded,” said Cain, confronting class-warfare head on, “it is someone’s fault if they failed.”

Cain’s stance was powerful, not just because it reflects the experience of millions of America’s “silent majority” - who’ve never asked for any special privileges as “their due” - but also because of who Cain is.

There couldn’t have been a single protester in any of those Wall Street protests who had to move the mountains Cain did through his life to rise to the top. He took on the disadvantages of race, poverty and lack of privilege without complaint, and emerged a winner.

The son of a chauffeur and domestic worker, Cain began his career first in the military, and then put his all into the study of math, science and economics. He rose to the top of the restaurant industry by pulling two major chains back from the brink of bankruptcy.

He then scaled even higher heights, serving as chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Kansas City.

Is there a single, whining protester in the Occupy Wall Street mob who has such a capacity for hard work, humility and leadership? We rather doubt it.

They may be middle-class as they claim to be, but only in the sense that 1960s Weather Underground terrorist and Obama mentor Bill Ayers was also middle-class - a spoiled, self-absorbed radical who has posed most of his life as a “revolutionary,” while working from a privileged perch within the far-left reaches of academia.

It’s the very opposite of Cain’s sterling character and life experiences. And he isn’t letting up.

“I happen to believe that these demonstrations are planned and orchestrated to distract from the failed policies of the Obama administration,” Cain told the Wall Street Journal. [Me, too - D]

For ordinary Americans who must make their way in the world with some of the same disadvantages as Cain, his words ring true.

Yet, curiously, he was almost alone in speaking out - only GOP Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin made comparable acerbic observations. Where are the other presidential candidates with Cain’s boldness? [Hiding in the bathroom, maybe? - D]

Cain’s willingness to confront an irrational and self-absorbed mob - which, as it grows, will be capable of acting out in far worse ways than it already has - is a sign of Reagan-like leadership.

As the moral void in today’s political leadership continues to widen, Cain’s courageous stance may turn out to be even more important than it looks.

It already is looking very important. He'll have the courage to address the black robmobs, too. In comparison to Cain, Obama looks more and more like the “protestor-president” he’s always been. His clue bag is every bit as empty as the lawless children he openly and stupidly admires.


Anonymous said...

"His clue bag is every bit as empty as the lawless children he openly and stupidly admires."

I'm thinking that your last word should be EMPLOYS instead of admires. Obama only admires HIMSELF.

By the way, I live in Virginia, and I took a 10 minute long (presumably) Democrat-sponsored phone survey about the upcoming 2012 Presidential election today.

Based on my analysis of the questions, the Democrats are either wanting Romney as the opposition candidate (presumably because the Romneycare disaster in MA mitigates the ability of Romney to criticize the Obamacare disaster in the rest of the USA) - or else the Democrats are totally convinced that Romney will fill that role. Romney was the only name mentioned in that famous pollster question, "If the election were held today, who would you vote for: Obama or Mitt Romney?"

I answered a TON of questions about Obama and my opinion of Obama. Yikes!

The Democrats were definitely "push polling" with the hope that offering everyone more, better, and FREE education (think college) will win them votes of unionized teachers (got to "create" those jobs) and college students (majoring in education - and Spanish - get it? Ha!).

It appears that EDUCATION is to be the key selling point of Obama for the 2012 election with the idea that the United States needs more, better, and FREE education in order to "create" American jobs and compete with foreign countries.

My pollster was a total HOOT! She was obviously an African American, but she had a great sense of humor and laughed with me as I could not help myself but to laugh at some of the questions - and my answers as I gave Obama consistently low scores.

Push Poll


This is truly astonishing,for years the forces of common sense have been trying to induce the sheeple to get off thier arses and defend thier rights,thier country,thier freedom,and when they finaly do so in a concerted way,they are attacked from every quater with lies ,disinformation and deformation,intended to bewilder those whose support is vital,this is the American peoples best opportunity to change the corruption ,manipulation and war mongering that the nwo is intent upon imposing by force upon the people of the world,and who was it that said,"we are at war damnit,we are bound to offend some-one"but all that you seem inclined to do is to tear any hope to pieces,by debateing line by line anything some obscenly wealthy corporate moron says,and the more that you vasilate the smaller the chances of success,not just for America,but for the world,so stop playing and take this enemy of all mankind DOWN!

Henrik Ræder said...

Wouldn't this movement be the 'Animal spirit' that according to Keynes is ruling the investment world?

Hey - don't laugh! I saw the 'Animal spirit' meme quoted in Financial Times, front page. The FT journalist actually takes it seriously!


Is this advocating the displacement of the hillbilly/redneck workforce of the U.S. with a third world imported workforce from the Indian subcontinent.

This is reminiscent of the projected self-loathing of progressive conservatives in the U.K. that conspired with the left to swamp the U.K. with third worlders, the Conservative pseudo-economics and loathing of the indigenous white working class that trumped national identity to import a cast workforce.

This article looks like white American (projected) self-loathing wrapped up in conservative pseudo-economics to defend the criminality and corruption on Wall Street.

Why is there not a Tea Party on Wall Street?

urah2222 said...


It doesn't have to be Gov. Romney - Elmer Fudd would get my vote against President Obama.

Dr. Shalit

Dymphna said...

@ Jolie Rouge

Is this advocating the displacement of the hillbilly/redneck workforce of the U.S. with a third world imported workforce from the Indian subcontinent.

Calculus? Hillbilly workforce? There's a disconnect somewhere. Or is that JR humor?

India is busy educating its young because they desperately need them for their own economy.

Here, see this:

Stand up and be counted
Anand Kumar, 37
Founder, Ramanujan School of Mathematics

The tag I used there is from the picture in the post of the Indian teacher. Scroll down to see the part on him.

The 2009 article from an India paper has snapshots of different educators. Few of them are infected with the mult-culti silliness that has hollowed out our own educational system, though those that are tend to be from the "arts".

India has to build a wall against the aggressive danger of Pakistan. So I look to see it forging alliances with Russia et al -- Pakistan with China, of course.

So India has calculus "stars" and we have "Dancing with the Stare"...almost the same, right?

ZZMike said...

Halloween is coming up, the yearly time for really scary things.

Here's one:

Many of the youngsters in the "occupation" (aka the Flea Party) will be voting in November.

Englishman wins the Writer's Award for the Longest Sentence ever posted in a comment.

Following Dymphna, there are far too many American kids (recently redefined by the Administration as anyone up to 26) who know more about the current crop of "celebrities" than they do about their own local government.


Indian kids are serious.

Indian kids struggle to get ahead.

Indian kids may have bathed today.

The Indians want a chance.

The Indians add, or will add, to global productivity.

Indian kids hope.

Indian kids have been educated.

Indian kids study maths and sciences.

Indian kids dream.

Indian kids have learned to persist because life isn’t fair.

This is the kind of Western (self) abasement and projected self-loathing that was deployed to import millions of third worlders into the U.K. particularly by the conservative end of the political spectrum.

"Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around." - David Cameron.

We're not worthy! We're not worthy! To inherit the Gran Torino.

Dymphna said...

@Jolie Rouge--

India has preserved, in some places, its British inheritance: the love of education.

The Occupiers don't have that. See this young man, polite and well-spoken, with a breath-taking absence of reasoning skills.

"Pay for my tuition because...because that's what I want"

Dymphna said...

@ Egghead--

I didn't know that it was called a "push poll" but I've participated in a a few of them. They're kind of fun if the pollster isn't too tired by the time he or she gets to you.

Once, the push poll was looking for approval for Obama's various initiatives and actions in the previous year. They had a 1-5 numbering system for agreement with 1 being "do not agree at all" and 5 being something like "right on, man." After the third question I was positive where this was going. So I laughed and asked if they had any negative numbers. The person was offended.

Don't know why he didn't quit then, but we did the whole megillah. I guess if I'd quit before it started he wouldn't have been required to continue, but his rules forced him to deal with this racist tighty whitey...I let my voice get a bit ethnic so by the end he wasn't sure of my race anymore.

I hope they pay those folks well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dymphna,

Push polls are considered to be EXTREMELY unethical, so it's predictable that Obama would employ them. :)

Here's how you can tell if you're in the middle of a push poll:

1. The pollster gives you limited choices.

In my recent poll, I was asked about the choice between TWO candidates (Obama and Romney) - effectively signalling me that these are the only two serious choices in the next election.

In another (presumably) Republican poll this year, I was asked to choose among very many big names as to who I would vote for if the election were today, BUT the poll omitted Sarah Palin - effectively signalling me that Sarah Palin is NOT a serious choice for the next election. By the way, that was a (presumably) pro-Newt Gingrich poll.

2. The pollster asks you a question at the beginning of the poll, and then asks you a ton of other leading and pro-candidate questions. Finally, at the end, the pollster asks you the same question as at the beginning to see if the interior sandwich questions changed your vote.

In my recent poll, the key question was, "If the election were today, who would you vote for: Obama or Romney?"

The interior questions all involved education and attempted to define Obama's educational "achievements" as THE major election issue.

Do you think that it's random that the leftist street demonstrations in England earlier this year and the Wall Street demonstrations in the last week have BOTH contained students making demands for free college education?!

NOPE. The Marxist left is seeking to co-opt the college student vote based on the SAME greed as senior citizens.

Regardless of income, ALL senior citizens "demand" their Social Security as a right at the end of life, so why shouldn't all college students "demand" their college education as a right at the beginning of life?

Greed - and the total willingness to enslave others to pay for your "rights" whether those "rights" be healthcare, education, or Social Security - is the true culprit here. Sad but true.