Friday, October 21, 2011

Debating Immigration: The Sweden Democrats vs. the Socialists

The following video comes highly recommended by our Swedish correspondent LN, who has this to say about it:

Even though this short video is in Swedish, you must see it! Study the body-language — Kent Ekeroth [of Sverigedemokraterna] is debating immigration to Sweden with [Social Democrat] Mona Sahlin and a (I think) Kurdish immigrant, Dilsa Demibag Steen, who not without success has chosen to be a professional debater and writer.

Ekeroth is citing statistics and using common sense, and the ladies are dreaming about even more open borders, more diversity, and intensified Multiculturalism.

In Sweden every crook is getting asylum. Hitler, if he were fleeing from justice in postwar Germany, would today get asylum in Sweden, because there would have been a risk that he would be hanged back home.

Now all the Libyan pro-Gaddafi crooks will come to Sweden, fleeing from their imminent executions in Libya…

If I get a time-stamped translation of this video, I’ll see about a subtitled version. In the meantime, for our Scandinavian readers, here’s the Swedish original, courtesy of Sverigedemokraterna’s YouTube channel:

The debate took place at “Globala gymnasiet 2011” — which would translate roughly as “Global High School” — in Stockholm.