Monday, October 17, 2011

What Kind of a Deal is This?

Below is Vlad Tepes’ take on the recent deal between the Israeli government and the Palestinians for the release of a thousand imprisoned Palestinian terrorists in exchange for the return of a single kidnapped Israeli soldier.

What sort of moral calculus is at work when hundreds of dangerous, violent, bloodthirsty killers are let loose, some of whom will inevitably kill more Israelis? Was this deal really worth the price that will have to be paid?

WARNING: This video contains disturbing images. Sensitive viewers are advised to avoid it:


Ex-Dissident said...

Are there any sane governments left in this world?

ole said...

Personaly I would never have decided to free so many terrorists for one soldier .
On the other hand I have 3 sons serving in the IDF ,and it IS a good feeling to know , that even apparantly stupid things wil be done to free them if captured by the barbarians. I definitely consider each of my sons to be worth much more then 1000 terrorists .
Also you might say that this kind of deal is an irational way of maintaning the ability of parents to keep feeding their sons into the giant war-mashine,in a war which nobody realy expect EVER to end .
Another detail is , that most of the freed terrorists wil eventualy end up either dead or imprisonned in a much worse prison of their own making called Gaza .

Gregory said...

Thats the trouble with a country that isn't civil enough to have capital punishment. Sooner or later, all the murderers and rapists get out. The community is again put at risk. Israelis make real nice inventions and scientific advances, but they are socially irresponsible. Probably from too much brow-beating.

hadley said...

I am sure the Israeli military and government are fully aware of the soon-to-be-released Arabs.

They have been collecting them and interrogating them for years now.

Further, many of the Arabs have been "turned" by the Israelis to work for the Jewish nation.

This is perhaps the best way to get them back into Gaza and the West Bank as spies.

There will, of course, be some executions by the Arabs when the prisoners return, but some, if not most, will become reliable goy-agents-in-place for the Jewish people.

Professor L said...

I think it curious that Hamas is happy with the deal. Muslims are meant to be the best of humans, and yet it takes over a thousand of them (some released to Fatah to maintain the balance of power) to equal just one measly Israeli.

Non sequitur.

john in cheshire said...

hadley, I think you have identified the most effective way of neutralising those arabs who have been released; sow the seeds of suspicion about them amongst the rest of the arabs. They'll probably kill them themselves and save Israel the trouble. But I'm sure the IDF have thought of this already.