Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Does Turkey Threaten European Security?

Wim Kortenoeven is a member of parliament for the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands. Mr. Kortenoeven gave a speech last Sunday at the at the meeting of the OCSE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) in Dubrovnik about the Turkish threat to European security.

A translation of the speech has been posted at Vlad Tepes. Many thanks to Tundra Tabloids for putting this out:

This speech on Turkey was given by Dutch Freedom Party parliamentarian, Wim Kortenoeven, at the OCSE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) meeting yesterday (9.10.2011), and was handed to the Tundra Tabloids for publication by an anonymous source. The Dutch PVV representative’s remarks in regards to the state of Turkish affairs are clear and well versed, the current Turkish regime presents a danger for the entire region. KGS

Remarks by Wim Kortenoeven, Dutch delegation to the OCSE conference in Dubrovnik, 9 October 2011 (meeting on security in the Mediterranean area).

Mister Chairman,

I am addressing this meeting on behalf of the Dutch Party for Freedom.

As we speak, the peace in the Mediterranean is being threatened, by Turkish imperialism, by dangerous dreams to re-establish the Turkish Caliphate that was abolished in 1923.

We are witnessing the death of Kemalism, the positive ideology that transformed Turkey into a valuable, responsible and respected member of the international community.

But now, Turkey is sliding into the abyss of Islamic extremism and authoritarianism. This is visible on the inside and on the outside.

For instance: the freedom of speech in Turkey is increasingly suppressed. Many journalists have been jailed for speaking out. The Turkish cartoonist Bahadir Baruter is to be tried for renouncing Allah in a cartoon. He might get a year in jail for that.

Cyprus, a member State of the European Union, has been partly occupied by Turkey since the brutal invasion of 1974.

And now the Erdogan regime is turning Turkey into a predator state, a rogue state, that apparently also wants to seize the oil and gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean. Reserves that it does not own.

Threats are being issued in the direction of Cyprus. Strong Turkish military forces have been deployed on and near Cyprus.

Mister Chairman,

Turkey, a member state of NATO, is also increasingly belligerent towards the Jewish State of Israel. Threats and baseless accusations are issued against Israel — ever more frequently. And provocations are rampant. Israeli freighters are harassed by Turkish warships.

Turkey also objects to Israel’s legitimate desire to drill for natural gas in its own exclusive economic zone. Turkish warships are backing up threats against Israel’s sovereignty.

A simple mistake in this combustible situation might spark a military confrontation.

Also troubling and dangerous are Turkey’s sympathy for the Hamas terror organization and Turkey’s attempts to undermine Israel’s legitimate right to supervise the maritime routes to Gaza.

Mr. Chairman,

The situation is extremely dangerous.

This irresponsible Turkish policy of threats, insults and provocations, this macho belligerency, needs to be urgently addressed. As it is a clear and present danger to peace and security in the Mediterranean and even beyond.

Therefore, I urge you to ad this Turkish threat to peace and security to the agenda of the Winter session of the OSCE.

Thank you.

See the TT report for a follow-up email from Wim Kortenoeven about what happened at the OSCE after he gave his speech.


syntec said...

Well, if our indigenous leaders had not permitted the enemy to take gradual control of the politics, judiciary and entire institutions of our various countries directly before WW1, the West would, highly unlikely, be in this catastrophic situation today.

However, those who wilfully engineer the dispossession and destruction of peoples not of their own ethnicity, usually finish up sampling a taste of their own medicine in the end and rightly so.

Professor L said...

Syntec, who is this "enemy" that you say was given control before WWI? Do you mean the socialists? If so, their control was enacted after WWI, not before. And if you mean the Muslims and their sympathisers, we're looking at something even later.

The Gramscian Long March and the decay of our culture occured because of WWI. Elements of the decay do indeed pre-date WWI, but the great work was done after the cultural bulwarks of monarchy, religion and national pride were dealt repeated blows in WWI and WWII and the post-war rise of stupid pacifism (as opposed to the pacifism that is smart and seeks justice... for everyone).

bewick said...

Wim Kortenoeven missed a trick. He failed to mention the Ankara Government's attitude to Turkish immigrants in Europe and Germany in particular.
If I have read Erdogan correctly, and the attitudes of his Ambassadors, then even Turkish origin, but naturalised, immigrants and their progeny are still to regard themselves as Turks (and of course Muslims) and act accordingly. In effect creating states within a state and always working for the benefit of Turkey.
Of course Turkey is not entirely alone in this but that is a wider issue. It is also inherently more dangerous than simple military posturing which would no doubt be dealt with conclusively.
Maybe the latter wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Lawrence said...

What threatens Europe is their current penchant to let hostile nations dictate the discussion and thereby dictate their policies.

Europe's greatest threat is itself in allowing other nations to intimidate their fears and emotions, thereby influencing Europe's decision making in directions in favor of otherwise hostile governments.

Same stuff Diane West said a few days back.