Monday, October 31, 2011

Brides of Satan

Niqabs, London

This email just came in from one of my contacts in England:
I saw a large group of Muslim women yesterday while I was travelling down a main thoroughfare in West London — a head-turning moment as roughly fifteen black-clad (head to toe, a couple of niqabs) women spilled out of an Arabic restaurant about midday.

  • A clump of about seven or eight at the entrance
  • Four pairs already walking away down the pavement — on their way to a mosque? It would have been interesting to jump off the bus and follow them, but I was on my way somewhere.

What made the event chilling was its martial aspect — the paired formation — I imagine similar events might have occurred in Victorian Britain when the Temperance League or similar went out to preach.

This bunch looked like the women who accompany Muslims Against Crusades demos. They appeared confident, etc., and most definitely ‘owned’ the pavement.



Anonymous said...

Non-Muslim infidels must be made aware that Sharia Law commands that non-Muslims defer physically to Muslims.

Thus, if Muslims like these brides of Satan are walking on a sidewalk with limited room, then Muslims fully expect non-Muslims to step into the street to defer to the Muslims.

It's all a part of the Sharia Law prescribed non-human second class citizen role for non-Muslims....

nimbus said...

I have noticed here in Michigan that at state fairs and other public venues, muslims expect to go to the front of a line. They were astonished and ill-tempered when I would inform them that the line for them starts "back there", like for everyone else.